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[ROM] (31-DEC) FroYo 2.2 - CM6.2.0 Extremely Blue, BlackMod, Red, Purple, Vanilla

OP jaybob413

21st July 2010, 05:26 PM   |  #1  
OP Recognized Developer
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This ROM is built from source using the CyanogenMod repo for CM6, Darchstar and Decad3nce repos for the 2.6.29 Kernel, Jeagoss repo for the Extremely Blue theme overlay, Gomorrah BlackMod for the Black design, and Cuttalott Red Glass for the RedGlass theme (also base of PurpleGlass theme. All credit to the original developers and the scores of others that have supported their efforts to get us where we are today.

It was built to provide a Themed 2.2 FroYo ROM, without the issues associated with applying themes to an existing ROM. The Extremely Blue theme overlay was applied and integrated into this ROM at build time. In the thought that this may be of interest to others, I am posting this with no promise of support due to my current workload.

Again, ALL CREDIT TO CYANOGEN, DARCHSTAR, DECAD3NCE, JEAGOSS, GOMORRAH, CUTTALOTT and the rest of the community. I just built this from the Github sources and existing themes with some minor configuration tweaks.

NOV 09 UPDATE - Added initial test build of Purple Glass themed framework. This is black with Purple accents that was based on the Motorola Droid Red Glass them by Cuttalott.

OCT 12 UPDATE - Added initial test build of Red Glass themed framework. This is black with Red accents that was ported from the Motorola Droid Red Glass them by Cuttalott.

SEP 27 UPDATE - Added Extremely Red (RedMod) Version by request. Ported from Extremely Blue theme. (RETIRED)

SEP 22 UPDATE - Added BlackMod Version Integrating Gomorrah's BlackMod Theme at build time. Thanks to Gomorrah for creating the theme and allowing it to be integrated into an overlay.

MediaFire Custom URL Shared Folder with all current versions, gapps, etc. (ONE STOP DOWNLOADING SITE)


ROM V33 31-DEC
Synced with CyanogenMod github on December 31st to CM 6.2.0 RC1 source. This should work with no wipe over previous versions. Flash GAPPS after the ROM if you use them. The Vanilla build is very close to the Nightly build for the corresponding date. Only a few differences between the two. Extremely Blue has all the themed interface for Android and native Android apps. BlackMod has Gomorrah's framework mods integrated, and RedGlass and PurpleGlass continues the porting from Cuttalott's theme.

This release includes any committed improvements and bug fixes since 17 December. It includes both the 2D Gallery and Gallery3D. The 2D Gallery has cherry-picked an update that adds review intents, so either Gallery or Gallery 3D can be selected to open from the Camera thumbnail.

Kernel now based on 22-December commits from Decad3nce's kernel github. Check his htc-kernel-heroc github for more details.

ROM also includes updated akmd/compass to reduce excessive CPU consumption resulting in battery drain, freezing, etc.

Colored icons added to settings menu for Black, Red, and Purple. If you want colored settings in Vanilla, replace Settings.apk with the one from Black. Conversely, if you want black/gray icons in Black, replace Settings.apk with the one from Vanilla.

Included are links to COLOR and NOCOLOR Settings.apk for those who prefer the opposite of the default for the ROM. Just download the preferred file, rename to Settings.apk and replace the existing file in /system/app.

Other changes include Rotary Lockscreen; Gingerbread Keyboard (courtesy of Hotaru); modified Notifications layout; and Decad3nce's 06tweaks file kanged from his mau5 thread (Thanks Deca!!).

Check CMSRC Twitter or CyanogenMod Code Review for CM6 Changes since previous version.

