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[APP] Profile Switch for Phone, Wifi, Bluetooth and Data [ - 17.06.2011]

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By rlmouse, Senior Member on 23rd August 2010, 04:58 PM
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This project is no longer developed!

Profile Switch is a small program that stores up to 99 different settings for Phone, WiFi, Bluotooth, Data-Connections, vibrate, silent, eg. and create shortcuts to switch directly. Up from 1.3 you can switch automatically at certain times and days. The complete profile will be changed only with one click.

Every profile can:
  • switch phone, bluetooth, WiFi and data connections
  • auto run on two different times every day or only on selected days
  • check your appointments if there is a category to disable auto run
  • switch back to another profile in a given timespan
  • start up to 3 programs
  • close up to 5 processes
  • change the system and ringer volume
  • change the ringer script
  • change the backlight settings for batterie and ac power
  • add a shortcut in startmenu to itself
  • disable auto starts of profiles if one 'all day event' with selected categories is found, you can select up to 3 categories
  • start a profile if a appointment with selected categories will start or end, you can select up to 3 categories

Additional you can:
  • disable data in roaming
  • switch to a profile if the phone comes back to the home network
  • run a profile once after a given timespan
  • disable all autoruns up to a given day and time
  • start a profile if a pc-connection is detected or lost
  • start a profile if a headset is connected or disconnected
  • use seperate scripts to vibrate if new calls, emails or sms are incomming
  • use separate script to vibrate for reminder (appointments and tasks)
  • use categories from your contacts to mute (or not) incoming calls

The pictures are from version

All screenshots small (0,6 MB) - All screenshots large (1,9 MB)

I only tested this application on my HTC HD2, it works in portrait and landscape mode. If you use this on another device, please check the features carefully, especially the block of data when this option is used.

You will find two links in the startmenu folder:
- Profile Switch - the application
- Close Data - a little helper, shut down existing data connection without any visible window. It does not prevent new connections are established (the same funktion like "Close all connections" in the app.

You can edit the language files in the program folder and/or create an new one. For a new translation just copy the 'english.lng' to 'french.lng, spain.lng ...'. But edit/translate only everything after the '=', not on the left side of the '='! Save the file in unicode-format.

Please note:
  • Requirements: .NET CF 3.5.
  • For update only install the new version.
  • Enabled network connections in the settings menu ('Do not switch networks' ) prevent these connections for any switching.
  • Shortcuts are saved in startmenu\ProfileSwitch\Profile name.
  • Backups are stored in the progamm folder as 'Backup_YYYY_MM_DD_hh_mm_ss'.
  • Restore a backup will delete your shortcuts stored in startmenu, these must be set new.
  • If you stored a profile as shortcut, the profile name cannot be edited until the shortcut is removed.
  • If you uninstall the application, please delete first the saved shortcuts.
  • If you want to use automatically switching enable this funktion in settings - Autorun settings ('Activate switch on time').
  • Set time to '00:00' will disable automatically switching for this day.
  • Important: If you for example sitting in an airplane, you must disable this feature! Otherwise it can turn off the flight mode and your phone on!!
  • Using 'Profile switch once' will ignore any settings of 'Activate switch on time'.
  • If you set the autoswitch time in more as one profile at the same time, only the first profile will switch. The rule is: 1. Run once, 2. The other times up from profile 1 to 99.
  • Don't worry about a new entry in your autostart folder. CheckProfile is only used to set the next autoswitch after reboot or after turned on the device. It don't stay in memory.
  • If you use the settings for system and/or ringer volume: My device (HTC HD2) has the option 'Only use one volume'. If you select this, the device will not show this correctly, if different volumes for system an ringer are set in the profile. Hope this also works correctly on other devices.
  • Special icons for each shortcut are now separatly. Please download them for your operating system. Windows 6.5.X - store the files in the applications subfolder 'Icons', the files for Windows 6.1 must be stored directly in the progam folder.
  • If you change icons for profile and the shortcut already exists, any links to them and the shortcut itself must be deleted and be rebuilt, otherwiese there are no effects taken. In Windows 6.1 you can't edit/change them!
  • Special Icons are only shown for the first 10 profiles.
  • If you get an error while saving a shortcut to your start menu like this: 'Saving the file failed' - please remove all special characters from the profile name, it's used for the file name.
  • Please do not restore any registry settings manually, always use the backup and restore function. If you restore parts of older entrys - the key names and values can be changed automaticly by an update. In this case you must delete the complete section "ProfileSwitch" or restore an older backup created by ProfileSwitch before you manipulate the registry.
  • If you select any program or process for closing with a profile, this program must be running currently, otherwise it will not be displayed.
  • Please use the function "Close program" very carefully. Only select processes you know!
  • The timespan you set in "time to look back if the device was turned off while starting a profile automaticly" must be smaller then the smallest time between two autorun times.

