[11-SEPT]Valkyrie_v7.4 FireStorm-LEO 21916-23135 [ reuploads + kitchen ]

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By agent_47, Senior Member on 9th October 2009, 08:16 PM
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Valkyrie_v7.x FireStorm
wm6.5(23518) + topaz\Rhodium\leo

today i bring to you all my line of firestorm series that some might recognize from X1
all usual stuff from those builds are cooked in. based on the latest dump available to me. feel free to take them for a spin and let me know if im just wasting my time or something
what u get:
-custom skinworks
-custom startmenu
-some useful apps
-black dialer
-stuff ill fill up later.....

Fard: for the performance improvement tips
Fard: for giving me tips on what to do and what not to do which saved atleast 2 days of work for me
bassam: for helping me get the HD2
wazaaappp & RobbyTouchHD: for beta testing ROMS that wont boot properly
maxycy: for weather on demand\callhistory\4tabb contact icon modds for manila2.5
billyJ: for the HUGE collection of theme\icons featured in his rom
jerpelea- for his packages & 21231 xip/sys port for x1
itje- for the inspiration and the brilliant TIT v7: gave me idea for bug fixing
Ethermind: for batii driver modd
knaplullig- manilla skining
hylu- utube helping
gitin,biernes_atrece- boot screen
all who has donated
cheers to u all and everi1 else

list last updated on: 14-feb2010
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9th October 2009, 08:18 PM |#2  
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Donate to Me

- flash at ur own risk
- HardSPL 1st. (version 2 recommended)

version id 4..................... 2 ......................64
...............^ main version ^ minor version ^ windows build (23064)

Flashing tools + pagepool changer
if u wana change lang of manila, then install this cab

Current FireStormLEO Version
Change log for v7.4 LEO
- 23135-21916
- minor changes
- bug fixing
- GTX version
- hardware acceleration of mp4 is fixed
- valkyrie.ftp v7.4.23135-FX 11th sept
- valkyrie.ftp v7.4.21916-FX 11th sept
- valkyrie.ftp v7.4.23135-GTX 11th sept
- valkyrie.ftp v7.4.21916-GTX 11th sept


Change log for v7.3 LEO
- 23129-21914
- manila 2.5.2018.xxxx (with RS Feeds)
- EXT from oboe1.04
- new skin
- Cookie editor fix
- internet connectivity fix
- non Cookie version + Cookie version + HTC Messanger version
- ultra smooth performance in non-cookie version (4-tabbs)
- Full tab (TR2.5 + Footprint + Doc Tab)
- start>utility>co0kie Tab lets enable/disable you know what
- start>utility>Manila tab to disable the extra tab (fixed, now woking)
- fixed bugs reported so far
- Added Wifi tools from Oboe 1.14
v7.3.23134-FX 7.3.21914
- ironed out co0kie Tab selector. no more hangs in manila while booting
- fixed device info
- fixed quickgps
- fixed battery info
- change d3d driver
- better memory results. test memory after 3 hours from flashing followed by a soft rest
- small fixes based to improve user friendliness
- valkyrie.ftp v7.3.23129TR2.5 29th august NOTE: no cookie, no HTC SMS Client
- valkyrie.ftp v7.3.23129TR2.5HTC-SMS 29th august NOTE: no cookie, HTC SMS Client present
- valkyrie.ftp v7.3.23129TR2.5cookie 29th august NOTE: cookie present, HTC SMS Client no
- valkyrie.ftp v7.3.23134-FX 31st august
- valkyrie.ftp v7.3.21914-FX 1st September

Change log for v7.0 LEO
- 23123-21907-23569
- cookie 1.85 (thnx to cookiemonster)
- based on manila LEO3.04
- XT Series contains all tabs
- use start>utilities>manila Tabs to select between TR2.5 and LEO Full version
- MAX series is MAX manila 1.03. (thnx to max)
- valkyrie.ftp v7.0.23123-XT 27th june wm6.5.5
- valkyrie.ftp v7.0.21907-XT 27th june wm6.5
- valkyrie.ftp v7.0.23569-XT 27th june wm6.5.5
- valkyrie.ftp v7.0.23123-MAX 27th june wm6.5.5
- valkyrie.ftp v7.0.21907-MAX 27th june wm6.5
- valkyrie.ftp v7.0.23569-MAX 27th june wm6.5.5


Change log for v6.8 LEO
- 23121-21904-23569
- cookie 1.8
- valkyrie.ftp v6.8.23121-TR2.5 14th june wm6.5.5 without extra tabbs
- valkyrie.ftp v6.8.21904-TR2.5 14th june wm6.5 without extra tabbs
- valkyrie.ftp v6.8.21904-TR2.5 14th june wm6.5.x without extra tabbs

Attached Files
File Type: cab valkyrie - [Click for QR Code] (8.1 KB, 1128 views)
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9th October 2009, 08:18 PM |#3  
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Donate to Me
- based of EXT pkg from LEO\Rhodium\Topaz
- latest manila available to me
- Advanced Configuration Tool 3_3
- titanium plugins: ATContacts v0_98_mod;CComm-V0_32;CHomeEditor_1_5;weather
- Facebook_v1_0_7
- GoogleMaps 3.2
- htcAddicts cleanRAM v1_6
- HTCMENU on\off switch
- HTCPedia_com Text Messaging VGA and WVGA
- JbedJava_N5_0_0_20081219_2_1
- Klaxon
- manila bg changer v2
- MoDaCo_NoData
- nitrogen-1_1-wm5
- no2chem_nueTools_nueSIPDefault
- PACKAGE_APPS_Softreset
- theme: PureBlack_2\THEME HERo\SHADLINE
- TotalCommander_2_52
- SmartLock 1_7E

