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[Android] Motorola Backflip - DON'T BUY, HERE'S WHY!

8th March 2010, 02:50 PM   |  #1  
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OK, so I've been using a Kaiser/Tilt with Eclair on it for awhile. I've spent countless hours drooling after the Nexus One. When AT&T finally got the "Backflip" from Motorola, I just couldn't resist. I took the plunge.

I should've known better. I have plenty of AT&T horror stories, and this is the same carrier that wont allow you to tell your Java apps NOT to ask for permission more than once (making Opera mini a PITA but the only usable browser for non-smart-phones).

There is NO option to install applications from untrusted sources. This means anything on your SD card, downloaded from the web or over your wifi at home WILL NOT WORK. Naturally, you also cannot use the "su" command in terminal.
Motoblur is nice I guess, but the uninstallable AT&T paid apps, the limitations of 1.5 firmware (ie: no google navigator, no voice search) and the locked-to-yahoo-search-bar are enough to get me to say NO to any further AT&T abuse.

With the Kaiser's bloatware, they removed/hid apps from you so you wouldn't try to use them and replaced them with their crapware.

AT&T does not know the meaning of "open" and they do not understand Android. You are not buying an Android phone when you buy from AT&T.
You are buying a device LOCKED to a market with a smaller number of applications than the iPhone (I don't use Apple products either ) forced to use a lesser search engine for your most convenient option and subject to losing any application that was once on the market but then removed. You can't install your own apps or even test them on your device. Period.

Also on my first day of using it I got a number of "Force Close" messages including on the built-in applications (ie: Motorola's flavor of the desk clock).

It's decent hardware, it feels pretty zippy to me, but this is exactly why I WONT buy an iPhone.

Screw you, AT&T. I will make sure that everyone I know is properly informed about this crippled device that is nothing like the Android experience is supposed to (expected to!) be.

/endrant phew, going to go breathe for awhile.

EDIT: I will add:
- Set "orientation" on this phone when you tilt it and somehow it gets stuck in one orientation or the other (who knows maybe this one is just me, not seen any other backflips) if you set it back to just when you open/close it it's fine again though
- The desk clock can't be launched manually and is tricky to get to appear trying to get the phone in that perfect angle to display it
- I don't have a separate camera on me right now to show you the menu but to back up with sources:


Don't buy this phone. Stay away from AT&T, stay away from Motorola (IMO or at least the motorola backflip).
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8th March 2010, 06:24 PM   |  #2  
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This is pretty horrible.

I have two questions, though.
1) Can you take a screen cap of the Settings > Applications screen so we can see the lack of Unknown Sources option? That'd really help people see the validity of this issue.

2) I hope you have some kind of 30-day money-back guarantee when buying a handset from AT&T like Sprint offers. Otherwise, ouch =/
8th March 2010, 07:53 PM   |  #3  
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I haven't tried to install an apk from astro or anything, but i have pushed a few with ADB which seems to work fine. It kinda sucks, but I really hope that we can figure out root access soon! I don't care for blur, but I like android. Hopefully we don't have to wait to long. Here is an ADB guide http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=643866
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8th March 2010, 10:54 PM   |  #4  
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I wonder if Apple suddenly took over AT&T because this kind of behaviour is more common to them
8th March 2010, 11:22 PM   |  #5  
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... It's not only AT&T who manages to confuse their customers about an OSS... Don't forget who decided to lock down an open software system boot-loader for everyone *cough*Motorola*cough*
8th March 2010, 11:41 PM   |  #6  
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Apple made them an offer they could not refuse!

nuff said
9th March 2010, 01:41 AM   |  #7  
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I spent some time with one yesterday.

Ouch, even my Fuze running eclair is faster.

They really broke this machine.

I am worried about other att phones!
9th March 2010, 03:29 PM   |  #8  
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My hope for an even somewhat open x10 on AT&T is starting to dwindle.
9th March 2010, 03:48 PM   |  #9  
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Originally Posted by HushH

My hope for an even somewhat open x10 on AT&T is starting to dwindle.

mines as well. i hope they dont. i know its off topic but is there an officail release date for the x10 on att? i hear it may be april/may
9th March 2010, 04:04 PM   |  #10  
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Someone more familiar than I needs to figure out the proper java system call to enable unknown/untrusted sources and then post on this thread the proper at command to execute it via CLI. You wouldn't even need root to do this.

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