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Default Discuss the Wiki

The purpose of this thread is to solicit discussion on Supersonic related wiki pages since everyone may not be comfortable updating the wiki directly or familiar with the wiki syntax. This will also serve as a sanity check for the people maintaining the wiki pages to ensure we are getting the right information out in the best possible format and organization.

You can view all Supersonic related wiki pages here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/wiki...HTC_Supersonic

A sticky redirect to the main Supersonic wiki page has been added to each forum.
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Default Custom Roms vs. Dev Roms

What do we see as the difference between Custom Roms (http://forum.xda-developers.com/wiki...Ms#Custom_ROMS) and Dev Roms (http://forum.xda-developers.com/wiki...OMs#Dev-ROMs)?

All Roms are pretty much under constant development. I think these two tables should be combined.
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Default Added CyanogenMod wiki page

Wiki page devoted to our favorite community based AOSP ROM


Missing a theme? Or other key information? Let us know.
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don't know if this thread is still active, but as I'm unfamiliar with editing wikis, but I'm full of ideas (and I have a big mouth), I thought I'd list some discussion items here. I'm working on the assumption that the wiki should be one of the, if not the, first place new users shouldbe looking to get information.

1 - remove the radios from the rom section, and give it it's own section on the main wiki page - it's too confusing for new users to locate this information under roms

2 - instead of just linking to roms, kernels, radios, etc. from the main page there should be a few sentances on what each is above the link to the new page - something simple defining each term, and some basic instructions on how to flash each (what should be wiped, what goes on top of what, etc).

3 - would also like to see some info on the main wiki page on nandroid (and the importance of nand backups), hboot, recovery info for both amon ra and clockwork, what wiping means and what it does, themes and themeing, and possibly even a section on popular apps and what they do, like setcpu (and what it means to over/underclock), various launchers (like rosie, adw, launcherpro, etc), and various benchmarking tools and what they measure.

I could probably think up a bunch more, but I'll see what kind of response this gets before posting more
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Bump from the dead. no new ideas, thoughts, or suggestions for the wiki?
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Originally Posted by toastcfh View Post
Bump from the dead. no new ideas, thoughts, or suggestions for the wiki?
What about an android development setup environment guide to Linux? Forgive me if I have not searched throughly for a good guide.
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Seems this may be dead but this is worth a try.

I would like to add a link to some RUU's provided by Football


This would be extremely helpful for those wanting to revert to stock for any reason.
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