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[APP] XDApp/LibXDA- XDA-Devs on your phone / in your app! (Semi-nightly builds!)

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Default [APP] XDApp/LibXDA- XDA-Devs on your phone / in your app! (Semi-nightly builds!)


XDA users no longer have to deal with the hassle of using an inefficient browser to view the forum which provides the liveblood of their devices. Now, the Mobile XDApp gives you options to help eliminate load times and increase your productivity as you view fourms, read and reply to posts, start new threads, upload files, download files, manage your account and more!

Progress towards next release:

 [|||||||||||||||_____] 75%
Latest Nightly: 00230


Development is temporarily slowed, as I'll be very busy with work from here until late December. You have to do what you have to do, right? I'm trying to fit the XDApp in as best I can. Development is happening- it's just much slower.

Have a great idea for your own XDA-based application? I'll be releasing LibXDA soon, a .NET library that will allow you to interface with the XDA-developers forum. Check the forums directly from your app, or make a post from your application. Support for .NET and COM inter-ops, so it's extremely easy to use .NET applications, and usable from C++.

(Of course, if you're going to run the application from C++, the library will still suffer that 'managed overhead' that C# programs suffer from.)

I'm releasing 'nightly' builds whenever I have time for development. They're pretty much in-progress snapshots, and they're open to the public. I'll be releasing a 'more official' Alpha tomorrow, which means a lot of people will be getting e-mails with passwords. For those of you who want to see the app but don't get an e-mail, you can still run the next nightly (which will probably be further along in development than the Alpha), even though you won't be able to help right away with testing.

Here's the build number scheme, if you want to know:


V- Released Version- the last released major (integer) version at the time of the release.
X- Development 'branch'; 0- Backend Development (utilizing the lite version as a frontend); 1- XDApp Lite; 2- XDApp Professional; 3- Alternate Build (i.e. for testing an extension)
BBB- the build number, which starts from 0 in the version or branch and increments each time I hit the 'build' button


Complete Features:
-Dynamic multi-screen rendering library supports any screen of any size, shape, and DPI. Tested and works on QVGA, WVGA, VGA, and Square VGA. Theoretically should work with much larger screens, including large-screen RedFly devices/software.
-GZIP compression, which decreases load times by more than 80%. That's more efficient than Opera Mini! See below for compression statistics.
-Full, automatic authentication protocols mean you never have to waste time logging in again!
-Automatic server-side thumbnailing of images for much reduced image transfer.
-Unique 'superheader' view organizes forums, making it easier to navigate the forums!

Features in testing (otherwise polished):
-Full finger-friendly kinetic scrolling in all applicable views.
-Ability to 'filter' the super-headers view, showing only relevant devices.
-Fast encryption for storing user information.
-Non-touchscreen device operability.

Working features (may require polish):
-Complete user-skinability via text-based theme files.
-Finger gestures (on touchscreen devices.)
-View fora (plural forums) including post previews, with much faster rendering times than using a traditional broswer, finger friendly controls, and views optimized for mobile devices.
-Lightning-fast post rendering, both in fully formatted mode and plain-text mode.
-'Lite version' for devices using native controls for slower/older devices.
-Reply to threads and posts, and start new threads from your mobile!

Near-complete features:
-Edit your posts.
-Pre-fetching allows commonly viewed threads to load when you first start the app, completely eliminating load times later.
-Extensible external framework will allow other applications to utilize its features: e.g. allow a user to directly post a bug-report, complete with attached memdump, to a developer's thread.

In Progress:
-Download files and attachments instantly, without even opening a browser.

Pending development:
-Lose connection while typing a post? XDApp has an option to automatically queue your post and finish sending it next time you have a connection!
-Private message handling.

Future releases:
-Wiki view.
-Upload a picture or file directly from the phone.
-Take a screenshot of one's phone, and upload it directly as an attachment.
-Update threads via psuedo-push: trigger notification/update of thread upon recipet of subscription e-mail.
-Real-time update checking; i.e. no need to constantly refresh the thread you're on.
-Full WYSIWYG editing of BB-code post formatting.
-Push-style notifications on private messages and subscribed threads.
-Interconnections with my sensor control project which will allow use of the g-sensor, light sensor, capacitive button sensors, stylus sensor and camera to support various types of gestures and inter activities. For example, use the light sensor to automatically switch to a theatre or meeting-friendly 'night mode'.

