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[APP/TOOL] xUltimate

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This is generously brought to you by a good friend Xeudoxus over on Please feel free if you do enjoy his app/tool and what not definitely feel free to throw him a couple bucks for his hard work. He's definitely a huge plus to our community.


Alright xUltimate has been updated to v2 What this means is that you do not need your phone connect to your computer to deodex. So you can just manually place the .odex files in (\origi_frame\) and (\origi_app\) and it will deodex. You can also transfer the .odex files from your phone like the last version.

It should not be as buggy as before. Also some of the features still have not been updated yet for newer roms. (I will be working on this in the next couple days to try and bring the "patches" up to speed)

I have added some standalone tools (Tools that do not need to be in the main xUltimate dir)

On most of the xUltimate standalone's I have added some example files in the .zip's so you can see how it operates.

Also Ill be posting the old change log for xUltimate main (When I find it lol , I saved it from google cache after it was lost)


xUltimate Main v2.1 has been updated for android 2.2 (It should be able to deodex 2.2/froyo) Tested on Nexus Froyo (Only had a problem with Bluetooth.odex <-- But thats a issue with the framework.jar) Clock colors and clock remove have been updated for froyo. Other features will be updated in time.

xUltimate Color Converter will convert hex color codes to the proper binary color code for editing colors in smali
Usage: xUltimate-CC {RRGGBB}

xUltimate Theme/MM Optimizer will opt_png and zip_align all .png's and .apk's in a MM .zip or or whatever .zip (It will also remove any .db files)

xUltimate Draw9Patch Compiler will compile correctly made .9.png's so you dont have to use eclipse or motodevtools anymore. Look at the example files in the .zip and you'll see how to process your entire theme at once if you wanted.

Go here to DOWNLOAD
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12th June 2010, 08:33 PM |#2  
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This makes editing your phone super easy. You can deodex your phone, change color for text among a ton of other stuff with the add-ons. Please leave comments as to how it works for you, and any suggestions as I will be relaying this information along to Xeudoxus.
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12th June 2010, 10:15 PM |#3  
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I'm going to keep my eye on this, thanks for the update.
12th June 2010, 11:56 PM |#4  
wicked_beav's Avatar
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I would... it's an incredibly useful tool and very easy to use. I'm just posting it here because he posts primarily on DroidForums.
21st September 2010, 03:39 AM |#5  
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so how exactly do I use the 9.png compiler?
23rd September 2010, 11:38 AM |#6  
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This is my favorite thing ever. Time to theme that lockscreen
7th October 2010, 01:32 PM |#7  
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i tryed to use this but i have xp x32 so i get a error , does some know how to fix this ?

2nd November 2010, 03:35 AM |#8  
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I get an error when it tries to deodex the framework.jar:


java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space
at org.jf.dexlib.ItemFactory.makeItem(ItemFactory.jav a:43)
at org.jf.dexlib.IndexedSection.readItems(IndexedSect
at org.jf.dexlib.Section.readFrom(
at org.jf.dexlib.DexFile.<init>(
at org.jf.dexlib.Code.Analysis.ClassPath.loadBootClas sPath(ClassPath.jav
at org.jf.dexlib.Code.Analysis.ClassPath.initClassPat h(
at org.jf.dexlib.Code.Analysis.ClassPath.InitializeCl assPath(ClassPath.j
at org.jf.baksmali.baksmali.disassembleDexFile(baksma
at org.jf.baksmali.main.main(
Press any key to continue . . .

Any thoughts as to how to increase the heap size so it doesn't die?
25th February 2011, 01:49 AM |#9  
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anyone have an issue after deodexing?


everything completed successful but now when mounting phone it sees the internal SD as a write protected CD drive.
31st October 2011, 04:40 PM |#10  
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I'm using xUltimate 2.3.3 for Samsung Galaxy SL GT-i9003. I'm facing the below error when running with option 3

Starting BuddiesNow.odex
* Deodexing... *
* Redexing... *
* Processing... *
* Compressing/Aligning... *
BuddiesNow.apk Finished!

Starting CallSetting.odex
* Deodexing... *
* Redexing... *
out\com\sec\android\app\callsetting\voicecall\Call Barring.smali[0,0] null
* Processing... *
The system cannot find the file specified.
Press any key to continue . . .

Please help me to fix the same. I've found some APK files under the origi_app with no *.odex file with the same name as the *.apk file. I've removed them from the origi_app folder to force the option 3 run to complete. But the process stops even for some APK files has ODEX files. There were 145 APK and 105 ODEX files under origi_app folder. Made as 105 APK and ODEX files, but still the option 3 run didn't succeed.
12th June 2012, 04:35 AM |#11  
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I believe I am having a problem with Xultimate. I have tried deodexing a single file (services.jar) and even with no modifications the phone will not boot. I made sure to chown and chmod it back to original but it also didn't make a difference.

I then tried to deodex with xultimate and reodex with dexopt-wrapper without making changes and not only can the phone not boot but the resulting services.odex is a different size with different contents from the original.

I believe something is wrong with the version of Xultimate I am using. You can read my thread about it here

edit: here is the explanation of the dexopt-wrapper tool for reodexing files
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