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HTC Leo = The first decent HTC phone in a long time

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By 8525Smart, Senior Member on 14th September 2009, 07:21 PM
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3rd October 2009, 08:17 PM |#471  
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Thank you for the clarification and allowing us AT&T USA users to hold out hope to be able to use the Leo to its fullest capabilities. I have sent an email off to Telstra asking the question of availability and willingness to export\sell to someone in the USA. Has anyone here in the USA bought from them? Is it risky to buy from a place off in a far land as Australia? Will I need to unlock it B4 using it on AT&T's network?

No joking, I would do it if available and safe to do.



Claude H.
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3rd October 2009, 08:25 PM |#472  
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I understand your willingness, and I share it. 2 years ago when my Cingular 8525 started "white screening" do to the cable that most never know about between the keyboard and screen halves of the device... I bought a HTC Touch Cruise from J& I had considered buying from MANY out of the country sources, but fortunately there was enough interest in the phone that I was able to buy from the NY-based company instead. The device arrived as promised, and has worked well. Though I did put a couple VERY minor scratches on the device at the Seahawks game last weekend.

I've been anxious for the Diamond2, but that was until I saw the Leo. Now the HD2 is my focus, but price and availability are killing my mood. I hear I might be able to get a Topaz today from AT&T if I go look, and I'm thinking of doing so. There are already unlock tools, and Leo roms to install.

Just not sure besides the faster proc what the main differences between a Diamond2 and a Leo are. Going to go look at GSMArena and see if they compare the two.
3rd October 2009, 08:34 PM |#473  
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Hi Merkman,

Besides processor speed don't forget screen size.

You did see this:

I'm guessing I will need to buy one from Telstra and come back to the good folks at XDA to unlock and flash with a Leo ROM that will work in USa or someone will come up with a ice wizard to configure a Telstra HD2 to work on AT&T.

Man, I paid dearly for my X-7501 on amazon, was hoping to have the same option for the HD2. At least I know Amazon, dn't know anything about buying from Telstra.

Claude H.
3rd October 2009, 08:50 PM |#474  
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Originally Posted by claude4

Thank you for the clarification and allowing us AT&T USA users to hold out hope to be able to use the Leo to its fullest capabilities. I have sent an email off to Telstra asking the question of availability and willingness to export\sell to someone in the USA. Has anyone here in the USA bought from them? Is it risky to buy from a place off in a far land as Australia? Will I need to unlock it B4 using it on AT&T's network?

Could you please post Telstra's reply to your email? I would be interested in pulling off the same move and would like to know: a) their advice on if everything would work on US ATT 3G bands, and b) what mod's would need to be executed (if any) to pull it off? Thanks again.
3rd October 2009, 08:54 PM |#475  
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You know I will. Hoping they even boher to answer me.

Hopefully others will have some other ideas for us wayward US people.

Claude H.
3rd October 2009, 08:58 PM |#476  
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Originally Posted by 8525Smart

But the thing is that the differences come from the actual chips themselves, not the motherboard. For example, say you have a motherboard that supports AMD CPUs and you install an AMD X2 4200+. If you were to upgrade the motherboard to a newer one that also supports AMD CPUs, but you keep the original AMD X2 4200+, you would see no differences in performance.

No, the choice of motherboard can make a substantial difference to performance; that was my whole point. Even at the very crudest level you must surely realise that (to take just one example out of a choice of hundreds) some motherboards support dual- or triple-channel memory access, while others don't? That makes an enormous difference to available memory bandwidth. Then there are differences in the hard drive controller, differences in the network controller, and different bus types and speeds that affect communication between north and south bridges. Prior to CPUs acquiring on-die memory controllers, the performance of the north bridge chip could make a huge difference to both the bandwidth and latency involved in the CPU accessing main memory. If you go back even further, the level 2 cache was situated on the motherboard rather than on the CPU. Different boards permit different memory timings with the same memory modules. Different boards allow different numbers of PCIe channels. I could go on literally for hours without covering alll of the different ways in which motherboards influence performance.