Extremely Blue CM6 Build - EXTBLUE_31DEC.zip
BlackMod CM6 Build - BLACKMOD_31DEC.zip
Vanilla CM6 Build - VANILLA_31DEC.zip
Red Glass CM6 Build - REDGLASS_31DEC.zip
Purple Glass CM6 Build - PURPLEGLASS_31DEC.zip


933536b2c4fc8a8be8b43e4a580334fc - EXTBLUE_31DEC.zip
5b892976206175ba1fb66851412da277 - BLACKMOD_31DEC.zip
294373c85a4044801c4c83df7ea37fe7 - VANILLA_31DEC.zip
f8b604750bb5a7f8189e3049e0cfb681 - REDGLASS_31DEC.zip
1e33ccb7346224a460a16ef0dcf521ba - PURPLEGLASS_31DEC.zip


STATUS BAR COLORS (Clock, Date, Notifications, ...)
You will need to change the colors for the status bar and notifications to colors of your choosing for greater visibility. You can use "Settings > CyanogenMod settings > User interface" to change them individually, or select the appropriate theme from "Settings > CyanogenMod settings > User interface > Tweaks extras > Select a theme".

GAPPS (Google Apps) - Updated to 18DEC version
This needs to be flashed after the ROM to get the Google Apps (Market, Gmail, Maps, GenieWidget, VoiceSearch, YouTube, ...). I have mirrored the full version here due to intermittent issues with other locations. Apologies for the problems with the 12/13 version. This is REALLY a full version.

(UPDATE) 18DEC Full Version - gapps-mdpi-20101218-signed.zip


ROM V32 17-DEC
Extremely Blue CM6 Build - EXTBLUE_17DEC.zip
BlackMod CM6 Build - BLACKMOD_17DEC.zip
Vanilla CM6 Build - VANILLA_17DEC.zip
Red Glass CM6 Build - REDGLASS_17DEC.zip
Purple Glass CM6 Build - PURPLEGLASS_17DEC.zip

ROM V31 08-DEC - 6.1.0 Stable
Extremely Blue CM6 Build - EXTBLUE_6.1.0_Stable.zip
BlackMod CM6 Build - BLACKMOD_6.1.0_Stable.zip
Vanilla CM6 Build - VANILLA_6.1.0_Stable.zip
Red Glass CM6 Build - REDGLASS_6.1.0_Stable.zip
Purple Glass CM6 Build - PURPLEGLASS_6.1.0_Stable.zip
Attached Thumbnails
Click image for larger version

Name:	lockscreen-2.jpg
Views:	23706
Size:	18.2 KB
ID:	365083   Click image for larger version

Name:	bottombar.jpg
Views:	21637
Size:	24.0 KB
ID:	365084   Click image for larger version

Name:	home 2.jpg
Views:	23282
Size:	29.3 KB
ID:	365090   Click image for larger version

Name:	phone.png
Views:	20519
Size:	40.6 KB
ID:	365091   Click image for larger version

Name:	notifications.png
Views:	18798
Size:	33.8 KB
ID:	365094   Click image for larger version

Name:	RED-LOCK.png
Views:	9600
Size:	68.7 KB
ID:	422433   Click image for larger version

Name:	RED-Notification.png
Views:	9587
Size:	48.6 KB
ID:	422434   Click image for larger version

Name:	RED-Phone.png
Views:	9136
Size:	42.4 KB
ID:	422435  
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21st July 2010, 05:27 PM   |  #2  
OP Recognized Developer
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ROM V30 05-DEC
Extremely Blue CM6 Build - EXTBLUE_05DEC.zip
BlackMod CM6 Build - BLACKMOD_05DEC.zip
Vanilla CM6 Build - VANILLA_05DEC.zip
Red Glass CM6 Build - REDGLASS_05DEC.zip
Purple Glass CM6 Build - PURPLEGLASS_05DEC.zip

ROM V29 28-NOV
Extremely Blue CM6 Build - EXTBLUE_28NOV.zip
BlackMod CM6 Build - BLACKMOD_28NOV.zip
Vanilla CM6 Build - VANILLA_28NOV.zip
Red Glass CM6 Build - REDGLASS_28NOV.zip
Purple Glass CM6 Build - PURPLEGLASS_28NOV.zip

ROM V28 21-NOV
Extremely Blue CM6 Build - EXTBLUE_21NOV.zip
BlackMod CM6 Build - BLACKMOD_21NOV.zip
Vanilla CM6 Build - VANILLA_21NOV.zip
Red Glass CM6 Build - REDGLASS_21NOV.zip
Purple Glass CM6 Build - PURPLEGLASS_21NOV.zip