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Default [APP] XDApp- XDA-Devs on your phone! Releasing 'Nightly' pre-Alphas. (Latest V:00230)

Most Recent Screenshots:

Rhodium/manila like theme:

(Rhodium Manila-like theme.)

Original XDA Theme:

iPhone-like Theme:

Currently at: $176

jmckeejr: paid! for a fully functioning app with at least abilty to reply to posts without waiting for 5 minutes and trying to chase Opera around to see what I'm typing.
dnieman13: $10
apreichner: $5
codybear: $5 Around $5 if it works with Windows Mobile 6.5 and works better than using the Opera browser
uniqueboy: paid!
krook6023: $15 for a working version with all the bells and whistles described
akp99: $10
Bijdehandje: $35 Exact: € 25 For a working Kaiser version that is a quality and complete app
greeneyemonstruo: paid!
acidbath5546: $10
sinoo: $7 Exact: 5€ for a reliable and fully functional tool
jor3l: $10
x|Lukas|x: $14 Exact: €10

If you'd like to, you can add to the bounty. It's completely optional, as I write applications because I enjoy programming, not for money.
Also, if you'd like, you can donate using the link in my signature (via PayPal). The money will be used to pay for the server I currently use for testing and soon will be using to provide an optimizing, compressing, streamlining proxy to reduce your forum load-times.

Many thanks for generous donations from: ljinsane, uniqueboy, greeneyemonstruo, jmckeejr, mostberg,

HTC Droid Eris (EvilEris v3) | Rooted with a single shell script.
HTC Fuze/Raphael (Retired) | My Own 23049
HTC Wizard / Cingular 8125 (Retired) | Custom Rom
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Compression Statistics:
These compression statistics are without any server-side streamlining. (Compression is server-side.)
This page:
Original (uncompressed) size: 129,071 bytes (126.0 KiB)
GZIP Compressed size: 22, 816 bytes (22.3 KiB)
Compression Ratio: 82.3%

Forum index:
Original (uncompressed) size: 304,301 bytes (297.2 KiB)
GZIP Compressed size: 34,894 bytes (34.1 KiB)
Compression Ratio: 88.5%

Many thanks to:

Those who have pledged to the bounty. At the time of your donation, you will be thanked here.

ace10134- who started this whole movement, and is thus responsible for bringing this app to you guys in the first place.

Jenn, who has been unendingly patient while I sit here coding instead of paying attention to her.

Preview Releases:
First Feature Preview (password protected ZIP file, not for general public)

If you're interested in testing 'feature previews', go ahead and shoot me an e-mail ( with the subject line "feature tester". Debugging experience helps, but isn't necessary.

HTC Droid Eris (EvilEris v3) | Rooted with a single shell script.
HTC Fuze/Raphael (Retired) | My Own 23049
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Showing a bit of interest here (Plus Im not too bad at reverse engineering )
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Good to see progress being made . I'll be sending you an email soon(hope I can help) and I'll get that donation ready

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Ok, I got the old thread all set up to be locked.

No one make a post on the old thread!!! I'm waiting for it to be locked, and I want the thread re-direction to be the last post. Thanks to everyone who showed interest/donated/motivated/etc. And the biggest thanks to the developer.

Now keep this thread up to date!!! And a working version to test would be awesome.

Thanks everyone,

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Originally Posted by ktemkin View Post
Currently at: $135

Can't believe it. I've been lurking around this site for over a year and this is the first time I saw the XDA 'bounty' (I've only recently heard about it at all).

Anyway, this is an interesting concept. I'm pretty much fine with using Opera Mini to browse XDA, but this could potentially turn out great. I hope all the best to you and your work, Ktemkin!
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+5€ for a reliable and fully functional tool!
Can't wait to try it!
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Looking very good.

I closed the old thread, and stickied this one instead of the old one.
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I found this, what you are doing is what they have done.
3Gtan---A great web Browser for forum
unfortunately its in Chinese

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