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(Rom)Ava-Froyo Z3 Overhaul. New look,Performance,Battery

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By Avalaunchmods, Retired Recognized Developer on 8th July 2010, 10:48 AM
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================================================== ================================================== ================================================== ======================
Ginger-AleV1 Beta (AKA Ava-FroyoZ4) Public Beta download is located here Ginger-AveV1
================================================== ================================================== ================================================== ======================


Im proud to release,The first, 100% fully functional 2.2 Sense for the HTC Evo.


Welcome to Ava-Froyo Z3. I will have uploaded this screencast from shootme. It is in NO WAY an indication of the performance you will receive with this rom it is only to show you the visuals of this rom.

Whats this rom look like?

Please view This Thread To fix Downloads that wont play in music apps (i.e. Rhapsody, Mog, Thumbplay) and to get faster 3G speeds

Extras in post #3

Please read everything mainly the read-me if you would like hulu

For beginners- Please go to the sticky threads and read how to ROOT your Evo and Flash a RECOVERY to your phone. If you download rom manager from the market you can easily install clockworkmod recovery but you must be ROOTED

What does this rom have?
V3 changes-
-Added a moderate theme to enhance aesthetics.
-Custom icons (originals by esk0droid)
-Custom lockscreen
-Gingerbread animations (subtle changes)
-Jit table raised from 16 mb to 32 mb >MASSIVE performance boost
-pre-set autokiller with month tested memory settings for the absolute best performance/battery life combo
-added caulkins mms fix (Must flash zip from SDCARD if you want this applied)
-enhanced frameworks by commenting out all gsm parts
-removed any service that shouldnt be running
-Automatic autostart killer on pointless things
-faster 3G! and even faster if you apply the HTTP fix listed later.
-Possible fix for wifi distance strength
-updated apps
-removed gvoice
-fixed dsp manager cpu peg
-Other bug fixes

-Removed some more sprint apps (All apps folder is on your SDCARD)
-Fixed adobe and Bluetooth exit FC's
-Reworked my own data throttle fix
-Added a new clock (thanks Stoney 666)
-Included the most useful system options in taskbar
-Frameworks tweaked even more
-Faster Video encoding for 720p video shooting (works best with modified kernel)
-added home clear app to easily change from sense to 2.3 launcher
-more blue!
-Better battery life
-Fixed audio flinger cpu peg which secretly haunted Z1
-adding more options to third page
-Stock EQ for the richest audio
-DSP Manager for changing the Sound even more
-A completely reworked Rosie (UI) for the fastest and easiest use of your device
-Power controls with custom color lights* in the taskbar (Special thanks to JSchisurf)
-4 in 1 reboot menu
-Working wifi tether
-Tweaks for radio options
-Speed tweaks to 3G and 4G assuring the best speeds possible
-Voice quality improvements including higher bitrate
-HD wallpapers+icons
-Smooth Blue theme with a touch of green
-Newest OTA
-.5 millisecond animation transitions
-Newest Market
-Smoother video recording and playback
-Full Hulu experience
-Flac audio support
-Gingerbread launcher with links to correct phone applications.
-Themed stock widgets to support the roms feel
-Pre-set Applications including Auto-Killer and Spare parts
-Modified system for Hulu (meaning you can update flashplayer in market and keep using hulu)
-Completely new frameworks
-Gingerbread Keyboard
-Special thanks to aamikam for the small size base and removing languages
-Much more


-HULU will have low voices stock, To ensure the best audio for all file types.
-If you would like to Use HULU just Flash the zip file that is on your sdcard after you flash the rom
-Removed applications will be in a folder called All Apps on your sd-card
-If you would like to use the gingerbread launch just go to settings/application/manage/ and clear defaults for HTC Sense
-You must have the two newest radios (Radio- and wimax-27167_R01) to use this rom.
-i will be adding more themes and a stock option to the third page soon

Before you scroll down please be sure you have the two newest radios flashed!

Ava-FroyoZ3 is has many many enhancements so i must insist that you do a full wipe, of course this is not a pre-requisite but it will provide the best most error free use of my rom.

