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[CLOSED THREAD] ۵.AuraxTSense v7.6.1 HTC 2.2

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By NeoPhyTe.x360, Retired Recognized Developer on 2nd August 2010, 10:24 AM
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If you put this ROM in another page, put the link above too:

.AuraxTSense v7.6.1
Sense-FroYo 2.2 Official OTA
( FRF91 Fast l SYSRW l 720p| Stable | AP2SD+ | MULTILANGUAGE | Undervolt )

if rom seems slow maybe you don't have an ext partition!
after first reboot u have to have 137~ Free MB in Mobile Memory
Rom Spends 5-7min to be Stable

-Latest Radio
-Partition ext2, 3 or 4 wiped (for APP2SD)
For a best running of rom should do a Wipe Factory Reset and wipe at ext partition

  • Based on 2.10.405.2 OTA Official Sense FroYo 2.2 (FRF91)
  • Market Fixed
  • INTERACTIVE& powersave Cpu Frequency Available.
  • Theme modded by me
  • dalvik-cache2sd
  • Undervolted Kernel Original of FroYo 2.12
  • 720p/h264 Camera
  • APP2SD (require partition ext) thanks to AdamG
  • Working HSDPA Icon
  • Wake up From Trackpad & power
  • Desk Clock
  • CIFS
  • Adobe Flash
  • CFQ module
  • Open vpn
  • Supports ext4
  • Very fast, Clean & stable
  • Optimizations RAM and active sysctl.conf
  • Battery Percentage modded by me FLASHEABLE ON post #3 (thanks to judison original icons)
  • Car Panel
  • Nexus One Photogallery
  • List Host block y apn massive
  • Superuser Permissions 2.3.1 by ChainsDD
  • busybox with Droid Explorer support
  • Brut Google Maps 4.4.0
  • Moddded Bootscreen to Nexus
  • Added Launcher2 original FroYo
  • Added, Quickoffice, spare parts
  • Deleted Teeter, Stock, Plurk & others.
  • Disabled booting sound HTC
  • WiFi N nextsense & 7.5.2 (Optional Download:
  • WiFi N 7.4
  • Zipaligned
  • Deodexed.
  • Launcher2
  • ADW Launcher
  • HTC_IME mod
  • Included Languages: English, Chinese, Arabic (not totally), Czech, German, Espanol, French, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Russian, Norwegian, Japanese, Korean, Greek, Swedish, Danish, Portuguese, Finnish.



-Enter to recovery, do a Wipe Factory reset, Wipe Cache, Wipe Dalvik, format/wipe partition Ext2, 3 or 4.
-Flash my ROM (If you have already last Radio you only have to install the rom Without Radio, and if not, install With Radio or separately).
-Flash new radio
-Run rom (First time takes some time to run)

