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[Live Wallpaper] Droid X Live Wallpaper - The eye is watching

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Originally Posted by ccunningham83 View Post
Try this

adb remount

adb pull /system/app/LiveWallpapers.apk LiveWallpapers.apk
That will pull your old Live wallpapers. Put those where you can find them later and put the new LiveWallpaper.apk in your <sdk>/tools folder (because you can't have two files with the same name in the same directory).

Then proceed as directed in the first post.
I'm a total newbie, so I haven't rooted yet. I don't think I'm considered a "power user" yet, so I didn't want to accidentally brick my phone. I came over from blackberry, so I'm still getting used to this new system. Soon enough I'll be getting my hands dirty with this rooting business.

Anyways, I don't have the ability to pull the original Live Wallpapers... would it be possible for someone else to pull theirs, and post the APK online for me? I've been using "AppInstaller" to implement all of the APK's I've downloaded. Just been playing around with the Galaxy S LWPs. If it's a hassle, don't worry about it. I'll figure root soon enough.

Thanks for the quick reply, by the way!!
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Can someone upload a version thats not .apk so i can download it on my phone, im at work
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Default standalone version

Credit to ccunningham83 for posting this.

Standalone version

This is what I did:
changed the package and app name,
removed LWPs that install by default,

1)removed unnecessary images too, file size now 1.1MB
2)added Blue, Cyan, Green and Golden eyes!
3)added a blue eye version with alternate background.
4) 7/15/10, added grey version by request.
5) 8/30/10, by request added a red version with black background. No smoke.
6) 9/15/2010, by request added a new red version with the smoked grey background
7) 1/20/2011, green eye with colored smoke


To uninstall:
adb uninstall com.android.wallpaperx
APK attached, install as normal.
MediaFire Links:
[blue] [cyan] [gold] [green] [red] [blue-alternate bg]
[green-colored smoke bg]

Here is a video by myghtymouse19 showing all versions on an EVO:
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I had issues trying to remount so copied the file to the root of SD then used Root Explorer to copy and paste as R/W into /system/apps/ then click on the the apk and install it... then youll have it. Also even though you overwrite the default wallpapers, this file is the default wallpapers file with one file added the droid x eye lwp, thats all... so your not loosing anything.
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Brilliant work guys, especially britoso.

Just adding that this also works fine on the Desire. I just used Astro to install britoso's .apk and it worked fine. It even kept all my current Live Wallpapers and just added DROID X to them.

Hope no-one minds but I made a post in the Desire forum pointing to this thread to share the love!

Thanks again,
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Well it got 4 views, but now link to the attachment is broken....any particular reason, Britoso?
EDIT: Nevermind, back up. Thanks
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Originally Posted by dumfuq View Post
That is correct. Or you cold use the escape sequence instead of quotes.
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many thanks to you, britoso! the file worked beautifully
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I was able to push the apk just fine to my N1. I'm now running Samsung Galaxy S, N1, and this Droid LWP.
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Originally Posted by britoso View Post
standalone version
ccunningham83 please link to the op if you want.
Here is the OP I found it at, I will change my OP.

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