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[ROM] xROM [v1.5r4] by JAC/Manup456 Fast/Stable w/BFS AOSP ROM [9/9/09])

2nd August 2009, 09:30 PM |#1  
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First some THANKS. Manup456!!!! Thanks to him we have a great looking ROM and he is always helping out any way he can with the xROM. He is also a great character to work with. Make sure to thank him as well. And the others..Cyanogen, Stericon , Daproy, xDan, Dwang, rogro82, rgv151, cytown and everyone else tweaking the DREAM platform!!!

This is an AOSP 1.5r3 based ROM that I have heavily modified. 1.4 would not be possible without Cyanogen and friends so please make sure to check out his ROM's as well! This is built for DREAM but may work on other devices your milage may vary or you may need a few small changes but I am only supporting DREAM as it's the only HARDWARE I actually own ATM.

Also a BIG thanks to MikeTaylor00 for being extremely helpful to other XDA members, always acting professional and testing numerous settings for everyone! Make sure to thank him too!

If you are reporting a bug about a "force close", you need to post the output of "adb logcat" from the crash or there is nothing I can do for you.



JACxROM v1.5r4
-reverted BFS patches
-everything else is exactly the same

JACxROM v1.5r3
-Advanced Launcher v17
-MikeTaylors user.conf adjustments
-ummm...that's it.

JACxROM v1.5r2
- JAC-Ski Custom kernel for xROM w/BFS (Thanks Cyanogen for the BFS patch!)
-Security Patches
-Donut Wlan.ko
-Updated CompCache Modules
-Loccy's Better Browser v1.4.2 (I actually like this better than the stock browser now)
-Stericsons New Lockscreen (Music etc a work in progress)
-updated swap scripts to 1.51
-Theme updates from XTheme
-More Donut code and AOSP stuff from Master
-Apps prioritized (Thanks to MikeTaylor00)
-VM Tweaks
-removed Java app to save space (havent found any apps worth keeping around for it anyways)
-Back to the Stock Launcher (will have themed advanced up soon)

JACxROM v1.4r3
* 2.6.29-jac Custom Kernel CFQ, no debug CIFS etc
* Enhanced RAMDISK
* App2SD with EXT2/EXT3/EXT4 auto mount support
* Cyanogens Apps2SD method with a2sd ran before user runtime starts
* Includes E2FSProgs for checking and converting Ext filesystems (Thanks Cyanogen!)
* Apps2SD is automatic. All you need is a second partition.
* fsck at boot (should stop FS corruption)
* Netfilter/IPTables support
* TCP optimizations
* Tweaked frequency scaling options to be more responsive (Thanks Cyanogen!)
* Compcache 0.6+ modules and support
* Cyanogens clean shutdown method
* Linux-Swap support
* Tweaked Cgroups (again!)
* Maximum CPU scaling frequency set to 528MHz
* PATH variable updates
* USB charge modification
* Trigger /data/init.rc /system/init.rc
- Lockscreen reverted to stock and centered instead of at the bottom of the screen (thanks to Johnnybueno for the quick response to my question!)
- HTC Frameworks
- user.conf for VM tweak and swap support in /system/bin
- Display code updates from Donut
- Manup456's power widget from Donut
- Battery usage meter from Donut
- VPN services included
- FLAC support!
- Java.apk w/.jar app support
- Custom HTC_IME.apk
- Custom Latin_IME.apk
- Tons of patches from Master and Cyanogen's rep
- Manup456's Hero style widgets
- HTC/Google music with themed widgets
- Calender widget updated
- Latest Busybox in xbin
- MMS enhancements from rgv151
- Phone.apk from cytown (v8.2)
- Advanced Launcher from rogro82/irrenhaus v13 (v13 comes with fewer wallpapers we are working on a custom launcher for xROM)
- Updated APN's
- Google Maps 3.1.2
- V1.37 user.conf support in /system/bin for modifying swap configs from huanyu
- rwsystem, rosystem for easy remount from terminal (Thanks Soulife!)
- lucid already in /system/bin
- DalvikVM optimized with latest patches from master
- Framework optimized
- png's optimized with optipng
- Multi-Touch
- Themed by Manup456, TONS of edits in 1.4!
- ummm i think thats it?

-Manup456! Thanks to Stericon , Ted417, and Johnny Bueno!

Added Items
added Lucid script to /system/bin
added SDcard placeholder
added Telnet Binary
added BusyBox
added Voice Search
added Wifi tether
added Superuser Binary
added sysctl.conf
added APN list
added Terminal
added HTCTeeter
added HTCMusic
added Java .jar support
added PDFReader
added QuickOffice
added updated binaries here and there

Removed Items
removed SystemUpdater.apk

WARNING:You must Have The Correct Radio and "Special Haykuro" SPL! (RADIO MUST BE INSTALLED FIRST) You can find them here


{Links Removed} Warez -- See last Post

I'm not going to outline it all as your should already be familiar with "flashing a ROM' If you are not please read the stickies at the top of the Forum.

Please us Cyanogen 1.4 Recovery Image found Here prior to flashing.

App2SD setup requires the two usual partitions FAT32/EXT2/3/4 and can also support a 3rd swap partition with a small modification to the user.conf file in /system/bin/. I have not found this necessary on the AOSP Roms as of yet

See this post for info on formatting SDcards/creating partitions etc Here

To check swap configs sh /system/bin/swap -s

To change swap configs edit user.conf in /system/bin

I'f you like what I do, please consider donating here

If you like my work visit me at my Twitter.
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Name:	screenshot1251402480444.jpg
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2nd August 2009, 09:36 PM |#2  
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Great to see you back Jac!! Can't wait to try this and your other releases!
Thank you for all of your hard work!!
2nd August 2009, 09:36 PM |#3  
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Sounds good brother ha can't wait till u put the download file ill test it u want me to
2nd August 2009, 09:40 PM |#4  
hiroots's Avatar
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cant wait.
2nd August 2009, 09:41 PM |#5  
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not hard to find the download
2nd August 2009, 09:44 PM |#6  
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hi, it's the new jachero???
2nd August 2009, 09:47 PM |#7  
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Originally Posted by soso-kenpachi

hi, it's the new jachero???

No its an AOSP 1.5r3 release ROM / no HERO cupcake-ish......
2nd August 2009, 09:48 PM |#8  
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Originally Posted by onilink67

not hard to find the download

so you gonna post the link, before the upload is probably finished, hence causing a possible corrupted upload...
respect JAC, and let him post his link when its ready...
SMH !!!!
2nd August 2009, 09:50 PM |#9  
johnnylicious's Avatar
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just downloaded it its 52mb
don't know if thats the final size.

waitin for MD5 from JAC

can't wait to try this build out.
2nd August 2009, 09:51 PM |#10  
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Originally Posted by robpet2

so you gonna post the link, before the upload is probably finished, hence causing a possible corrupted upload...
respect JAC, and let him post his link when its ready...
SMH !!!!

wow if it wasn't complete developers normally don't post or put it in an area thats not available to the public. Next time you have a problem you can PM me and not be a douche as well
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