ChangeLog AuraxTSense:
  • Undervolting 998mhz-1000mV.....245-1000mV (thanks to iscaela) modded by me
  • Zipaligned
  • Updated Wpa_Suplicant
  • Changed Facebook (thanks to MasDroid)
  • Disabled all sounds Camera
  • Revised GPS
  • Revised Wifi Hotspot
  • Improve sysctl value
  • Modded media profiles for recording 720p.
  • Reboot option added to power menu (thanks to snq-)
  • new base 2.10.406.2 ,camera, 720p decoding librarys, etc -> 2.12
  • faster kernel
  • Overlay System Write (thanks to FloHimself)
  • Improve Battery (must try a little more)
  • Added Droid multitouch keyboard
  • Deleted Diopen IME
  • Wifi Powersave & sleep powersave (with a little help of FloHimself, thanks)
  • Added OpenVPN with iptables
  • Zipaligned
  • Added DSP Manager
  • Disabled Camera shot sound
  • Added Quickoffice PRO
  • Tweak RAM.
  • Added ROMs to Rom Manager Download.
  • semibased on 2.12.911.1 (camera, 720p decoding librarys, etc) and rest 2.09
  • new kernel
  • Updated Rom Manager
  • Improve Battery
  • Fixed HTC IME mod
  • Updated Busybox
  • Added DioPen IME
  • Zipaligned
  • Fixed some things on theme.
  • Modded media profiles for recording 720p.
  • Transparency HTC_IME
  • Updated ext4 & jbd2 modules (thanks to FloHimself)
  • Added Stk
  • Fixed problem with A2SD (and if you dont have partitions you can install apps) (I have seen thanks for ownhere, thanks)
  • back to 2.09.405.8
  • Back to faster kernel
  • Completely Modded Theme, Widgets transparency's, and a lot of app icons by me.
  • Improve Battery (when screen's off goes to 245-245 and more options added by me) -Made by FloHimself thanks and modded by me.
  • Improve Performance & Speed
  • Updated Superuser Permissions 2.3.5 thanks chaninsdd
  • Fixed Quickoffice.
  • Deleted AdbWireless,Homeswitcher,ADWlauncher (Available on Market)
  • Mod Wallpapers.
  • Fixed Facebook.
  • Fixed Signal radio.
  • Now Wifi N Patch works
  • Updated all modules back to work with kernel.
  • Zipaligned
  • Fixed Reboot Script (should try)
  • Modded Bootanimation
  • Fixed Wireless Sleep.
  • Improved surfing by sysctl.conf
  • Semi based on
  • New Kernel
  • Modded Launcher
  • Modded HTC IME.
  • Modded Facebook.
  • Modded Google Search.
  • Modded Genie Widget
  • Modded Voice Search.
  • New Superuser Permissions v2.3.4 thanks chainsdd
  • Fixed APN
  • Modded ClockWidget
  • Modded Youtube.
  • Fixed Gallery3D, Quickoffice.
  • Improves battery & performance
  • Added ROM Manager.
  • Added 10 new wallpaper.
  • Updated all modules to work with new kernel.
  • Added Expresso launcher ( not original_trans)
  • Zipaligned
  • Deleted Secondary Contacts.apk (you can add it by adb)
  • Fixed Reboot Script
  • AutoZipaligner on first boot.
  • Fixed & Updated GoogleVoice 2.0.1 & Google Search
  • Updated Flash v10.1.92.8
  • Changed theme Incall icon
  • Added CarHome
  • New Superuser Permissions v2.3.2.1
  • Cyanogen APN List
  • Contacts-Dialer Vanilla & Sense (Now you can choose)
  • Fixed Ad-Hoc wireless connections.
  • Added Prioriting processes script.
  • Optimizing CIFS module and add nls_utf8.
  • Added ADB Wireless (Now you can use adb by wifi without cable)
  • Wifi N Disabled (wifi N optional download: ) for save more battery
  • Updated Gallery3D (thanks to shawe_ewahs)
  • Changed Quickoffice to Quickoffice pro (thanks to shawe_ewahs)
  • Added OpenVPN configurator
  • CPU Governor ondemand by default (interactive or powersave with SetCPU)
  • Scheduler improves
  • Battery & Performance improves. (solved battery issue?)
  • Other Tweaks.
  • Wifi N Fixed (should test)
  • Superuser 2.3.1 updated -thanks to ChainsDD
  • Added Home Switcher & ClearDefaultHome).
  • Added ADW Launcher. (TriLauncher, now you can choose Sense-Launcher2-ADW) (You can change to default with ClearDefaultHome, and HomeSwitcher to temporaly)
  • Added CPUfrec interactive & powersave (default interactive, powersave with SetCPU) Thanks to FloHimself
  • Update VoiceSearch, Googlesearch, Facebook.
  • Added Google Maps brute Stockified version, thanks to Squrl
  • Added CIFS. (you have to configure it: ..... .thanks to Myshkinbob)
  • Now Original Sense + Transparent Lockscreen, & NexTSense Default versions.
  • Tweak kernel & virtual memory values
  • Zipalign
  • Enable CFQ Scheduler.
  • Added 13 new Wallpapers
  • Removed FroYo default lockscreen, to enable in recovery:
    adb shell
    mount /system
    mv /system/app/HtcLockScreen.apk /system/app/HtcLockScreen.bak
    or delete /system/app/HtcLockScreen.apk from .zip (and or sign, or Disable Toggle Verification on recovery when install .zip modified)
  • Fixed lag in Rockplayer, and players.
  • Stable FPS.
  • Added Market Enabler.
  • Fixed HTC IME mod.
  • Improve Battery. (If you like to improve more battery you can install, and after this, reflash rom)
  • Improve Speed.
  • Updated Facebook.
  • Added Arab, Chinese, Korean, Japannese.
  • Added Lockscreen froyo default.
  • Revise APN List 4 sim/apn faults.
  • Added Alarm Clock
  • Deodexed.
  • Zipaligned.
  • Added Launcher2.
  • Try to fix APN & Settings.
  • Perflock Disabled for Underclock.
  • Google Maps Updated.
  • APN Massive List Updated.
  • Wifi HotSpot Fixed.
  • Gmail Updated.
  • Zipaligned.
  • Added bin bash.
  • Fixed ext4
  • CFQ module loaded
  • Fixed Openvpn - CIFS , etc
  • Tweaks Memory
  • Updated Spare Parts.
  • Added Samsung Galaxy S Live Wallpapers
  • Edit theme & Lockscreen.
  • HTC IME mod fixed?
  • Hour GTM Fixed Patch
  • Change Kernel to Stable Stock.
  • Some Tweak.
  • Good Records on 720p.
  • CPU Scaling Fix
  • Battery Percentage.
  • Added Car Panel.
  • Added Nexus One Photogallery
  • Wake UP From Trackball
  • Fixed Camera.
  • Fixed Settings.
  • Fixed Calendar
  • Fixed market
  • Fixed Youtube
  • Fixed Facebook sync (must be tried)
  • Support ext4
  • Changed boot animation
  • Changed lockscreen
  • Changed theme colours
  • Support VPN
  • Initial Release