Different boards have different chips on - it's not surprising they perform differently. If two boards use exactly the same chipset and the same peripheral controller chips they will likely perform similarly - otherwise they won't.
Originally Posted by 8525Smart


A few years back I had to temporarily swap to a low-end replacement motherboard in my home PC when the old one went belly-up, and my frame-rate in some games divided by 3 because of the differences in the performance of the AGP bus.

This is actually an entirely different matter than CPUs. The loss of performance you experienced most likely came as a result of GPU changes.

That would be quite a trick, given that I was using the same AGP video card in both instances. Every component in the system was the same, including the video card and the CPU. The only difference was the motherboard; and yet, in some games, my frame-rate fell to less than half of its previous value. The original board was a high-performance one, designed for gaming PC's; the replacement was a cheap one designed for use in business PC's. The main thing that caused the difference, I think, was that the replacement board didn't allow efficient communication between the video card and main memory along the AGP bus. I imagine the CPU's ability to access main memory at decent speeds and with respectable latency was also adversely affected. There were probably other factors - hard drive performance dropped slightly as well.
3rd October 2009, 08:59 PM |#477  
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Dear Leo community,

First of all thanks for your patience and respect u showed so far. I seriously couldn’t find the appropriate time to respond directly and in daily basis to all of your questions regarding Leo, coz as I said b4, I had to deal with other running projects as well. It was really hard to collect all of your questions, in order to give you a more detailed feedback and whenever i was logging in, for such reason, I was seeing this thread being bombed. Some questions being posted for the 1st time and some others requestioned again. The thing is that, so far we are already, few days before HTC’s official product website announcement for the simplest reason that T-Mobile and O2, got product’s exclusivity, so HTC is obliged to announce it soon, though its market launch was dedicated for later on, but you should be aware that things in this particular job, changes rapidly.

And for all of you who don’t know about this really important process, I will try to make it as clear as possible. When a product - and in our case a cell - is ready from construction’s or design basis, then it’s time for mockups to start circulating, throughout global Operators, discussions take over via managers, whether they do want it or not, huge offers take place, through strictly confidential meetings and then, when the process is finalized, the Operator who makes the greatest of the offers, finally gets the exclusivity of the product. Such process depends, on how much pieces each and every Operator forecasts to sell (depending on consumers and success or not, of product’s predecessor, in our case HD aka Blackstone) and how the market flows so far. All other Operators (Vodafone, T-Mobile etc) have to strictly follow this process or guidelines being given and release or advertise the product only when first candidate Operator’s exclusivity (two weeks, a month, three months and so on) is finally done. The longer the exclusivity, the greater amount of money the Operator spends, the more pieces predicts to cell, the more ARPU expects.That was just a simple explanation for u to know from now and on, when or how you will expect Hero branded models from all vendors and more specifically, why O2, Vodafone, Orange or T-Mob do have exclusivities or not.

Alright that was marketing stuff We have a long way through this post for you to know, so keep your eyes open, read carefully and try finally to post questions (if u will have any further, from now and on) which are not included in any way, in any form, so as not to bomb this thread with questions which already have been made and answered in any way. Otherwise, follow the classic rules of forum search, or simply go back and read. I will have to ask for forgiveness by the admins once more for such a long - and I bet in3 or 4 doses – post. First I will deal with all ur answers, will give u previous more detailed Matrix video information, post an H264 video benchmark results, move onto detailed and finalized Leo’s Original specs from any point of view and finally will, give you more detailed Leo’s photos from HW basis. Just remember that this post took more than 5days to be composed (that’s another reason of my long absence for all those endless and dumb non-believers), had to go back again and again, to recheck, to gather more and more info and questions, had breaks in between (sleep, food, sex (lol), but in any way I tried to maintain it in a nice flow in all matters. Njoy it my friends…

Questions – Answers:

Originally Posted by ez2remember

I know you mentioned there are stereo speakers but from all the pictures I've seen including yours there seems to be only one speaker grill which means mono speaker. Where is the 2nd speaker grills for stereo?
If the two speakers are in the same place then that really defeats the object of being stereo because you need separation...
Thanks a million for all your info/replies posted here. I think you swung me away from the N900 to the Leo/HD II!

