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Question HTC DESIRE 8181 V's 8183 NEXT G DESIRE:

i found this on another forum. thought it be good for the confused ones thinking of buying. hope this explains a little better

So your looking to pick up a HTC Desire of eBay reasonably soon.

Is there any difference between Aus (delivered/imported 8181 Desires on eBay) vs NextG 8183 branded HTC Desires sold on eBay ?
because The NextG 8183 ones on eBay are currently fetching approx $100 more than none NextG 8181 Branded ones.

Is there any difference between Aus delivered/imported Desires (on eBay) vs NextG branded HTC Desires sold on eBay. From what I can tell they should all support the same frequency space, so there shouldnt be any difference.

There are two different models of Desire....
Telstra sells one that supports UMTS 850/2100 The actual Telstra Next G branded ones have got some Telstra "Apps" loaded into the ROM which cannot be easily removed, however they are simply links to Telstra services. They are unlocked.
Models sourced overseas usually support UMTS 900/2100, which won't work on NextG.

Pick wisely.

The NextG Versions will still operate on Optus/Voda/etc right? The frequency ranges all seems to match up. Some online stores are selling NextG and none NextG versions, just dont want to shoot myself in the foot.

Yes, the Next G version will work on Optus 3G, but only in metro areas. It does not support the 900 MHz frequency used by Optus or Voda in regional areas, meaning outside city, you'll only get 2G.
It does not support the 900 MHz frequency used by Optus or Voda in regional areas

Hmmm ok, thats weird because according to the HTC Site (and this is where im getting confused) with all the "Exclusive to Telstra NextG" Branding, it supports the following


* Australia: 850/2100 MHz


* Australia: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz

Do they cripple the NextG version and rip out the 900mhz ?

Australia: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
Those are GSM frequencies, not UMTS.

To make it abundantly clear:

Telstra specs:


•Australia: 850/2100 MHz

•Australia: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz

Optus specs:


•Australia: 900/2100 MHz

•Australia: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz

3G is around the world but Yes the US carrier At&T use it..

To help you, AT&T use the 850MHZ band while the other mobiles providers (ie T-Mobile) all use the 900 etc if you are grey importing a US phone the rule of thumb is if the phone works on AT&T then it will work on Telstra 3G network..

Telstra have two different 3G networks and they are 'branded' differently, yet they are both technically 3G at the end of the day.

1. Telstra 3G = 2100mhz, is only implemented in metropolian areas.
2. Telstra NextG = 850mhz, is implemented Australia wide and superceeds their 2100mhz implementation.

As you can see they are both 3G. The NextG branded product has more bandwith available to it, (not that 2100 doesn't have enough, just the way Telstra's implementation is).

Speed wise, telstra do have the fastest network, but in time, others will catch up. NextG is not some magical creative, even if Telstra subtly make you think that.

The issue with handsets is that they either come in 850/2100 variants (i.e compable on Telstra 850 3G) or 900/2100 variants (compatible with other networks in australia including the Telstra 3g branded service on the 2100 network).

Futher, this is not to be confused with similar GSM frequencies (then you get 2G coverage)

So is NextG just better coverage, or is it faster too? I was lead to believe there was a speed increase.


The downside to having more coverage and web speed, is being stuck with Telstra..

If you have voda or Optus, you need the desire A8181.. if you're with Telstra you need the A8183

I have Optus meaning my phone model is A8181 & it's $100+ cheaper

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This is well written explanation, I'm sure it/has helped many ;)

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Default Rural coverage for HTC Desire with 3 Mobile

I just want to clarify if the same is applicable with 3 Mobile as Voda have meraged. I'm a 3 customer and I'm moving to Trentham, Victoria. 3 and Voda have said there would be call and text coverage only in the area. 3 is bringing out the Desire later this month but I don't know which one. I've been told there's more Telstra towers in the area but will not swap suppliers as I have a good plan from when they were Orange. Thanx for the help.
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If you get an 81 and use telstra, it will be slower.
if you get an 83 and use a Non-telstra network, it will be slower.

If you get an 83 on telstra, Root and grab T-Mod.

Simple! XD
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Hi there.
I am confused. I am thinking of getting A8183 and am a vodafone user. Will 3g work for me?
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I'm pretty sure it says above only in metro areas mate

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vodafone going 850mHz
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I have the 8183, rooted and running on LiveConnected (Optus). I have very little drama with mobile internet, regardless where I use my phone around Cairns.

I find I get drop outs if I venture too far west, but north to Pt Douglas/Mossman, inland to Atherton Tablelands/Millaa Millaa/Malanda and all the way south to Townsville (including Hinchinbrook region), signal is strong and on song.

I have never understood people that gripe about their 8183s not working properly on other networks...unless they happen to live in Oodnadatta, there should not be an issue.

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