Default Gymail contacts synchronization issue

Hello everyone. New to this forum and so far I have found it to be very helpful so thanks to everyone who shares their wisdom and knowledge. First of all let me say that as a faithful BB owner, I felt a bit guilty switching to Android but the DI was too compelling to pass up. So far it has not disappointed. I absolutely love me phone, except for one major quirk. Namely, the address information from Gmail contacts all goes into the Street field in the People app. I have read the threads on Gmail's forum on this and know that for some odd reason Gmail is not following industry standard of using separate fields for the components of the street address. I'm less concerned about pointing fingers than finding a workable solution for this issue.

I work on a MAC and use Entourage. I had been using Missing Sync to synchronize my contacts in Entourage with the Contacts on my BB and then using Google Sync to synchronize my BB with Gmail. I'd like to have the same configuration with my DI.

If I add or change an address in the People App, the change is sync'd with Gmail and all is fine. If I however make any change to a contact in Gmail, after sync the address info is f'd up. which is then propagated to my Entourage.

One workaround would be to limit doing my edits to my phone and Entourage. Does anyone have any other suggestions? Sorry for length of this post.