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[ROM] HTCClay's SuperCSDI v4 Remix

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(Last edited by Gekx; 22nd September 2010 at 10:45 PM.)
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Default [ROM] HTCClay's SuperCSDI v4 Remix

Sony Ericsson AmbientTime Lite 1.0
Alarm Clock
Themed Contacts
Cube Multimedia Gallery
Floating image Gallery
Google Talk
Screen Shot
Spare Parts
SupSetup 4
Superuser Permissions
Voice Search
Voice Dialer
Wireless Tether.
You have to download maps from the market if you use it...

My Bluetooth Headset works fine so that is in order.
WiFi Works fine also

NOTE : I tried to flash as an update and it did not work. Do a full wipe then flash this new version.

I've installed Haykuro's Danger/Death SPL 1.33.2005 to test it with this Rom and so far everything is working smooth. I think it will work with the Hard SPL Also.

You can get this fast fast fast rom here : DOWNLOAD

or if you don't like the Xperia theme you can get the older version: DOWNLOAD

Metamorph Theme for REx3MixCSDI (Note: Don't just flash this on top of REx3Mix you need to use Metamorph -on the market- You will more than likely need Haykuro's SPL or Use Firerat's Custom MTD Partitons)
Download :Green Dev Droid Theme by gEkX

But don't just flash away with this one. Theres a few things you want to do before you get your 3D gaming on.

1. Backup everything on your SD card

2. If you already have swap and a ext partition then you should wipe and repair the ext partition. If not your going to want to partition out your SD card like so:
(remainder) fat32, (512mb-1gb) ext2/3/4, (at least 64mb) linux-swap. REMEMBER When you partition your SD card it will format it. So make sure to backup your SD's contents to your computer.
This is easily done using Amon's RA_recovery-v1.7.0
(If you don't want Apps2SD then you can skip the ext parts)

Now that your ready proceed to the install :

3. Boot into Recovery
4. Place or whichever you downloaded in the root of your SD
5. Wipe/Factory Reset
6. Wipe The Dalvik-cache
7. Wipe the ext partition
8. Repair the ext partition
9. Flash or (Whichever you prefer) then Reboot. Go though the Setup.
10. Get the new version of SupSetup on the Market
11. Setup Apps2SD with SupSetup then Reboot
12. Setup Linux-Swap with SupSetup the Reboot
(11 and 12 are both under Options in SupSetup 4. Also make sure you reboot in-between steps 11 and 12 this is IMPORTANT!)
13. If you get FC's when restoring backed up apps try running Fix permissions. In recovery go to console... then type utility... go to fix permissions and run it... then reboot.
14. Last but not least; One of the bigger issues with this ROM is the battery drain. With "Normal" usage I would have to charge my phone before half the day was over. This is what I did to fix this issue:
- Go into SupSetup
- Under CPU Options turn off "TurboMode" and "Modder CPU"
- Optional* Under Special Options I turned on Aceleración 3d. This, I believe, helps frame rate smoothness in 3D games and helps overall rendering.
- Download either "SetCPU for Root Users" or "OverclockWidget (Need Root)" ). Personally I got OverclockWidget because it was free but SetCPU may give you more options and whatnot.
- Set your Max: 528mhz and set your min: 128mhz
After about 24hrs of Normal usage (Surf the net a couple hours. Check Twidroid, Email, and XDA Mobile...constantly . a little gaming. plus phone calls and text. The rest on standby) I have only used 3/4 of my battery.

If your having troubles with backups not showing the the market you could try this:
Originally Posted by Zei View Post
For the ppl with backup issues, try downloading "MyBackup Pro" or "Titainium Backup" Mind you these are paid apps but the features on here will save your lives. Both apps backup your apk files WITH the current data/market links on them and has the ability to use a 1-click restore so it wont take you 5 hours to restore ya apps.
I used it on this rom and have had no FC's at all
or once again in recovery console :
Originally Posted by quierotacobell View Post
.....Option 3 to backup, Option 4 to restore (yes it has the market links, but it's great if used with tianium to restore data; this only restores app, not data/cache from the app.)
Now you should good to go! This is a really really fast ROM check my linpack test if you don't believe the hype. Its Below with some screens I posted. Enjoy.

Thanks HTCClay for remixing CSDI into perfection! And thanks to all the Devs that helped getting this one out.
Attached Thumbnails
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Name:	AmbientTime.jpg
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Name:	Home1.jpg
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Name:	Home4.jpg
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Click image for larger version

Name:	Folder.jpg
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Name:	AlmostNexus.jpg
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ID:	308169   Click image for larger version

Name:	LinPack Test.jpg
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ID:	308179  
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seems verrrrrrry cool!!! Flashing now!
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Why does the search widget look like that in your screenshot?

edit: Nvm
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base firmware?????????
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Originally Posted by mccurt29 View Post
base firmware?????????
if it's based off csdi it 1.6
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why would i chose this over mligns?
too many people wanna release their own mods. lol
thanks tho
keep up the good work devs
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Default Been using this for a while

I have been using this rom since yesterday afternoon and everything seems awesome, except the alarm doesn't make any sound when it goes off. Other than that everything else is awesome.
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Originally Posted by rizocreations View Post
why would i chose this over mligns?
too many people wanna release their own mods. lol
thanks tho
keep up the good work devs
well honestly they are very different in terms of roms, clay might have scripts and such that mligns doesnt, check out the blue magic changelog and check out mligns, huge difference...

im on mligns also so i cant complain, i jus add wat i want from other roms he he
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I flashed this before, noticed there is no "clear" button on the notificaiton bar. Minor thing, but really bugged me.
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Originally Posted by rizocreations View Post
why would i chose this over mligns?
too many people wanna release their own mods. lol
thanks tho
keep up the good work devs
I would just stay where you are...I flashed it to see what it was all about and it was pretty much the same, just a little theme additions. If there is anything major I definitely couldn't tell.
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htcclay, htcclay's supercsdiv4, supercsdi, supercsdi v4, supercsdiv4
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