Default 3G connection noises obln headset

Hey guys, I couldn't find anything about this online or in the forums. I have some annoying sound quality issues on my desire. When the 3G (and I assume HSDPA, EDGE and GPRS) connection of my phone is active, I can hear those stupid transmission noises from the electro magnetic waves in my headphones. You know, the same noises you hear when you put your old GPRS phone on your stereo and et a text message. I can't imagine that this is "normal" on HTC devices. I'm using the 2nd of May custom Nexus ROM from the forum with the Richard Trip Kernel. Also, I use my Apple in-ear headphones. Does this have anything to do with the headphones' shielding? They always worked fine on my iPhone 3G.

This is really frustrating. Hopefully some of you have an idea of how to fix this.