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[ROM]KaosFroyo V39 [12/19] [FROYO]

21st May 2010, 05:11 AM   |  #1  
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This is a mixed Cyanogen/AOSP Froyo build for the HTC Droid Eris


Please use the GITHub tracker to track issues at

If you don't like ADW launcher, you can go back to Launcher2 by flashing
after flashing this rom.

The CyanogenMOD team.
Paul@Modaco for getting the N1 dump packaged up nice.
Jcase for pointing out Paul's dump.
The gang over at AndIRC for all the bouncing of ideas.
enatefox for letting me steal libs from his G1 Froyo build.
Darchstar and Zenulator for bouncing audio bug ideas around and sharing libs with me.
Ncommander for his opensource libcamera.
Conap and decad3nce for the MMS fix.
Sjflowerhorn, LexusBrian400, and TheFuzz4 for testing, bug reporting, and helping others out.
witysimon's for his light fix for the GSM hero.
DS36 for helping me keep on top of things.


Included Conap's CFSv6 kernel
Updated to CM6.2
Made an attempt to fix the camera/gallery/back to camera unresponsiveness bug
Latest Gapps

Fix USB Tether
Update to latest CM6.1 framework.
Some minor speed fixes
Update to latest version of many apps.

Fix V36 headset issue.
Fix Cyanogen framework's incorrect detection of headset vs headphone.
Minor camera stability fixes.
Carrier ID fixed.

Better camera support
Fixed wired headset issue
Latest CM6 framework.
Android updated to 2.2.1
Updated to ADW 1.1.5
Gallery3D fixed.
Exit back to camera bug fixed(?)

GPS Fix for v35

Using Conap's V5 CFS kernel with my own optimizations
Latest Google Bits.
Fix for Bluetooth dialing prompts
Updated RIL(Should help with non disconnected dropped calls issue)
Updated build fingerprint
Updated autokiller
Touch focus video
Optimized libs for speed
Updated to lastest ADW
Updated Superuser
Merged CM6.1 framework which includes the following changes(not complete list):
Long press back to kill app
Swipe away single notifications
'Quiet times' where notifications are silenced
Status bar themes
Email app fixes
AudioDSP updates
ARMv6 optimizations

Now using Conap and decad3nce's awesome BFSv4 kernel
Re-fix camera lib regression

CM6 Framework update.
More lib optimization.
Updated kernel with decad3nce's BFS316 patches.
Fixed GPS slow sync issue. (May need full wipe to fix GPS)

Fix camera focus bug.
Remove some debug stuff for speed!
Optimize libs for speed!
Fix for Slingplayer.
Fix for LastFM.
Framework merge from CM6 stable.
Fix HTC_IME Voice search.
Did I mention speed?

Multi-touch DroidX keyboard.
Scrolling fix
Framework updates
Lib updates
Webkit resync with upstream

Updated to latest framework(CM6-RC3)
Updated libs(CM6/AOSP)
Re-fixed carhome.
Latest Gapps.
Now including Autokiller(This is NOT a task killer, it sets options for Androids builtin memory manager, I recommend setting this to STRICT for best speed)
Updated to latest superuser(
Improved auto-backlight support.
Added ChromeToPhone

Fixed Carhome
Removed dupe latin_ime
Fixed USB Tether

Fix Google Goggles
Fix issue where Exchange sometimes receives a second blank email when sending.
Added new 'Voice Actions' search app.

Fixed softkey backlight BETTER
Fixed PPTP creation bug
Fixed missing font issue
Removed some duplicate APKs
build.prop minor fix (thanks jphenow!)

Fix GPS regression in V25.

Latest ADW
Fix softkey lights
Fix streaming audio issue(Mostly Pandora)
Fix Camera preview
Enabled 5MP camera
Video recording works
Update to latest bleeding edge framework.
Fixed Gallery rotation bug.
Added Mixer/DSP app.

(Framework changelog is at
Awesome graphics by dEris.

LED light no longer stays on.
Trackball LED now functions.
Updated HTC_IME
Removed some cruft from /data
Removed some extra Gapps cruft.
Fixed some FC issues with HTC_IME

Fixed rotation sensor
Fixed GPS
Minor MMS apn change

Welcome Vinylfreak89 to the dev team! (thanks for the hard work!)
Added Nano
Added Bash
Updated gapps to FRF91
Added a few extra gapps
Removed some legacy GSM stuff(fix for time without signal bug)
Fixed stock MMS

Rebuild full rom tree from free range, non RBST, 100% organic sourcecode.
Camera preview works most of the time.

Updated to Alpha2 Cyanogen framework
Fixed menu button unlock for Jcase's root tools app
Fixed V19's A2SD bug
Updated some backend libs.
Light sensor should work now.
No longer bundling SetCPU, as the version I've been bundling is having issues, and the author is asking that it no longer be bundled.

