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HTC threatens handset hackers with legal action

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Default HTC threatens handset hackers with legal action

MobileCrunch are reporting that HTC threatens handset hackers with legal action for distributing ROMs.
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maybe we, the community should build a list of user, a signature of opposing people to the closure of the site. stating that the use of the ROMs is for the purpose of cooking our own ROMs and increase the usability, performance, and desirability of the HTC handsets.

Maybe HTC need to be made aware of how much their customer base relys on ROMs for development of the HTC Handsets, and possibly go as far as to list who wouldn't buy a handset without access to other ROMs.

If Froyo doesn't come to the Desire, I WILL be installing a modified ROM regardless of HTCs feelings, and if this becomes impossible, I WILL be changing to a different brand and boycott HTC from then on. I feel very strongly about the users right to modify their phone in any way they see fit.
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I dont even use the roms but i appreciate the work and effort put into them on the chance that i might use them. I also love HTC hardware because of the huge communities developed and bought my Touch Pro 2 based on the outside support that exists and if it were to get taken down by HTC i would second guess my next purchase of a Touch Pro 3 (i know it doesnt exist but something along the lines).

And as far as recommendations of hardware this site alone has swayed alot of coworkers into buying HTC hardware knowing they can tweak there purchase if the need arises.
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As a matter of fact, I am now using the HTC support contact form to tell them how wrong they are in promoting this action.
The main reason because of which I didn't buy a iloserphone but chose a WM device is that I can play with it as much as I want.
In that letter it also specifically says "...or of all infringing works derived from the Intellectual Property", which means basically CUSTOM roms, the ones we're all using.
First comes, then will be the turn of XDA which hosts links to said custom roms and/or stock roms, same goes for htcpedia and everything else.
If they want to shut themselves down by making their users hate their devices, their choice, but probably we ought to let them know they're just being stupid.

Here's the message I sent them via their website, I encourage you to write them in the big numbers.

I am the happy owner of a HD2, and I really am satisfied this device. One of the reasons I am satisfied is because of its hardware specs, the other maybe more important one is that I can actually change the way it works to perfectly suit my needs. Otherwise, I could very well dump it for an iphone.

Now, I know that the person reading this message will be a support employee, and by no means anyone who actually makes the decisions, yet I stringly encourage you to forward this mail to the upper levels.

I just learned that HTC sent a C&D letter to
I know the legal mumbo-jumbo HTC is all about on that decision and I don't need any of that.
I also know another thing: excluding the people who buy your devices just because they were bundled with some dataplan by some carrier, and have no clue how to really use them other than as simple phones, there is a LARGE part of people, including myself, who buy your devices because they like the way they can be customized and how they can be made so much more powerful than what they came out of the store.
If you start acting against websites that allow us "power users" to get the most out of our phones, then it's like you're acting against your customers, and that is a very silly thing.
I can easily see how this kind of action could be taken further, against other leading community websites dedicated to your devices.
If and when you will do that, you will repay the dedication of your customers with legal threats, and you will instantly lose the interest in your products by the same people that now love them for the reasons I explained in this letter.

Please think carefully about it.
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Originally Posted by ephestione View Post
As a matter of fact, I am now using the HTC support contact form to tell them how wrong they are in promoting this action...
Thanks! I'm doing the same right now. Apple is not a loser in the game, they dont shut down websites of so-called "hackers" who tweak, crack and write programs which jailbreak their iPhone, and they could just do it, they have plenty of reason to do it BUT only one NOT to do it: $!
I told you, Apple is not so stupid... unlike HTC who shoots itself in the head!(hoping the damages will be soft?) Really silly...

Edit: here's mine:

It recently came to my knowledge that HTC sent a C&D letter to the website and if this is true, and you are serious about it, please do re-consider your decision. As a proud owner of an UNBRANDED HTC HD2, HTC BLACKSTONE AND HTC DIAMOND 2, I am asking you to not bother the core of your business: without the shipped roms and the subsequent custom roms from it, I, just like hundreds of thousands of HTC owners around the world (just look at the membership of various forums offering custom roms), would not have bought an HTC device. Why we did buy it was the possibility to modify it to fit our needs, this includes by the means of custom roms too, but not only. If you take this from us, you're left with the "carriers dependant" customers who are, by far, the minority of your customers. If you're serious in taking down websites that make us buy your devices, you will have to face the consequences because without shipped rom, we will just jump ship! As you already know, the competition is tough so you better think this legal action twice if you don't want the value of your shares to melt like snow at the beginning of spring.
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I have no words about what HTC is doing. I totally agree with ephestione, and if xda-developers did not exist (or any other similar forum), I would not have an WM Smartphone, as the stock ROMs are normally slow, many times out dated, and not suited for my needs.

I hope that HTC understands that sites like these are the BEST PUBLICITY that they can get fro their devices. You have people working for FREE to make the device better, what else can they ask for?

Instead of promoting, cooperating with the main chefs, and using it to their advantage, they prefer to drag them to the court, and shut them down!!!!

They already void your guarantee when you flash a custom ROM, so I can't see how initiatives like this can cost them more money.

I hope they realize that soon, and save their faces by gracefully changing their position.

I do not say, approve, but at least look the other way

I hope more people will join this cause.
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Android is opensource so remove all htc apps in ROM and host htc apps @ mediafire

I Support you if its possible. How about a open letter to htc in Taiwan? I can write a letter as PDF and share it here.
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Maybe we should download all of those ROMS an reupload the on a sharehoster only to start a thread with the collection of links over here? Or Maybe a thread in every Device-specific forum?

Thoughts? Want to participate?

God bless You!

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How dumb are HTC?

It is the ability to use cooked roms that has helped me tolerate the flaws in WM over the years.

Without the offending roms I would have stopped buying HTC phones years ago. IMHO they should be encouraging the chefs.

They've gone all APPLE!!!

If they persist with this I might as well buy an i-prat and just jailbreak it.

Although slightly off topic I see the WM7 wont allow Sense etc, will HTC still be on their hobby horse. (from what I have read elsewhere it was people messing with sense that p1$$ed them off).
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Can some one Post the E-Mail Address /Contact to take my part (and hopefully others) in this ridicules process?

I want to tell them how stupid that is...

Maybe I should switch over to IPhone... if you can't customize it at least works better out of the box!

hackers, htc, legal action, rom
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