I didn’t mention they are two stereo speakers m8 and in case I did, probably I’ve explained it the wrong way. As you and all the rest see, from the official Leo specs which I am giving you today, there is a speaker in stereo format as it is claimed to be. There is only one grill on the back of Leo. Ur right about separation according to stereo, but in all specs I have received so far, it’s clearly mentioned, that it’s a stereo build loudspeaker.

Originally Posted by Leechoonhwee

For people who asked about pinch zoom on opera, IE, etc. The HD II should be released with 6.5.1 and future build updates from then on will have the function across the ROM.

HD will be released with 6.5.1 WM version, so no question about pitch zoom on Opera, IE, etc
Originally Posted by chocula81

I think there has been no info about a couple of things... ?is there a hardware camera button? ?Tv-out?
Thanks in advance!

I think many others on this thread already answered this, so I am verifying it even in written format, along with the pics I am giving u, that there is an absence of a dedicated camera button and there is no TV-Out support.

Originally Posted by theomni

B3ler3fonte, I apologize if this question was asked before. I just saw your post a few pages ago so I'm assuming you have a production copy of the Leo.
My question is how do you find the camera? In terms of picture quality, speed, and usage, what do you think of it?
Thanks! And I envy you for having that!!! Thanks very much for your help!

Dear theomni, I do find the camera pretty good in terms of quality, though I think it could be better. Owners of HTC Hero (along with me )I think they are happy with its in-build HTC branded 5.0Mp cam and what was absent from Leo, was a strong flash to fill in the gab and complete its package. In terms of quality, I hope my below pics will be enough to clarify themselves whether ur satisfied or not In terms of usage, though ur question is not that much clear, I must say, that it’s easy to be used, though a stable hand needs to be there for clear shots.

Originally Posted by Canterbury

firstly - cheers B3ler3fonte for all the time and info - great reading and much appreciated..
* i haven't read any reference to internal storage, is there any? (for music/videos etc)
(aside from a micro sd lot) n900 has 32GB and comparing to Leo with device database it has 0 ?? * can you please show pic of landscape keyboard on screen
most of the time the device is portrayed in portrait mode, while i would want to predominantly use it in landscape. cheers from down under (NZ)

Canterburry and to the rest of u. As u may understand what most vendors do and there is a huge truth behind it, is when they r creating a hero model, its simply impossible to include so many features and advanced characteristics. It’s a common sense. Otherwise the price wud be closer to a laptop (as Leo’s price is @ the moment) and then there would be a majority of those who wud be opposing to its extremely high price. So, follow the rule, that its so simple for manufacturers to build the best full-all-in-1 PDA/cell ever, but then the price would be high and besides, its like pc components..they have to keep something for future products to keep the market pending . Never forget…that everything is circulating around money, so don’t questions urselves why Leo is not equipped with a 12.1MP cam, 800x600 video resolution recording quality and so on and so forth, why its capacity of internal storage is 207.13MB based on official specs and so on. In one phrase: It won’t be any device on the market, till the policy will change (which I personally doubt about it), where a fully equipped device will be launched. They perfectly know what they r doing…blv me.

Originally Posted by makeveral

now im just wondering if we will be able to use wm7 with the hd2

In order to save some answers, I am posting you a far more detailed specs of Leo, so, as u can clearly see from the specs, u’ll notice (and I think it was a question which was circulating from loads around this thread, of whether future WM7 will or will not be supported by Leo) that it will be absolutely supported. I think we should all celebrate!!
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3rd October 2009, 09:01 PM |#478  
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Originally Posted by gadgetguy1111

Does anyone know if the battery cover will have to be removed in order to reset the device?
Also, how does the T9 number pad layout look like? Reason for asking is that if it has only 3 columns of numbers (vs 4 columns with the 4th column as function keys (eg toogle between T9, move left, move right), then it may not be easy to text using the number pad given that the thumb will have to cover quite some distance to move from one end to the other of the 4.3" screen. Thanks.

