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[WIP] [7/7] Higher framerate on Novatek panels | Kernel inside | Now for Froyo!

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Default [WIP] [7/7] Higher framerate on Novatek panels | Kernel inside | Now for Froyo!


Thanks to toastcfh, maejrep, AssassinsLament, Estimated Prophet, Cicatrize, joeykrim, geyes30, kpkimmel and all the others from the kernel & display cap threads who have been working tirelessly, and continue to do so. This isn't over until we can find the real cap! But I think this avenue has progressed enough for it to have its own thread, if only to give hope, since we now know both Epson and Novatek panels physically can do it!

What Doesn't Work
  • Nothing. Now based on the official kernel with everything working.

About This Kernel
  • This is just a dirty hack. We haven't yet figured out where the real cap in framerate is coming from. But until we do, this is the best we have. At least it shows the display itself can handle a higher framerate and isn't physically incapable like HTC would have us believe.
  • Novatek panels can now get up to 46fps pretty reliably. Run fps2d a few times.
  • Stdev depends on system activity. If you're going to be judging stdev, DON'T measure it immediately after booting, set your CPU throttle mode to "performance", be sure to run fps2d several times, then average those stdev numbers in your head.
  • The changes are now immediately applied upon boot. There is no need to cycle your display anymore.
  • This kernel has support for overclocking/underclocking, up to 1.119 MHz. Also includes my own undervolting and overvolting for higher speeds to increase stability.
  • You can get dramatically tighter stdev numbers by setting your CPU governor to "performance" in SetCPU. It seems scaling really messes with the framerate. Obviously this will drain your battery faster, as your CPU will constantly be running at full speed. Set it back to "ondemand" if you don't need it.
  • Some people are reporting their touchscreen grounding issues have been cured.
  • Support to change the T2 value on the fly [thanks to maejrep]
  • Support for 5 simultaneous touch points! Use Dotty (in the Market) to see it in action. It'd be cool if someone would make a simple app to demonstrate what can be done with more than the mere 2 points we are used to. People have suggested new lock types, security locks, ways to rotate things, etc. [thanks to maejrep]
  • Some hardware fails to accept 5 points, so a fail-safe has been added to default back to 2 points for some EVOs
  • AssassinsLament has created an awesome app to provide an easy way for people to change their T2 timing. Check out his app here: [thanks to AssassinsLament]
  • Changes to display timings are now sticky until rebooted (w/ the above app, or set manually)

What's New
  • v5.1.1: Using the official kernel. We've lost some fps, but we've gained camera, video, 4G, etc. 46fps is now average.
  • v5.1.1: Expanded user-modifiable timing settings. Change at your own risk.
  • v5.1.1: Audio patched [thanks Geniusdog254 and KERKEDAGAIN]


Do a nandroid backup, and flash this over pretty much any ROM. If you have problems, you can just flash a stock boot.img again. There should never be any need to wipe anything.

IMPORTANT: This will only work with the stock bcm4329.ko! Using the newer files and flashing this kernel will result in wifi being unable to start, and vice versa. To correct this, you'll need to flash over the correct wifi files.

Changing Timing Settings

You can use the following commands from adb shell to temporarily change timing on the fly. Do it while your screen is on.

Set: echo NUMBER > /sys/devices/platform/mddi_c_b9f6_5582.1/PARAMETER
Check: cat /sys/devices/platform/mddi_c_b9f6_5582.1/PARAMETER


t2 - 245 to 1023 [Default Eclair: 437, Froyo: 432]
t3 - 0 to 7 [Default Eclair: 1, Froyo: 0]
fte - 0 to 879 [Default Eclair: 35, Froyo: 60] (Frame Tearing Effect, change this if you have tearing problems)

Flashable ZIP - Undervolted kernel v5.1.1 for use with 2.1 (Eclair) ROMs
Flashable ZIP - Normal-volted kernel v5.1.1 for use with 2.1 (Eclair) ROMs

Flashable ZIP - Undervolted kernel v5.1.1 for use with 2.2 (Froyo) ROMs
Flashable ZIP - Normal-volted kernel v5.1.1 for use with 2.2 (Froyo) ROMs
Note: Certain things like the camera still don't work, since our Froyo ROMs aren't official.

Flashable ZIP - WiFi-N + 4G for all custom kernels based on toastcfh's GoDmOdE kernel (compatible with v5.2+)

Flashable ZIP - WiFi-N + 4G for stock/custom kernels (compatible with v5.1 and below)

Flashable ZIP - WiFi-N + 4G for the OTA kernel (NOT compatible with the kernel in this post)

*** REMEMBER! No one here is responsible if you damage your phone! ***

See the Evo, Droid X and Nexus One benchmarked together here:

Want NenaMark1? It usually doesn't show in the Market, so get it here:

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Awesome, just flashed and it is soo smooth, thank you devs.
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This works great for me.
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Not really related to this but my phone locks up when I change the cpu frequency with setcpu. EDIT: (How do I overvolt the phone?)
Oh and yes I do get 50hz.
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Is there 2.2 support or no
jigglywiggly Old
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Originally Posted by ttieder View Post
Is there 2.2 support or no
Nope I wish there was. Droid X skin + 50hz would be very cool.
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Originally Posted by ttieder View Post
Is there 2.2 support or no
Second this question..I'm loving the EvolutionX froyo rom and would be sweet to get this baby on board with froyo.
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Does this work for Epson panels too?
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This works great. Touchscreen SEEMS a bit more responsive in in multitouch vis test. Grounding issue is nowhere near as bad, but still there. If you pull the same trick that everyone is doing to test grounding problem, you won't notice it at first, and very rarely will it stop sensing you finger all together, but it definitely does cut out for an instant every now and then, and I had it drop visibility where it normally does a few times for a split second.
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Epic delete

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