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[Android] Droid-Ion Donut 1.6 for the Vogue (Market Fix)

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Default [Android] Droid-Ion Donut 1.6 for the Vogue (Market Fix)

Well I finished my personal project. It's an Eclair/Droid themed Ion Donut 1.6 build for the Vogue. Nano Droid.

What it has:
*Droid themed launcher, wallpaper and icons.
*Eclair themed dialer
*Themed clock
*Custom themed calculator (could have done it in mspaint)
*Meridian Evolve Music Player
*Gmail from the HTC Tattoo
*Maps and Youtube from Eclair/Sholes
*Work Email with Exchange support
*Jewels (Bejeweled Clone)
*Better Browser with double tap zoom and a couple others.
*HTC IME (hero keyboard) (looks funny in qvga so i left it out)

It's made for qvga so set your default.txt to:

mddi.width=240 mddi.height=320 lcd.density=120
Other resolutions work as well.

Use it with the latest basefiles, zImage and rootfs.img at vogue-android.

I recommend turning off compcache/swap for donut builds. It seems to slow things down by keeping more than needed in compressed memory.
Download this donut.user.conf files if you don't know how to turn off compcache and put it inside /conf on your sdcard. It also has the "chmod 777 /etc/dbus.conf fix for mssmisions recovery/ext2 installer.

New Market fix (Hopefully) build tags/fingerprint in build.prop is for MyTouch3G 1.5.
It seems that when you run donut in qvga the market only shows apps compatible with qvga and remembers those settings even when you go back to ion/xrom etc... vilord has mentioned that if you boot into donut at
mddi.width=320 mddi.height=480 lcd.density=160
open the market and login and then switch back to a ion/cupcake build your normal market "should" be back.
I still recommend logging in with a separate Google account if your running donut at qvga and want switch back and forth between cupcake/ion 1.5.

If your new and don't know what your doing then read this.
Use the built in xda search powered by Google(TM) to search the vogue forum you will learn a lot.
If you still have questions then post them in the help thread here.

This is not a how to thread.
jamezelle will flame you so you've been warned.

Screenshots taken from ddms.

Base System Image Credits go to:
Amon_RA for his sapphire/ion image
Theme Credits go to:
MontAlbert for partial theming based on the work of Wysie
me for adding missing droid/eclair icons and wallpapers and theming the calculator (nobody ever does that)

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Looks great, glad to see you're still looking at the Vogue port. Downloading now, will add details...
Most everything seems to work great, I like the new music player and the theming is excellent (especially the 2.0 icons and the analog clock). For some reason, though, it doesn't seem to be going into full sleep mode, or at least it never seems to lock the screen - when I turn it on it just jumps right to the Android home.
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As usual Zen... looks great... Thanks for the lovely build
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Confirmed working well at the usual hero resolution but I gotta admit... those are some crisp screenshots! I'm switching back down now.
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does this work with msmissions linux ext2?
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Not without using adb to set some files to r/w while booting.

** more specifically:

# chmod 777 /etc/dbus.conf

But once it's up and running, it's very fast!
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can someone modify the build to add those commands
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looks nice zen

so what works and what doenst works in this one ?

gps ?
data ?
camera ?
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seems to be working great! I didn't make any changes to dbus or anything, just loaded fresh, love it! I forgot to set lcd.density tho, so everything is TINY.
Reduced the res, with 120 density, and it looks awesome! I see now what I was missing before!

What about using the HTC IME from tattoo? That should properly support qvga?
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Couldn't get it to boot up past the Android logo with the ext2. method.
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