According to the 1st part of ur question, so far I haven’t sen any Clear Storage kinda app, as in Diamond II to soft rest the device. For such action yes, u have to remove battery’s metal case to do that. See pics l8r on @ this post. As for the keyboard which ur mentioning, lads, lets be serious, they keyboard is damn big and nicely put, nobody will even have problems, composing an SMS, searching the web and so, it will be damn easy to do that. Blv me in full 3 keyboard formats (Qwerty, Full Qwerty, classic one) all of them are designed for best user-experience purposes in all terms and actions. Trust me.

Originally Posted by tbfl

crossing my fingers for an 850 band SOMEWHERE....

That’s another huuuuge issue as far as I can see, of 850Mhz support band or not. I said it before and I am gonna make it clear once more, hoping to be the last time. I dunno, if Leo will finally travel across the Atlantic in order to reach and hit the US market, but in terms of connectivity support, it’s a Quad band bar cell, so do see the specs which follow and understand that in case Leo won’t make it to US (for any other marketing reasons I mentioned before)still will be fully support from CDMA2000 available bands that US supports and uses accordingly.

Originally Posted by grandpanda

One more question about the screen. Is it a glass screen like Iphone? Thanks.

The screen, yes like all the other cell’s components which are made of high quality materials, I can confirm that it’s made out of glass, but please that’s a not iPhone thread to keep on mentioning or comparing to, all the time.

Originally Posted by bloedfisch

Hello B3ler3fonte!
Thank you for the informations we are waiting for. I´ve got a question, too. Is it possible to switch on the DualLED in the Videomode? Can you please test ist? Thank you very much!

Tested and confirmed that Leo’s Dual LED Flash works like a charm in video mode my friend

Video Results (Continued)

Now continuing m8’s bogdatov initial request on page 9 of this thread, for an actual general video and system benchmark using Leo, I posted u the results few days ago, as these came along using SPB Benchmarking, along with CorePlayer for video benchs. But as I was informed couple of days ago by friend ranmasaotome510, some parts of information were missing, which I and he believed will be useful for further investigation and notice as well. They are NOT new benchs, just extra video files info, in order for you to have a clearer image of the bench itself regarding the videos. So, what I am posting below is just the rest of the video info I forgot to show u along with a new benchmark, using the latest Coreplayer (v1.3.6.Build.7427) and with guidance of ranmasaotome510 once more, of an H264 Quality video.I must mention that coz video is a long lasting one (24mins), what is posted are just results of 3.40mins, which as I was informed even 1.30 would have been more than enough, but I prolonged it a bit more . I bet that was something that most of us wanted to see!!So both are being presented as follows. At this point I have to say a big “thnx” to ranmasaotome510 for his great help, contribution and the interest he showed to me so far. Cheers my friend! U were of a great help Much appreciated!

Matrix Trailers Results (As Previously Posted) on Core Player 1.3.2 version

--> 232.99 / Video Frames: 3635
RL_MQB_320x240_512_128.avi --> 477.69 / Video Frames: 3634
RL_HQ_640x352_1024_128.avi --> 209.79 / Video Frames: 3635

Video Specs:



File Length Correct / OpenDML (AVI v2.0 / Interleave: 1 vid frame (42 ms), preload=522
Audio frames: Split across interleaves / Video: 26.7 MB (91.49&#37 / Audio: 2.30 MB (7.91%)
AVI Overhead: 181 KB (0.61%)


0x0055 MPEG-1 Layer 3/ 44100Hz 128 kb/s tot , Joint Stereo


Codec: XVID / Name: XviD 1.0 RC4 (Hola) / Length: 2:31.460 / Frames: 3,635 / Kbps: 1478 / Frames: 24.000



File Length Correct / OpenDML (AVI v2.0) / Interleave: 1 vid frame (42 ms), preload=522
Audio frames: Split across interleaves / Video: 18.4 MB (88.14%) / Audio: 2.30 MB (11.02%)
AVI Overhead: 181 KB (0.84%)


0x0055 MPEG-1 Layer 3 / 44100Hz 128 kb/s tot , Joint Stereo


Codec: DX50 / Name: DivX 5.1.1 (Maupiti) / Length: 2:31.460 / Frames: 3,635 / Kbps: 1022 Frames: 24.000



