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Nexus One market life span?

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Default Nexus One market life span?

Hey guys,
I've been looking to buy a Nexus, however Im hesitant because of all the rapid improvements to smart-phones lately. Seems like just yesterday my G1 was the **** because of its 528mhz processor.. But if I were to lay down the $500+ for it, I would hate for the "Nexus 2" to come out a month later.. accompanied by the regret and face palms. Of course, I'm not expecting that specific scenario to unfold, but how long do you think the specs for the N1 will last as a competitive player in the field? And do you think it's safe to say the upcoming android updates we have yet to experience will be compatible with it?
-Thanks for your input!
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The Nexus One is a great phone, but as with the G1 ALL technology is eventually replaced, I chose the nexus one becuase its Googles phone, which means if any phone has a chance to still be the beta tester for all android things to come it would be the nexus one. The Evo and Incredible are all basically re-branded Nexus One's, same hardware different software. The nexus one was my first smartphone, actually my first phone ever (my parents hate tech lol) and I've seen people with their iphones and bberries and I pull out my nexus one and KNOW without a shadow of a doubt I have the best phone. If the nexus one looks appealing to you and you are happy with what it can do, I say you wont be dissapointed. But, if you are hesitant and iffy on the purchase, perhaps wait and see whats around Androids corner. I love my nexus one and from what I see from competitive android smartphones and still think mine is the best.
-Cheers with your decision
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Sell your G1, use the money towards the N1... Do it soon, buying the N1 via google won't last much longer, once retailers get ahold of it it'll cost considerably more.

The rumor/heresay is that the N2 will be out in Nov. Then just repeat the cycle of selling old, use money towards the new one.

Kind of like you're leasing the best phone at the moment
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If you say n2 will come and will wait, and when the n2 comes out ou can wait for the n3. you can do two things.

Buy a new phone, and sell it after few months to buy a new one. if you sell it before a newer version comes out you can sell it almost the same price you bought it. put some extre $ and buy a new one. I do this > i had over 30 phones in my life > i'm 22 years now

or what you also can do is skip a generation. so if you buy n1 skip n2 and wait for n3 (for example). so you can use you don't have to switch phones that often.
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I bought the N1 as my first smartphone and have been very happy with it. I would say it will last a while since Google demonstrated their new OS (Android 2.2) on it and also previewed the release after that on a N1. That gave me hope to know that it will work with the release of 2.2 and also the release after that. Whether they will continue to release the new OS for it after that is unknown, but there are always custom ROMs that could add functionality.
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Default Go For It

I say buy the N1 if you like it. Yeah, there's no front-facing camera, gyroscope, or whatever else the next line of premium Android phones will all contain. It is still going to receive Google's updates first for at least another year. Also, as with the G1, the dev community is doing excellent work and should have no problem extending it's life even further beyond that. If the G1 is still going almost 2 years and numerous updates later, Nexus owners have nothing to worry about.
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Originally Posted by Namuna View Post
Sell your G1, use the money towards the N1... Do it soon, buying the N1 via google won't last much longer, once retailers get ahold of it it'll cost considerably more.
I don't think so. It will be aggressively priced once it hits retailers. Or may be bundled with some accessories.
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Either act today, or wait 6 months. This market moves fast.
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seriously this thread has been posted so many times before. just search. the nexus will be the flagship until next january for sure. it still has a long life left, so buy it and enjoy it. nexus two isnt even a rumor yet, and wouldnt be out till next year.
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Motorola has a 2ghz phone hitting store before the end of the year, with 1080P vide out.

You're never gonna be "top of the line" for more than 6 months.

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