Due to cyanogen update:
Added option for 270, 360 rotation.
Added option to enable WebView reflow immediately after pinch to zoom.
Added incognito browser window from optedoblivion.
Upgraded to Superuser 2.2.
Added invisible lock pattern option.

Fixed broken toolbox symlinks(This will fix the 'tool not found' bugs)
Fixed unable to connect to encrypted wifi bug.
Changed 'SPRINT' carrier name.

Fixed OC issue where kernel couldn't go past 768mhz
Fixed LWP(Though stock Froyo LWP are wrong resolution, so I removed them)
Fix for Verizon apps not thinking it was a verizon phone
Several OpenGL fixes
Fixed Wifi slowdown bug
Fixed Loss of Haptic feedback on wifi.

Rebased on V13 to fix bugs people were having with V14/15/16
Market speedup fix(Thanks LexusBrian400!)
MDPI googlebits to fix sizing issues(Thanks to enatefox.)
More install script fixes for compatibility
Back to stock Launcher2 by popular demand(ADW still included, just remove /system/app/Launcher2.apk)

Fixes bug some people were experiencing with erratic behavior after a fresh install of V15.
If you're already running V15 fine, this version adds no new fixes or features.

Re-fixed wifi
Fixed setup wizard on fresh flashes.
Fixed some setup script issues.
Fixed market not downloading properly

Fixed some GPS bugs that were causing geocaching and twitter apps to fail.
Fixed Verizon Market bug
Fixed Froyo's builtin A2SD
Fixed a typo in the install script
Added Froyo Spareparts(can move most apps to SD!)

Camera working(Preview is broken in AOSP camera app, but works in other apps)
Fixed Voice Search
Fixed carrier name bug
MMS should work now.
multitouch maps works.

Fixed Wifi completely
Added dictionary
Fixed Facebook sync issue
Fixed Maps update issue and included latest maps
JIT enabled by default

JIT enabled!
Bluetooth now working
Wifi working(ish)
GPS working
Rotation sensor working
Some Cyanogen work rolled in from the Alpha CDMA Hero build.
Busybox extras
Verizon Market fix(Not well tested)

Much more stable.
MUCH faster.
Fixed V9's graphics bug.
Lights working.
Proximity sensor working.

Phone and audio work now!

Unreleased debug version

Ditched the gray status bar for the stock one... It was bugging me.
Added a bunch of new libs courtesy of enatefox. These fix the widgets graphics bug, and a lot of other graphics related issues.
Incall microphone and *ALL* other audio is still broken. Don't expect it to work. It won't.
Fixed the texture issues, and added a gray status bar I found anonymously posted on Google(If you think its yours, contact me and I'll credit you!)

Fixed library that broke booting in V4.

Remove LWPs as they were force-closing
Added OpenGL fixes, which should help with some graphics.
Added SuperUser APK and bin
Added some libaudio junk that MAY help with audio issues(untested)

Merged with parts from the recent N1 Froyo dump.
Now has Google apps!

Major kernel hacking to get data and touchscreen working.

Initial port

V20 **pulled**

If you like my rom, think about donating to my coffee fund.
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21st May 2010, 05:13 AM   |  #2  
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Originally Posted by punk.kaos

This is a port of the Froyo SDK build.
Its supper buggy and a ton of things arn't working yet, but feel free to play with it!

If you like my rom, think about donating to my coffee fund.

A+ Buy his 4$$ some coffee.
21st May 2010, 05:19 AM   |  #3  
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Oh you crazy kids you.

Thanks! Great job!
21st May 2010, 05:19 AM   |  #4  
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Originally Posted by punk.kaos

This is a port of the Froyo SDK build.
Its supper buggy and a ton of things arn't working yet, but feel free to play with it!

If you like my rom, think about donating to my coffee fund.

thanks man gonna look into it right now and see what can be whiped up
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21st May 2010, 05:29 AM   |  #5  
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it said download limit exceeded... never mind it worked
Last edited by WalkingTaco; 21st May 2010 at 05:34 AM. Reason: it worked
21st May 2010, 05:35 AM   |  #6  
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I'm very very excited for this ROM!
21st May 2010, 05:35 AM   |  #7  
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just dl'd... worked fine.

thanks!!! great job!!!
21st May 2010, 05:44 AM   |  #8  
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Thanks! I am excited!
21st May 2010, 05:50 AM   |  #9  
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I know this is still in pre-alpha stages. Below are things I have encountered that do not work.

Doesn't recognize my SD card
Shows up as Sprint
3G doesnt work.
WiFi not working
Bluetooth not working
No sound working
No google login
Camera doesnt work
Couldn't test out Gallery
Messaging works like a charm, lol

I hope this helps... I look forward to this.

Thanks, Kaos
21st May 2010, 05:51 AM   |  #10  
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Sweet trying it now thanks for your work kaos. Really didn't expect any kinds of froyo this soon!

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