Download (Thanks to c0urier & zexbig for hosting) recommend wipe:

[07/09]AuraxTSense 7.6.1 with Theme Aura NeoPhyTe without Radio:
[SWEDEN] AuraxTSense_7.6.1_Official_OTA_2.2_FRF91__new_NexT Sense
[USA] AuraxTSense_7.6.1_Official_OTA_2.2_FRF91__new_NexT Sense

Deleted APPS (Stock, Teeter, GDB):

__________________________________________________ ________________

[Mirror] Radio-

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ______

Special Thanks 4 donate to:
-justin joyce x2
-SimonCraddock x2
-Broquen x2
-jesus gonzalvo plano
-Daniel Miguel Muoz
-Luis Garrido Glvez
-Juan de Regoyos Sainz x2
-John Riis
-Juan Jurado Aza
-Marco Navone
-pricess of hell
-SC Mastering
-Carlos De Madrid Balbuena Serra
-Abenour Latrous
-Mariano Gomez Montejano
-Erol Haagenrud
-Juan Carlos Gonzalez Rodriguez
-Guenter Suess
-mark seijkens
-tito bianco
-Choong Yoke Choy
-Jrg Wartenberg
-Simon Forster
-Mikael Malmrup
-Frank Koeberlein
-Sam Warne
-Thomas Winkler
-ignacio rodriguez subirats
-Phuriphat Chantavarin
-juan rabanal chas
-Mark McAneny
-Antonio Jos Oliva Faura
-juan huelamo rodriguez
-Tassilo Frank
-JM Folgueira Fernandez
-Iker Rodriguez O.
-Fraser Gough
-JL Castrejon Rodriguez
-L Sousa
-Anthony Shaw
-Cornel Kaufmann
-Nicholas Bridge
-B. Zornoza V
-Martin Mueller

Thanks to:
-ieftm (openvpn, ext4 and moduling scripts =) )
-FloHimself (perflock disabling script & CFQ sched)

Donations greatfully recieved
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2nd August 2010, 10:27 AM |#2  
Senior Member
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Sounds fantastic! Works with rooted desires ?

Sent from my HTC Desire using XDA App
2nd August 2010, 10:28 AM |#3  
NeoPhyTe.x360's Avatar
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Battery percentage Circle 3D trans statusb ---> (flash after first boot)

Battery Percentage
Install: Flash rom, Reboot rom, Flash Battery Percentage. (if you don't do like this, rom won't boot)

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ______

Original Sense Theme works on 5.0

-Enter to recovery and Flash .zip



Transparant Lockscreenworks on 5.0: <--Mirror by Dontron, Thanks

NeoPhyTe ROM Lockscreen
PD: You can Install only if you have my default theme, not sense original.

__________________________________________________ ___________-

Circle Battery 3D by faddys123, thanks:
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2nd August 2010, 10:32 AM |#4  
Senior Member
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i presume this means work on your other sense rom will stop ??

can i update from that rom or is factory wipe needed ?? i already have the new radio installed
2nd August 2010, 10:34 AM |#5  
Senior Member
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Original sense Theme zip package provided too?

Sent from my HTC Desire using XDA App
2nd August 2010, 10:35 AM |#6  
Senior Member
Flag Rotterdam
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does this support ext2 / ext3 / ext4 ?

Nice work by the way.
2nd August 2010, 10:41 AM |#7  
Senior Member
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Thank you very much and Greetings to Spain!
2nd August 2010, 10:48 AM |#8  
NeoPhyTe.x360's Avatar
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Uploaded on first link.

supports ext2, ext3.

ext4 not tested
2nd August 2010, 10:49 AM |#9  
jastonas's Avatar
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When will we get the vanilla lockscreen on your wonderful roms???
2nd August 2010, 10:53 AM |#10  
Mr Brainz's Avatar
Flag London, UK
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Nice one. I will give this a crack in a bit.
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