File Length Correct / OpenDML (AVI v2.0) / Interleave: 1 vid frame (42 ms), preload=522
Audio frames: Split across interleaves / Video: 18.4 MB (88.14%) / Audio: 2.30 MB (11.02%)
AVI Overhead: 181 KB (0.84%)


0x0055 MPEG-1 Layer 3 / 44100Hz 128 kb/s tot , Joint Stereo


Codec: DX50 / Name: DivX 5.1.1 (Maupiti) / Length: 2:31.460 / Frames: 3,635 / Kbps: 1022 Frames: 24.000

[DB]_Bleach_238_[7557A643].avi (720p/H264)


File Length Correct / Multipart OpenDML AVI (2 parts), "rec list" style / (114 frames in first part, 34439 frames follow) / Interleave: 371 ms (8.9 v.frames), preload=216 / Audio frames: Aligned on interleaves


0x0055 MPEG-1 Layer 3 / 44100Hz 128 kb/s tot , Joint Stereo


Codec: H264 / Name: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC / Length: 24:01.137 / Frames: 34,553 / Kbps: 861 / Frames: 23.976

Core Player Results on 720p/H264 video (under v1.3.6.Build.7427)

Average Speed : 121.58% / Video Frames: 6434 / Audio Samples: 12885846 / Amount of Data: 41463Kb / Bench Time: 03.40.723 / Bench Frame Rate: 29.150 / Bench Sample Rate: 58380 / Bench Data Rate: 1.54Mbits
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3rd October 2009, 09:01 PM |#479  
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Official HTC Leo Specs:

(Exclusively on xda-developers)

Anxiety is over guys.As you all may see below i think it was about time, rumors to be broken and jailbreaked @ last, not to mention, that loads were been circulating pointlessly, so things finally, had to placed in an nice order and get finalized, for you out there to know and stop questioning “whether this, whether that”. I know that for sure, the below Original Leo’s Specs will leak throughout the net in lighting speed, as it is clear as far as I saw all these days that I am with u, whenever something is posted, is spread out to other forums, blogs and so on. Let it be so. But you be the FIRST to know what others will read the same, taken from here, or may still be waitting for...

Among all these rumors, most of them, were based on the existence or not of the Digital Compass and some claimed that it should have been hidden somewhere, somehow, though others supporting the idea by saying that they own final official Leo’s ROM’s that it does support. U’ll clearly see below, that through the Value Added Applications, the support of CLL.dll library, explains everything by itself, so yes, Digital Compass is there, as tested on my own, but I must say that it was part of my secrecy which now, I can’t keep it any longer Along with DC, its the screen chassis to fully support future WM7. So expect the best and do not question urselves any longer about those. Lastly, it needs to be mentioned, that though a pic was posted, some posts ago regarding FM Radio existence. That indeed, is fully included, BUT user can find it on Start-Tools-FM Radio and not as it was shown on that image.


Ultra slim bar type touch phone / Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional

Qualcomm MSM 8250, 1GHz

Memory / Internal Storage
ROM: 512 MB / RAM: 320 MB / HD: 207.13MB

Display Module
4.3-inch 480x800 WVGA resolution / 65K-color / Sensitive touch screen (Capacitive) / Keep support Multi-Touch capability for WM7 Chassis

Internal antenna
Quad-band (850/900/1800/1900 MHz) / HSDPA / 3GPP Release 5 compliant
Up to 7.2Mbps / HSUPA / 3GPP release 6 compliant / UE category 5, up to 2 Mbps peak rate / EGPRS Functionality / EGPRS class B / Multi-slot class 12 (10 Operator dependent) / PBCCH

Standalone GPS
Internal GPS antenna

Motion G-sensor / Proximity sensor / Ambient Light Sensor / FM Radio

Digital Camera
Main camera: 5 MP Color CMOS with auto focus / 2x LED flash

Volume up and down control / Send Key / End Key (Power Key) / Windows Key / Home Key / (Cinema mode Key, TBD) / Back Key / Reset

Notification by sound, vibration, LEDs or status shown on the display
One dual colors (Green and Amber) LED in the left / lens for PDA event, battery and charging / status