ROM V27 16-NOV
Extremely Blue CM6 Build - EXTBLUE_16NOV.zip
BlackMod CM6 Build - BLACKMOD_16NOV.zip
Vanilla CM6 Build - VANILLA_16NOV.zip
Red Glass CM6 Build - REDGLASS_16NOV.zip
Purple Glass CM6 Build - PURPLEGLASS_16NOV.zip

ROM V26 09-NOV
Extremely Blue CM6 Build - EXTBLUE_09NOV.zip
BlackMod CM6 Build - BLACKMOD_09NOV.zip
Vanilla CM6 Build - VANILLA_09NOV.zip
Red Glass CM6 Build - REDGLASS_09NOV.zip
Purple Glass CM6 Build - PURPLEGLASS_09NOV.zip

ROM V25 02-NOV
Extremely Blue CM6 Build - EXTBLUE_02NOV.zip
BlackMod CM6 Build - BLACKMOD_02NOV.zip
Vanilla CM6 Build - VANILLA_02NOV.zip
Red Glass CM6 Build - REDGLASS_02NOV.zip

ROM V24 25-OCT
Extremely Blue CM6 Build - EXTBLUE_25OCT.zip
BlackMod CM6 Build - BLACKMOD_25OCT.zip
Vanilla CM6 Build - VANILLA_25OCT.zip
Red Glass CM6 Build - REDGLASS_25OCT.zip

ROM V23 19-OCT
Extremely Blue CM6 Build - EXTBLUE_19OCT.zip
BlackMod CM6 Build - BLACKMOD_019OCT.zip
Vanilla CM6 Build - VANILLA_19OCT.zip
Red Glass CM6 Build - REDGLASS_19OCT.zip

ROM V22 12-OCT
Extremely Blue CM6 Build - EXTBLUE_12OCT.zip
Extremely Red CM6 Build - REDMOD_12OCT.zip
BlackMod CM6 Build - BLACKMOD_012OCT.zip
Vanilla CM6 Build - VANILLA_12OCT.zip
Red Glass CM6 Build - REDGLASS_12OCT.zip

ROM V21 04-OCT
Extremely Blue CM6 Build - EXTBLUE_04OCT.zip
Extremely Red CM6 Build - REDMODE_04OCT.zip
BlackMod CM6 Build - BLACKMOD_04OCT.zip
Vanilla CM6 Build - VANILLA_04OCT.zip

ROM V20 27-SEP
Extremely Blue CM6 Build - EXTBLUE_27SEP.zip
Extremely Red CM6 Build - REDMODE_27SEP.zip
BlackMod CM6 Build - BLACKMOD_27SEP.zip
Vanilla CM6 Build - VANILLA_27SEP.zip

Extremely Blue CM6 Build - EXTBLUE_22SEP.zip
BlackMod CM6 Build - BLACKMOD_22SEP.zip
Vanilla CM6 REBUILD 3 - 24SEP - VANILLA_24SEP.zip

ROM V18 16-SEP
Modified Camera, 2D Gallery, Gallery3D, VoiceDialer
Extremely Blue CM6 Build - EXTBLUE_16SEP.zip
Vanilla CM6 Build - VANILLA_16SEP.zip

ROM V17 09-SEP
Check CMSRC Twitter for CM6 Changes since previous version.
Extremely Blue CM6 Build - EXTBLUE_09SEP.zip
Sendspace Mirror - EXTBLUE_09SEP.zip
Vanilla CM6 Build - VANILLA_09SEP.zip
Sendspace Mirror - VANILLA_09SEP.zip

ROM V16 04-SEP
Replaced Gallery3D with 2D Gallery, and modified Camera for 2D Gallery.
Extremely Blue CM6 Build - EXTBLUE_04SEP.zip
Sendspace Mirror - EXTBLUE_04SEP.zip
Vanilla CM6 Build - VANILLA_04SEP.zip
Sendspace Mirror - VANILLA_04SEP.zip

ROM V15 29-AUG
Post CM6 Release Sources used to build.
Extremely Blue CM6 Build - EXTBLUE_29AUG.zip
Vanilla CM6 Build - VANILLA_29AUG.zip