Ava-FroyoZ3 <<<i think we melted mediafires servers

Mirrors Thanks to dadoc

No more SBC for Netarchy's 4.3.1. I find this kernel to be the most reliable and performance increasing. It is in beta but still is the most reliable.

Overclocking Kernel

If for you would like apps2sd please ENSURE YOU HAVE AN EXT PARTITION If you do not then it WILL CORRUPT YOUR SD CARD. just flash the attached file and you will enable apps2sd (Thanks darktremor)

Enable Apps2SD

Lastly, i can not be blamed for bricking or anything that may happen. follow my instructions and you should be set.

Special thanks to Sprint, Google, and HTC for the amazing work they did. Super special thanks to Sprint for finally listening to customers and proving they ARE the best network

HTC please dont sue me

I will be adding multiple themes to post #3 Please give me time to get them all ready.
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Name:	snap20110121_043912.jpg
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Name:	snap20110121_043921.jpg
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ID:	495705  
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8th July 2010, 10:55 AM |#2  
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this is amazing.
Last edited by mrchu001; 8th July 2010 at 10:57 AM.
8th July 2010, 10:57 AM |#3  
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For all of these add-ons i post here, they are as simple as flashing via any recovery and rebooting the rom.

I use the simplest scripts and the full files to cut down on errors and allow universal use by all users on all roms.

================================================== ==========
HTC Sense Modifications
================================================== ==========

Stock Rosie and Colors

This will revert Ava-FroyoZ3 back into the stock look. You will keep all the benefits of the rom. This is only a Visual Modification

Stock HTC Sense

Ava-Rosie with 4 Apps in All-Apps Grid

This will keep the full theme and look of the rom, It will only change how many applications are in the all-apps row. This is only a Visual Modification.

4 App Rosie With Theme

Ava-Rosie with 3Apps in All-Apps Grid

This will change the apps in a row to 3 instead of 4 or 5. This is only a Visual Modification.

4 App Rosie with Theme

Transparent App Drawer

This will make the app drawer fully Transparent. This is only a Visual Modification

================================================== ==========
Full Framework Modifications
================================================== ==========

Battery Icon With Percentage

This will add numbers (i.e. 1,2,3,4) to the battery icon of Z3 for ease of use. This is a Visual Modification only.

Battery Stat with Percentage

Gingerbread Status Bar

This will modify your status bar to have the icons from Gingerbread 2.3. I will be adding a much more comprehensive theme of this soon.This is a Visual Modification only.


Z2 Theme

This will modify the status bar, and many more visual effects to make the rom look like the theme from Ava-FroyoZ3

Z2 theme for Z3

================================================== ==========

This is just the beginning. i will be adding user created themes and my own creations to give anyone and everyone the best possible experience. I will also be adding snapshots of each very soon.


This is just the beginning. Please share your ideas and i will continue to add anything i can to improve the rom!
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8th July 2010, 11:01 AM |#4  
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Am I just overlooking. The dl link or is it not up yet
8th July 2010, 11:01 AM |#5  
Avalaunchmods's Avatar
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Originally Posted by bcnice20

Am I just overlooking. The dl link or is it not up yet

oops that would help..
8th July 2010, 11:02 AM |#6  
EtherealRemnant's Avatar
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Omg! Link!?!?!

I hope ffolkes kernel works. I like my uncapped Epson screen. Tearing and all.
8th July 2010, 11:02 AM |#7  
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Originally Posted by Avalaunchmods

i forgot the reserved for later. so this is mine. thanks o..m..g.. man!

haha sorry about that!
but amazing job on the port!!
i can't wait to try it out
8th July 2010, 11:02 AM |#8  
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Red face Omg! Your the best..... Thank you
I..I...I...simply don't know what to say, I am in shock, Thank you!!!
8th July 2010, 11:27 AM |#9  
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So is this a leak or did the original developer just add sense to 2.2?
8th July 2010, 11:28 AM |#10  
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I love you.
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