Built-in microphone / Receiver / Loud speaker with hands-free support

Connectivity & Interface
Bluetooth / Version 2.1 compliant with EDR / Wi-Fi / IEEE 802.11 b/g compliant / Micro-USB: / USB 2.0 High-Speed client / 3.5 mm stereo audio jack with mic / 1.8/3V USIM/SIM card slot / microSD card slot with SDHC support

Battery / Removable and chargeable battery, 1,230 mAh / AC adaptor / AC input: 100 ~ 240V AC, 50/60 Hz / DC output: 5V and 1A

Accessories (In-Box)
Quick Start Guide [Inbox] / Travel Charger, TC P300 [Inbox] / USB Sync Cable (Micro-USB to Standard USB) [Inbox] / Battery [Inbox] / Wired stereo headset with 3.5mm audio connector, HS G335 [Inbox] / Premium pouch (Carrying Case) [Inbox] / Car Charger [optional] /Car Holder with
battery cover [optional]

Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional Applications
Microsoft Outlook Mobile / Messaging (SMS/E-mail), Contacts, Calendar,Tasks, Email Set Up Wizard / Microsoft Internet Explorer Mobile / Microsoft Media Player Mobile / Microsoft ActiveSync / Microsoft Windows Mobile Update / Internet Sharing / Pictures & Videos / Games / MSFT Zip
File Explorer / Device Management / Security Enhancement / Microsoft Office Mobile / Microsoft Windows Live! / Microsoft Smart Dial / Microsoft Remote Desktop Mobile

Value-Added Applications
Windows Mobile Enhancements / Pictures & Videos enhancements / Ring Tone enhancements Telephony (HTC) Phone Canvas(HTC) Phone Experience Multimedia / (HTC) Camera Album / MP3 Trimmer / Streaming Media Player / FM Radio / Presentation mode / Web / Push Internet / RSS HUB / YouTube Client Social Networking / Input Method EZ-INPUT / Messaging SMS/MMS Client / GPS/LBS Navigation (CoPilot, Papago) / Google Maps / Quick GPS / Support CLL.dll library for indoor positioning andreverse geo-coding / Navi-panel / Calendar to Navi / User Interface (Enhanced Manila) / TouchFLO Footprints / Auto Screen Rotation /

Tools & Utilities
HTC Common Sense / 3G to WiFi router / Task Manager / Text selection (HTC) Connection Setup / OOBE / Voice Recorder / Document Viewer / PDF / OMA DRM Engine / Java virtual machine / Long Press / End Key Confirmation (to shut down) / STK SIM manager / (HTC) Volume Control / Business Card Reader / Document Printing / Magnifier.

More Photos:

Finally, this post is concluded with some today’s (3/10/09) taken photos, with Leo's back being uncovered and battery being removed, indicating with red arrows in some of them, where microSD and/or USIM is inserted, where, soft-reset button is, where led-indicating/notifications lights are placed (front images) and in 360 format where all Leo’s button exist. Its clearly shown, there is an absence of push-camera button, so no more questions about it whatsoever Just for the non-belivers and for the rest to know, all IMEI, S/N numbers have all the way through been fuzed by me for security reasons, so don’t put urselves into crazy thoughts where the hell all these numbers gone Once more I wanna thank all of you of reading this detailed post, ask for admins forgiveness and I truly hope from now and on, u have the best overview of the device that as it seems most of u expect for such long. Well…no more!! My best regards to all of you and still I will remain at forum’s disposal and to all of you for anything else may have left to ask! Till then…keep it low and slow, stay out of troubles…and for some of u…have finally a normal-non-posting lame life!!

Taking Leo's back off

Dual Cam's Led flash
(bottom arrow) & Loudspeaker (upper arrow)

microSD with SDHC support card slot

SIM / USIM card slot

Dual colored (Green and Amber) Notification LED (right arrow) & Dual Proximity Sensors (left arrow)

microUSB charger/USB host Input (right arrow) & 3.5 mm Stereo Audio Jack with mic (left arrow)
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3rd October 2009, 09:13 PM |#480  
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B3ler3fonte: You rock!

More coming, by any chance?
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