Flashing tools + pagepool changer
DOWNLOAD valkyrie manila2.1_all_lang if u wish to change the system lang

Current FireStormTR Version
Change log for v5.6 TR
- build 21907-23115
- Speed boast
- all updates from 5.7-6.5LEo
- valkyrie v5.6.23115 wm6.5.3 30-APRIL[/QUOTE]
- valkyrie v5.6.21901 wm6.5 30-APRIL[/QUOTE]


Change log for v5.4 TR
- build 21887-23517
- converstion style email in 23517
- some bug fixes
- vol key controller fix
- Speed boast
- removed all TCP connection customization and restored default ones. should fix all connection issues
- valkyrie v5.4.23517 wm6.5.3 7-JAN
- valkyrie v5.4.21887 wm6.5 7-JAN

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9th October 2009, 08:19 PM |#4  
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Donate to Me
- check the TR info
+ removed:
- manila 2.1 + all its pkg
- less usefull pkg

Flashing tools + pagepool changer

Current RHODIO Version
- build 25010-21898
- new skin works
- x2 task manager
- performance tweaks
- marketplace core cooked in
- opera v10
- valkyrie.ftp v6.3.25010
- valkyrie.ftp v6.3.21898


- build 28005
- new skin works
- core from RHOD 1.90 base (XIP\OEM\EXT)
- auto rotation fix (working with g-sensor )
- new d3d drivers
- x2 java core
- battery tweaks
- minor performance tweaks
- marketplace core cooked in
- audiopara modd thnx to irus
- clean ram 1.9
- opera v10
- myphone\gmail connection errors should be fixed now. (if its not then m afraid its ur raodi\operator issue)
- valkyrie.ftp v5.1.28005


- build 23071
- fixed notification error
- leo album with facebook 3.2
- leo email stuff
- removed loads junk pkg
- added utube
- mp4 fix with HW acel.
- showcase task manager
- vol key fix
- mediafire v4.3.71


- build 23071
- kinetic scroll fix in startmenu
- initial release
- mediafire_v4.2.71

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9th October 2009, 08:20 PM |#5  
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Donate to Me
- default startmenu with 3 column >>>> Attachment 187119(might improve startmenu scroll performance\more figure friendly)
- voicecomand on over headset & fish panel
- workin fish panel
- EzInput 2.1.19163529 new
- opera mini fixer thnx to grisha1
- voiceCOMMANDER NEW working
- copilot
- sms client older version
- leo_sms_client_1_1_19193027_00
- sms cleint from v1.28
- loe sms client 1.41
- leo sms client 1.43 (from official leo)
- leo sms client 1.48
- leo sms client 1.61
- leo sms client 2.02

WM 6.5 goodies
Colorize manilla
manila 2.5 landscape|| panoramic bg|| transition panoramic bg NEW

this lil package is desided to work the same way as UC but has certain advantages
- no need to write txt files....
- no need to wait for UC to finish and reboot as silent_UC works on background!!!

directory index:
cab>>> cab that require confirmation to run!
MScript>> mort scripts to be ran!!!
registry>> *.reg files to be imported!!
root\windows>> files to go inside win dir
root\program files>> files to go inside prog dir
myCAB>> cab to be installed without promt
myREGISTRY>> *.reg to be imported without promt!!!

0. download the file attached bellow
1.put the folder "silent_UC" in the root of mSD card. (IE: \storage card\silent_UC)
2.load the cab\reg to be installed the hardrest\flashing

this lil app is based on existing vip_fresh_install v
it will work with any ROM with mortscript cooked in and is designed to call the required .mscr

v3patel >> based on his work, i think its his work....if not plz point me
Xventure & x1_flashaholics >> for finding it out

[B]DOWNLOAD>>>silent_UC v2

import active sync and mail account settings!!!!

Adding custome Manila BG for TR manila 2.1
- note that the app have codes of sample4...6..bla bla
- u need to extract \windows\29cff4fe_manila,058acf31_manila,77feee1d_manila, 70083a29_manila and change it to ur own BG using whaterer image
- now lets say u want to add the theme to sample5.....
- after applying the bg to the files, remame them to 29cff4fe_manila5 & 058acf31_manila5 and so on
- copy them to windows dir and apply using the app

Adding custome Manila BG for LEO manila2.5
- note that the app have codes of sample4...6..bla bla
- u need to extract \windows\11d4e1ae_manila and change it to ur own BG using whaterer image....the backdrop needs to be croped of a normal 800x480 imange and then resized to 512x1024. else the backdrop might me missed shaped
- now lets say u want to add the theme to sample5.....
- after applying the bg to the files, remame them to 11d4e1ae_manila5
- copy them to windows dir and apply using the app
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9th October 2009, 08:22 PM |#6  
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Woow, good job..!
9th October 2009, 08:28 PM |#7  
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YES!! i have been waiting for someone to do a 6.5.1 23064 with TF3D 2.5.19193431. waiting for download. thank you!!
9th October 2009, 08:29 PM |#8  
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Originally Posted by Superjuani

Woow, good job..!

v4 is up

this is the port of the valkyrie ROMS for x1 where u will find the v1-v3.9:

target is to achieve max speed with maximum eye candy and max new goodies

happy flashing
9th October 2009, 08:42 PM |#9  
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Nice to see new chef...downlaoding
9th October 2009, 08:44 PM |#10  
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Looks nice, downloading now. Just when I made it final and made the change in my sig, another sweet rom appears.

I'm not complaining.
9th October 2009, 09:14 PM |#11  
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Just looking at the gif at the dialer screen shots...doesn't seem to have video telephony. Is that correct?

Looks nice, thanks!

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