What the program does not and probably never will do:
  • Switch the band between GSM and UMTS (auto): There are too many differents between several devices.
  • Profile switching based on location or GSM tower-ID's: To do this, the application (or a little bit of this) must constantly stay in memory and check the location.
  • Support for any PIN code protected unlocking the phone.

Other languages:

Any Questions? Please don't ask me via PM about any problems. Please, please use this forum.

Change Log:
  • [+]The function 'Mute incoming call by category' from the beta version integrates. You can select this function in the vibrate settings and also in every profile. Please note: Don't forget to select the categories!
  • [+]One additional profile can run if roaming starts.
  • [+]New entry 'Do not switch' in the profile selection for end roaming.
  • [-]Using the exclusion function 'All day event' for autoswitch do not work correctly if more then one entry matches on two consecutive days.
  • [-]Sometimes the program hangs while exiting the vibrate settings.
  • [+]Using the vibrate functions no longer needs a program staying in memory.
  • [+]Added vibrate functions for missed calls.
  • [+]Added repetitions for all reminders.
  • [+]Added vibrate functions to set the sound and other settings for the reminders directly in Profile Switch.
  • [+]Settings to hide or show the main buttons on homepage.
  • [+/-]Settings menu now divided into several sub-menus.
    Please note: If you enable the vibrate functions, Profile Switch will save your currently settings and lock these settings in windows. Disabling will restore your saved settings.
  • [-]Repetition of sequence (new emails and new sms) does not work.
  • [+]Added an option to use also vibrate settings for the reminder (appointments and tasks).
  • [+]Vibrate functions during calls now can set separately.
  • [+]Added a function to choose date and time for 'Switch profile once'.
  • [-]Function 'switch back to current profile' can crash.
  • [-]After a soft reset and also using the custom vibrate settings the program to watch incomming calls can crash.
  • [+]Now using the new Sense Interface SDK v1.50.
  • [-]After a soft reset and also using the custom vibrate settings the program to watch incomming calls etc. was not restarted.
  • [-]Using the custom vibrate settings for calls and a profile is used to set the sound profile to 'ring and vibrate' this profile was not correctly detected on the startpage.
  • [-]If vibrate notifications are used and two new messages appears exactly at the same time, profilevib.exe starts twice and can crash if logging is enabled.
  • [-]Ringtone settings are lost.
  • [-]Switching at end of an appointment doesn't work if it is a recurrence type.
  • [-]Switching at begin/end of an appointment doesn't work every time.
  • [+]You can run a profile if a headset is connected or disconnected.
  • [+]Added a toggle function for phone, wifi, bluetooth and data.
  • [+]Added an option to ignore categories for 'Check appointments'. Just leave the categories empty if you want to use this.
  • [+]Added a function to use separate scrips to vibrate for new incomming calls, emails and sms. You found these new vibrator settings in 'Settings' - 'Vibrator-Settings'.
    To use this new functions, first you must find out the vibrator-adress of your device. Change the adress value and hit 'Test', your device must vibrate.

    The script is: 1. value=timespan for vibrate, 2. value=timespan for silence, 3. value=vibrate, 4. value=silence, and so on, times in milliseconds, separator=','. The additional last value is the repeat value (0=without repeat), this value is always required. E.g.: 300,500,300,1000,3

    To realise this, a part of Profile Switch must stay in memory to observe a few registry entrys of incomming calls and messages. Similarly it controls the sound settings for all these events. This only is needed if one of these functions is set to 'on', otherwise there is no program in memory.
  • [-]Error if you select a program to start with a profile and there are dots in the filename.
  • [+]Separately ringtone scripts for every profile.

    You are able now to change the ringtone scripts with every profile. The integrated functions (like HTC HD2) are:
    Ring and vibrate (Script "av0pw3r")
    Vibrate then ring (Script "v3w3apw3r")
    Ring only (Script "apw3r")
    Ring only once (Script "p")
    Ring ascending (Script "c50apw3c150r")
    Please note that all these scripts only used by windows if the sound profile is set to "full on" (ring and vibrate).