ROM V14 26-AUG
Updated to ADWLauncher 1.1.4. Updated to v2 to fix Wi-Fi problem.
Extremely Blue CM6 Build - EXTBLUE_26AUG_v2.zip
Vanilla CM6 Build - VANILLA_26AUG_v2.zip

ROM V13 22-AUG
Updated to ADWLauncher 1.1.1; Camera: Implement touch-to-focus.
Extremely Blue CM6 Build - EXTBLUE_22AUG.zip
Vanilla CM6 Build - VANILLA_22AUG.zip

ROM V12 21-AUG
Compcache is restored with this version.
Extremely Blue CM6 Build - EXTBLUE_21AUG_RC1.zip
Vanilla CM6 Build - VANILLA_21AUG_RC1.zip

ROM V11 18-AUG
Some significant improvements for Exchange users (i.e. - Don't sync all folders by default).
Extremely Blue CM6 Build - EXTBLUE_18AUG_RC1.zip
Vanilla CM6 Build - VANILLA_18AUG_RC1.zip

ROM V10 13-AUG
Camera / Video is working (Thanks Cyanogen & Darchstar)
Changes from V9 to V10 - Changelog-V10.txt
Extremely Blue CM6 Build - EXTBLUE_13AUG.zip
Vanilla CM6 Build - VANILLA_13AUG.zip

Synced with CyanogenMod github on August 07. This should work with no wipe over previous versions. Flash GAPPS after the ROM if you use them.
Primarily updates for DSP Manager. Others as noted in Changelog.
Changes from V8 to V9 - Changelog-V9.txt
Extremely Blue CM6 Build - EXTBLUE_07AUG.zip
Vanilla CM6 Build - VANILLA_07AUG.zip

Synced with CyanogenMod github on August 06. This should work with no wipe over previous versions.
Updates to Settings/Power Control Widget, CMParts, new Boot Animation. Others as noted in Changelog.
Changes from V7 to V8 - Changelog-V8.txt
Extremely Blue CM6 Build - EXTBLUE_06AUG.zip
Vanilla CM6 Build - VANILLA_06AUG.zip

Synced with CyanogenMod github on August 01. This should work with no wipe over previous versions.
Fixed MMS issues (hopefully). Adds DSP Settings to CyanogenMod settings. Email Provisioning Update - may trigger security update request. ADWLauncher updates. Others as noted in Changelog.
Changes from V6 to V7 - Changelog-V7.txt
Extremely Blue CM6 Build - EXTBLUE_01AUG.zip
Vanilla CM6 Build - VANILLA_01AUG.zip

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22nd July 2010, 06:28 AM   |  #3  
Senior Member
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testing this out. looks good.
22nd July 2010, 03:02 PM   |  #4  
Senior Member
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Great ROM
Great ROM only thing I noticed is that the Market goes slower than the other 2.2 but I dont mind it I like the color theming you used nice work and thanks.
22nd July 2010, 07:47 PM   |  #5  
Junior Member
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Still have GPS issues?
22nd July 2010, 11:53 PM   |  #6  
OP Recognized Developer
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Originally Posted by rynet91

Still have GPS issues?

I am not having any issues, but GPS has worked pretty well for me on all of the FroYo ROMs. YMMV.
23rd July 2010, 01:12 AM   |  #7  
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what is that gapps?
23rd July 2010, 01:28 AM   |  #8  
Senior Member
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Originally Posted by alioto1

what is that gapps?

google apps.

been using the rom. love it. fast, looks good and is so much better than 2.1. only gotten one force close as well.
23rd July 2010, 01:36 AM   |  #9  
feefeeboomboom's Avatar
Senior Member
Flag Fargo
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please keep this updated
this is nice.

i really hope you keep it up to date. well worth it if you ask me.
23rd July 2010, 03:10 AM   |  #10  
danaff37's Avatar
Senior Member
Flag Saint Petersburg, FL
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Where did ya get the kernel from? this 7/22 build actually boots for me, where as darch's 7/22 won't.

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