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[V0.75-20091107] Titanium-Hero Sense UI (QVGA,VGA PORTRAIT, TEST for (W)screen))

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Talking [V0.75-20091107] Titanium-Hero Sense UI (QVGA,VGA PORTRAIT, TEST for (W)screen))

i try to combine some of my create plugins, these still under develope and here some preview

Nitrogen Skin

click the album left & right side to vol up & down

ThrottleLock skin

you need install the latest mortscipt (i have use the 4.3b15), try search HERE
S2P or Nitrogen for the Music plugins

Titanium Hero Pack-V0.75_JMLPanex & JMLToday(7-11-09) Test for (w)qvga, (w)vga!
Download: Rapidshare, Sendspace
Theme File not include, wqvga, vga & wvga: i suggest amarullz GreenBlack Theme, qvga download at the below attachement
Install the JMLPanex2.1 to Main memory before install the Hero Pack
install all the files to Main Memory.
All Panel need to setup
if you have install the v0.7, just remove CHeroClock, CHeroClock-ClockImage, WeatherCode, WeatherIcon & HeroTitanium, then
install the new version of the above app, and the new CHeroWeather!
LockScreen NOT WORK on (W)Screen
have fun !!
i can't test on (W) screen, if you have any problem on the image position, post a screenshot here, i will try to fix it!

Titanium Hero Pack-V0.7_JMLPanex & JMLToday(5-11-09)
link removed

Titanium Hero Pack-V0.6 - Use JML Panex for the button Function(12-10-09)
Download: Rapidshare, Sendspace
you need uninstall all file from v0.5
Install the JMLPanex to Main memory before install the Hero Pack
install all the files to Main Memory, then restart!

Titanium Hero Pack-V0.5 (7-10-09)
Download: Rapidshare, Sendspace
install all the files in the zip, then restart!
if you have install CDigitalClock, CHeroClock, CLauncher, CS2P or CComm, you have uninstall all of these FIRST!
maybe sometime that not very reactive and get error, try to click the button again
for now i trying to make it work with JML Panex, hope that make the plugins more reactive

FB your problem, and i will TRY to solve it

some Problem:
QVGA Portrait ONLY
the scrolling area, only work around top & bottom 15 px
not compatible to other plugins
i'm not sure, but it only work on WWE rom
only install to main memory
all the plugins need mortscript to check the status, it may cause more memory need
Basically, i make this for my personal use, so above some of the problem i will not (or i don't know how) to solve this,
but if you want to port it to other resolution or anything....
welcome to do that

BootScreen ONLY FOR QVGA!!!
Attached Files
File Type: zip Nitrogen-HeroTheme.zip - [Click for QR Code] (65.4 KB, 4176 views)
File Type: cab HeroWindowsPhone Bootscreen.cab - [Click for QR Code] (292.4 KB, 3071 views)
File Type: cab Hero qvga Theme.cab - [Click for QR Code] (99.4 KB, 3240 views)
File Type: cab DroidSans.cab - [Click for QR Code] (106.7 KB, 2577 views)
File Type: cab HeroTitanium V0.4w.cab - [Click for QR Code] (92.6 KB, 3496 views)
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try work with JMLPanex, if everything work fine, this would easy to port to other device <-- DONE
HomeScreen work with JMLToday <--DONE
change to install path, i hope these can install to storage card
work to other lang ROM
ArteseaTwitter thanks Artesea <--DONE

CHeroContract v0.1
use TICS, go2contact, ATContact (no need to seperate install the ATContact)
total 30 flavour contact
click the option the add or remove contact
(after click the button, pls wait for while, cause the ATContact need some second to load)
click the phone icon to call the number, and click the contact photo to open the contact details
Attached Files
File Type: cab CHeroContact v0.1.cab - [Click for QR Code] (524.7 KB, 1259 views)
Lumia 920
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good job bro!
(Last edited by ElCondor; 12th November 2009 at 07:15 AM.)
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Very nice! Unfortunately, it's QVGA.
This definately makes a nice UI of the standard useless titanium interface!

I'd like to port it to VGA, but it's a lot of work to do that, so it could take some time.
Do you have the images in a higher resolution?
If so, could your please upload them after uploading your pack?

EDIT Didn't have time to do it, but I see it's already been ported.

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This really looks very good. To bad it's not VGA, looks really good! Is it possible to make a video of how it works? This makes Titanium much more interessting
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Hi chriscsh

If you solve all the problems, you'll have a magnificent theme!!
Good work, I'll follow this thread
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Any chance for VGA?
Thanks for this.
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great job..can't wait to relese
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Nice work man! Thanks for effort!

Hope to see this in my omnia soon!

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