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Unbearable Browser Froyo ATT 3G Image Compression [FIXED]

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(Last edited by Scrtcwlvl; 24th May 2010 at 11:26 PM.) Reason: It is fixed now :P
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Default Unbearable Browser Froyo ATT 3G Image Compression [FIXED]

As suspected it was something with the ATT APN settings that google added with their latest iteration of the carrier settings. It would run your browsing through the ATT proxy and if images were larger than a specified threshold, they would shrink them down to an unbearably small size making mobile browsing painful, if not impossible in some cases.

How to Fix:
Go to Settings - Wireless & Networks - Mobile Networks - Access Point Names - Cingular 410 (or for some Media)
Delete the text in the settings for
They should now appear as <Not Set>
Hit the menu and select Save.

MMS still seems to function normally and web browsing is just fine.
You may however, need to clear out your cache of the old super thumbnails.

Documented and left for searching
Like a majority of you, I hopped on the Froyo train and it was quite delicious.
Now however, something about the browser is driving me up a wall, to the point of not really being usable.
This also seems to effect 2.1 Desire users, using their device on ATT.

This is an ATT 3G Nexus One - with the Pauls Froyo rom

When on a 3G data connection something is both compressing and resizing the images, not a little, but a whole blasted lot and I cannot seem to figure out what or why.
I realize carriers often compress images, but this is an absurd level of compression.

This is what the webpage looks like
WiFi connection

(Ignore the blue box, I had just flash and not installed flash 10.1 from the market, I know I can make it go away...)
Clear cache, everything cleared.

This is what it looks like on 3G

I cannot even get close to reading it. Zoomed in the picture is just absurdly small.

I tried about:debug
Changed my UAString to desktop, same deal. I cannot view certain web pages at all.

That is the final kicker, it is only pictures above a certain size that it compresses them this badly.
If I load up a site with smaller pictures they are just fine, I imagine some 100k limit.

I keep searching but all I can find are threads about the overall fuzziness of the N1 screen, this is well beyond fuzziness and is somehow tied to the carrier, the browser or both.

I noticed this occurred with the Desire rom as well, but I didn't stick to that long and quickly went back to a non desire rom. This did not occur on non desire N1 roms.

It has to be something with the carrier or mobile data connection settings -
Was something added to the ATT APN settings?
Is there a hidden setting that compresses images disgustingly?

I did the same tests on Dolphin and Dolphin HD, other than annoying force closing, they showed the exact same results.

Are you having this same issue? Please post!
Post your rom and carrier.

Interesting finds
-This occurs on all browsers
-If one hold clicks on and image, selecting "Save Image" it downloads the picture in full quality...
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Not sure what to tell you... I turned off WiFi and just used 3G to get to the site you mentioned and no issues here. Could be a local proxy setting that sends it to a cache site for AT&T and that site has a mini image. I have no need to use AT&T's proxy's to get to their mobile home page so I may have it turned off someplace. I just checked a couple of settings and nothing gives me the option to turn proxy settings on or off from what I found. My only bugs(so far) with Froyo are app related--Dolphin HD closes whenever you touch the address bar and HTC_IME FC's whenever you try and pop the KB up.
(Last edited by Scrtcwlvl; 23rd May 2010 at 09:02 PM.)
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Thank you for your reply, you say you are using an ATT N1 as well?
I wonder if it is truly a localized setting or something with the att settings. I'm going to try shutting down, booting up without my sim, shutting down again and putting the sim back in. Maybe I just need a network setting refresh.

As for HTC IME, I installed the version without voice and disabled voice from appearing on the keyboard and it works great for me. Much better than the stock keyboard.
Smooth Calendar widget doesnt work, Handcent force closes after returning home from sending a sms and Dolphin force closes when hitting the address bar (both HD and non).

Otherwise, those I can deal with, this is making mobile browsing not possible.

No such luck with the refresh, took the sim out, reboot, let it boot empty and restarted with the sim in. Same exact issue.
This is madness.
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I'm on AT&T running rooted FroYo and I also have a drastically downsized image just like the OP. It is in fact completely unreadable, no matter how you zoom in or double-tap.

We need to find a solution for this.
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Glad to hear I am not the only one with this issue, I was starting to worry its was just my phone or just my ATT account.
yeah, this is q very serious issue that really puts a damper on mobile browsing that needs to be worked out. I imagine it is a carrier setting for ATT that is new to froyo, but I have no idea where some kind of setting like this would be hidden.
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I hadnt noticed that but yep, got this as well. Works correctly on wifi but not on 3g.
(Last edited by Scrtcwlvl; 24th May 2010 at 08:00 PM.)
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Thank you for testing this for me guys, we now know it is not exclusive to just me and my device. However, I am unsure if it is just ATT.

Please post what Rom you are on and Carrier.
(At this time we are all on the same froyo build, but now Chefs are pushing out custom Froyo roms, so that is changing!)

Thanks again guys, if anyone has ANY ideas please, do not hesitate to post them.
Honestly this is a bit absurd, I would be annoyed if it did this by default but you could override it and load an image in full quality by request, but someone, ATT or Google is tanking these images and we need to figure out how / why.
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on my 2.1, it loaded up fine.
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Originally Posted by mutantblack View Post
on my 2.1, it loaded up fine.
I realize that, it loaded just fine on my 2.1 as well.
Only other time I saw this was on one Desire Port, but I flashed back to a standard 2.1 because I needed bluetooth.

It was something added in Froyo, we need to figure out what and why, and how to get rid of it.
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At first I didn't think I had the issue, but when I hit menu + refresh in 3g mode, the pictures went all thumbnail on me. I am looking for a setting.
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