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[APP][15OCT2011-v0.2.7] LateReader: WM Read It Later Application...

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By vizier, Retired Recognized Developer on 17th May 2010, 02:06 AM
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The SSL issue some of you faced lately is fixed in v0.2.7, please try and give feedback. Thanks.
Late Reader is a Windows Mobile application for reading your Read It Later lists. Actually this application does (or aims) more than just reading your list. You can search, sort your list, download pages for offline reading. Share your list items with others. And more.

Please note that this is a .NET application and requires .NET CF 3.5+ to be installed on your device.

Below you can find the change log.

Late Reader v0.2.7
- FIXED SSL issue
- improved graphics thanks to drast-x
- no more fullscreen
- some more fixes

Late Reader v0.2.0

- [FIXED] SIP auto activate/deactivate when focus enters/exits text boxes
- [FIXED] Storage Card is not always detected correctly, especially when you have mapped network folders
- Item Title/Tags editing
- Application Settings UI
- Show progress info during syncing
- Archieve
- Day and night color shemes for Currently Reading view
- Reading bg color/fgcolor selection
- Kinetic scrolling in reading list
- Full screen option in Currently Reading view
- Statusbar for displaying number of items ec. in the list
- Touch based page up/page down style navigation as an option (suggested by sirhc7)
- D-Pad support in Currently Reading view
- Summary info about Reading List on the main screen
- Download all page texts as an option
- Much faster filter/sort

Late Reader v0.1.0

- C# API wrapper for RIL web based API
- Login
- Signup
- Reading List UI
- Page Text rendering (I am doing this from scratch as the .NET WebBrowser component seems to be unusable for me)
- Currently Reading (Remembers what you were reading last time)
- Syncing with the RIL server
- Storing the list and Page Texts for offline viewing
- favicon image display in reading list
- Mark as Read/Unread functionality in the reading list
- Search in reading list
- Sorting in reading list
- Kinetic scrolling in Page Text display
- Currently reading context menu
-fontsize: tiny, small, normal, large, huge
-show more/less (depending on the current mode),
-show full in browser
-update pagetext (download again)
- Threaded syncing
- Use of codepages in Currently Reading view
- Get only list as an option
-Show whether pagetext is available with an icon
-Let the user mark items for downloading with the next sync
-By default do not download READ item page text
-Make this an option
- [FIXED]reading list does not update after a sync (at least the sorting is not applied)
- [FIXED]currently reading mode (less/more) is not stored
- [FIXED]When no text is available in Currently Reading Panel a message indicating less mode is shown, but sometimes the same thing happens in more mode as well
- [FIXED]Better rendering of PRE/CODE tags
- [FIXED]Every form is displayed as a separate app in task managers, we should have only one item instead
- [FIXED]Some items are displayed twice in All view (maybe read items?)
- [FIXED]max mode of main form is sometimes hindered with the title bar (especially after a long running sync operation)

Planned Features

- Better UI
- Better rendering (more html tag support) in the Page Text display
- Pinch zooming in the reading list and Page Text display
- Image download/display option in the Page Text display
- Better Application icon
- Share (twitter, facebook, email)
- ! Paging in currently reading (better memory management)
- Currently reading context menu - share (twitter, facebook, email)
- Shake based URL add (with a translucent form with two buttons: "Read It Later" and "Open Late Reader")
-for Opera 10
-for other browsers later
- Tags Chooser (like in blog page tags)
- Better rendering of long words (words longer than a line should be splitted)
- Page transition effects (from main form to reading list, reading list to currently reading)
- check connection state and open upon user approval during
-open in external browser
-share via email,facebook,twitter
-update pagetext
- Rotate/auto rotate
- Reading list button animation (Button down effect)
- Store currently reading scrollposition
- Performance improvement
-Optimize justified text rendering
-Decrease memory usage (easily reaches 5-6 MB currently)
- Handle "Login Needed" response type for page text downloading
- Handle "Next Page" in a response to pagetext downloading
-Add option to download next page as well
-Add option to select max number of next pages to follow (depth of download)
-Display next page following the normal text page in the "Currently Reading" view
- Option to delete pagetexts of read pages
- Faster "mark for download" with a switch control (suggested by spyrale)
- D-Pad support (I did not add this from the beginning because I do not have a device with a D-PAD, only HD2 and HD)
- rendering non-text elements, at least the simple tables, small figures (suggested by leoparis)
- dictionary integration (suggested by leoparis)
- AppToDate support (suggested by sirhc7)
- copy text to clipboard (suggested by sirhc7)
- highlight text (suggested by sirhc7)
- add note to selected text (suggested by sirhc7)
- configurable gesture based actions
- configurable page region tap actions (suggested by sirhc7)
- option to select from one of the installed browser apps, when using "open in external browser" (suggested by spyrale)

- error messages generated by RILAPI are not displayed at all (maybe not generated correctly?)
- favicon is not correctly drawn (transparency issue)
- <LINK> tag defined favicons are not currently downloaded
- password entry is not masked (with asterisk)

  • First of all thanks to xda-developers forum user zefiltrin (hugocbp) for the idea (see his thread), also thanks to other members on that thread for their comments
  • LateReader uses Sense SDK, and I must admit that this wonderful library freed me from hundreds of lines of custom drawing code.
  • I used Majestic12 HTML parser for parsing page texts
  • Finally I must thank to the makers of Read It Later

This application is provided freely, but it is not open source software. You can use the software freely. Decompiling is not permitted.
I might do this open source, but at least it is closed source now. So please respect this and do not decompile it.
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17th May 2010, 02:07 AM |#2  
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Reserved for later use
17th May 2010, 02:07 AM |#3  
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Reserver for later use
17th May 2010, 02:25 AM |#4  
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Getting Null Reference Exception. Could not add anything to the list as the add button is grayed out.
Error and phone details are attached..
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17th May 2010, 02:44 AM |#5  
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Thanks for the very fast response.
Currently Add function is not available. You can use the Read It Later web browser plugins for adding items to your list. Actually this would be the typical usage scenario: Add from a browser, then sync to your WM device. But I will also try to make adding on the device as usable as possible (shake based Opera integration, etc.)

I will investigate your problem tomorrow as it is the middle of the night here (04:38 AM ), and I need to have some sleep before I go to work

In the meantime, can you provide answers to the following questions in order to make the analysis easier:
- which device are you using?
- which version of the .NET CF are you using (3.5+ is a requirement, I should add this to the first post I guess)
- do you have a storage card installed?

By the way, I tested the app with a HD2 and a HD, and it works without a problem.
17th May 2010, 03:19 AM |#6  
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this sounds great..
17th May 2010, 09:29 AM |#7  
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Works very nice at this stage.
17th May 2010, 09:43 AM |#8  
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finally you made it thanks a lot, will test later

played a little, only one word: AWESOME. i have only one request that you have not planned, perhaps: a checkbox (or a switch) to mark for download it will be faster then long tapping on the item thanks vizier, you are a master!
Last edited by spyrale; 17th May 2010 at 10:04 AM.
17th May 2010, 10:54 AM |#9  
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Originally Posted by spyrale

finally you made it thanks a lot, will test later

played a little, only one word: AWESOME. i have only one request that you have not planned, perhaps: a checkbox (or a switch) to mark for download it will be faster then long tapping on the item thanks vizier, you are a master!

It was not very easy to allocate time for this project most of the time, but yes finally we have something to start with. Thank you for your support.

Also I think your suggestion can improve the usability of LateReader, I will add marking for download with a switch to the list of planned items.
18th May 2010, 03:28 AM |#10  
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This is good stuff.....more people need to see this.
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