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[THING WM6.1 21127 v2.32 2010-05-04 RealVGA FKB SRS]

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Default [THING WM6.1 21127 v2.32 2010-05-04 RealVGA FKB SRS]

Thingonaspring WM6.1_21127 v2.32

ROM changes for v2.32 :-
- TCPMP AVRCP support is back! Thanks to excellent work from bimbam69 and xiaojin1985 at this thread
- TCPMP skins are still supported with the new AVRCP version, like this skin by Iphone2
Extract the VGA "skin.xml" and "skin" folder to your \windows dir, then start tcpmp.
- Bluetooth recieve (obex) bug fixed
- Rotate Dpad bug fixed
- IRDA fixed
- fixed rar/zip file associations
- SD Drivers rebuilt
- Tidied bluetooth drivers, removed unused DLL
- Tidied OEM Apps, removed unused DLL
- Removed unused certificates
- Added File dialog changer, enable it in Settings->System
- Added bluetooth setting page security tab

ROM changes for v2.3 :-
- Reorganised XIP. Crypt32.dll moved to IMGFS (saving 460kb RAM), wince.nls moved to XIP (losing 260kb RAM). Net gain 200kb of physical RAM and a nice speedup from wince.nls being loaded into XIP
- modified boot registry to load devicestacks more intelligently (saving RAM) and restricted some core drivers to remain in pagepool and link exclusively to device.exe (much faster and should save some power)
- Hardware Buttons tweaked, added voice record on press+hold record, wirelessmgr on light button and assigned proper icons to all buttons
- fix added for some situations where STK wouldn't work
- added sensible delay to up/down slider
- hidden encryption control panel, it's not supported so there's no point seeing it
- hidden error reporting control panel, not supported
- fixed LZX compression in the kitchen
- downsized today backdrop to save some ram (it's now 4 tiles instead of one big image)
- Added call recording option to phone, just select "record" during phone conversation
- Rebuilt bluetooth support using drivers from HTC Athena, registry settings overhauled, A2DP works much better now. It may jump when a headset is first connected. Just disconnect/reconnect to fix this.

ROM changes for v2.21 :-
- FingerKB updated with multi-language support and a different skin (again by giannis86). Skin graphics optimised to 8-bit BMP to save resources.
- FingerKBConfig now works, goto Settings->input->options and select input languages, configure smileys and all that good stuff.
- AE Buttons plus now supported due to a slightly different keyboard driver. Tested with backlight button launching 3 seperate apps depending on how many times the button is pressed.

ROM changes for v2.2 :-
- RealVGA added. 96, 128, 192dpi supported for all pre-installed apps
- note 3rd party apps may or may not support non-192 DPIs
- Look in settings->system for realvga option panel

- FingerKB (skin by giannis86) is fully integrated into the ROM. This took a bit of fiddling and hexediting, but it now works beautifully in all DPIs.
- All other SIP input methods removed (MS keyboard, block and letter recogniser). It saves 1.7mb of space.
- FingerKB makes "bing" noises on each keypress by default, just switch off "event" sounds in "sounds and notifications" panel to disable this.
- Note the finger keyboard config app is not included as it doesn't work on the fully integrated version.

- TCPMP is now bimbam69's version, which supports skinning and integrates better with the mini Windows Media core
- WMA9Pro audio is now supported, using the native windowsmedia DLL
- WMV9 is fully supported, using the native WM DLL
- no skin is used by default, to add a skin just drop skin.xml and associated images in \windows folder. For an example, see Osprey00's work here :-
- note that Bimbam69's tcpmp does not support AVRCP as yet. He knows this and would love to enable it, but needs help from the original author of AVRCP plugin. Let's hope they get it together.

- SRS Wow HD is now included also. Happy days.
- Look in settings->system control panel for wow HD options (wow HD disabled by default)

Despite all the hefty new features (realVGA is really big), the tightly-integrated new TCPMP and removal of old MS SIP input methods means this version is only 600kb bigger. How's that for optimisation?

64mb versiom has 4.0mb Pagepool. 33.5 Mb free RAM on clean boot with 200+contacts and appointments synced)
128mb version has pagepooling disabled
Flash Disk enabled
Extended ROM enabled

Removed :-
- Windows Media Player (TCPMP integrated to replace WMP)
- Office OneNote
- Customer Satisfaction (SQM)
- FirmwareUpdate
- Catalog
- Entertainment (games)
- Transcriber
- Getting started
- Bootsplash/welcome images
- MS Sip input methods (replaced by fingerkeyboard)

Included :-
- RealVGA
- Fingerkeyboard
- MP3 ringtones
- Opera Mini 5 native WM version
- Bimbam69's TCPMP 0.72 recomp3 fully integrated to replace Windows Media. Suports WMA9pro/WMV/FLV/FLAC/OGG/DIVX/MP3.......
- PocketNotepad
- PocketRAR
- AdobePDF Reader 2.5
- No2Chem's USB to PC usb mass storage driver
- No2Chem's neuPowerCpl replaces backlight settings, power control panel and adds some nice options.
Note that it won't display advanced usage stats (batt temp etc) as no neuBattery driver exists for uni.
- Dutty's SDHC driver package (tested with 2/4/8/16gb)
- PimBackup
- JWright's Network Plugin (mount windows shared drives over wifi/activesync)
- TaskManager 3.1
- TotalCommander 2.5.1
- Windows Live 10.7
- Remote Desktop Client
- File dialog changer
- Office Mobile 6.1

This rom has no bootsplash screens, so you will see a black screen on boot, followed by a white screen.
Tap the white screen to begin using the device on 1st boot.

Drivers, XIP section, registry, pagepool and filesystem have all been optimised for speed and RAM.

Every single EXE, DLL, MUI, CPL and plugin has been made into a module - with the exception of .NET libs (can't be modular) and one or two specific DLLs/EXEs that will not execute in modular form. Again this saves memory on 64mb machines and speeds up access to executables on both 128 and 64.

Download Links (files compressed with 7zip :-

WPA Patch - required for proper operation of WPA2 wifi connections, fix found by Zoko :-

Kitchen for 64 and 128 (extract it to c:\ and run buildrom.cmd)


Motorola Droid 3 XT862 .906 - Rooted, Safestrap recovery3, MiniMoto Rom
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Great!Thanks a lot
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What a pity, I can`t download them.
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downloading ...
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vidmes is no more, so is there another mass upload site that works for you?
Motorola Droid 3 XT862 .906 - Rooted, Safestrap recovery3, MiniMoto Rom
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will now download and test, thanks in advance if there are problems I will write
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Exclamation Problem

There is a bug with the display button in detention is off lights, as is its normal, but then wants to activate it, the interestingness of this program that nuePower, which is built inside reported that the display was in normal light, but in the standard menu, in this case always has been reduced to the end and be required to increase the ready, the display illuminates only hard reset fix me
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I'm not sure I fully understand the problem, but I think you're saying there's a problem where backlight goes dark and can't be controlled by the slider on neuPower. Igf that happens, just hold the power buttoin for 2 seconds and backlight will switch on again. It's a problem I've encountered before with this backlight driver, but it generally only happens once per flash . When you have done the power button trick once, it shouldn't happen again.
Motorola Droid 3 XT862 .906 - Rooted, Safestrap recovery3, MiniMoto Rom
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Thanks Man and, the ringtone problem? windows media player removed
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new problem, not working NumBattery, maybe the whole problem is nuePower, I guess that should be removed from rоms

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