    Additional you can create up to two user defined scripts (please see "settings") for any other ringtone by using any combination of this commands for the script ("r" is only usefull at the end of script):
    a = activate device
    cN = set volume to N in percentage max volume
    fN = flash notification LED for N seconds
    p = play ringtone
    r = repeat
    vN = vibrate for N seconds
    wN = wait for N seconds
  • [-]Corrected a few things to disable data in roaming continuously, I think this function is ok now.
  • [-]Error if you first set times for autorun a profile and then later disable this function in settings.
  • [+-]Some other small changes. beta
  • [+]Disable data in roaming continuously. *) Beta!
  • [+]Switch to a profile if the phone changed back from roaming to your home network. *) Beta!
  • [+]Start a profile if appointments with selected categories will start or end.
  • [+]For Omnia 2 (i8000) users: You can reduce the programs in the selection list. May be it helps?
  • [+]You can reset a profile to it's default values (except the profile name).
  • [+]Added a setting for "BatteryTimeoutUnchecked". Please have a look into the description for this.
  • [+]Added a brief description.
  • [+][-]Changed the function to read the language.
  • [+][-]Some optical improvements.
  • [+][-]Setting 'Wait for Phone' removed, no longer needed.
Last edited by rlmouse; 1st December 2011 at 11:25 AM. Reason: No longer developed
The Following 9 Users Say Thank You to rlmouse For This Useful Post: [ View ]
25th August 2010, 08:07 AM |#2  
roma's Avatar
Flag Groningen
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Thanks rlmouse, lookes like something I can use. Gonna try this. Thanks for the effort and sharing.
25th August 2010, 10:02 AM |#3  
Senior Member
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Hi thanks for your work, I will also give it a try. I hope it will work with my dualsim ...

I will give feedback soon.

If you like also in German
25th August 2010, 12:23 PM |#4  
OP Senior Member
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Originally Posted by Homer-S

I hope it will work with my dualsim ...

No idea. But it is only one device. I think, it should work, but there is currently no chance for me to test it.


I will give feedback soon.

Yes please.
25th August 2010, 02:22 PM |#5  
Senior Member
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Installation without issues

adjusting the profiles is ok

switching between profiles seems to work probably

can you maybe add an volume adjustment for phone & sms ?
how can I use the "one click change"? can I make shortcuts to switch directly to "profile 1" or "profile2" etc

Thanks so far
25th August 2010, 04:14 PM |#6  
OP Senior Member
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Originally Posted by Homer-S

can I make shortcuts to switch directly to "profile 1" or "profile2" etc

Please give me the next weekend for this options.


can you maybe add an volume adjustment for phone & sms

Hmmm. Vibrate or silent eg. are simply. I think volume adjustment is very difficult for me. First i must find a solutions for this, working properly on diffrent devices. (Eg.: Two slider for system and ringer or one slider for both)
26th August 2010, 11:21 AM |#7  
holybabel's Avatar
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installed this on an i900 with custom 6.5.3 ROM. Installation and customizing the profiles works good. When i activate a profile with "WiFi on" the following error occurs:
Profile Switch.exe
Message text unavailable.  Resource file
'Microsoft.VisualBasic resources' not

ing PathName, AppWinStyle Style, 
Boolean Wait, Int32 Timeout)
hAll(Int32 Bt, Int32 WiFi, Int32 Phone,
Int32 Data)
eClick(ISenseListItem Sender)
bda$__12(Object a0)
nMouseUp(Int32 x, Int32 y)
OnMouseUp(MouseEventArgs e)
c(WM wm, Int32 wParam, Int32
alWnProc(WM wm, Int32 wParam,
Int32 lParam)
p(IntPtr hwnMain)
(Form fm)
WiFi works, but the software doesnt show the current profile.
Last edited by holybabel; 26th August 2010 at 11:46 AM.
26th August 2010, 11:58 AM |#8  
OP Senior Member
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Originally Posted by holybabel


installed this on an i900 with custom 6.5.3 ROM. Installation and customizing the profiles works good. When i activate a profile with "WiFi on" the following error occurs ...

WiFi works, but the software doesnt show the current profile.

Sounds like your .net is missing something! Do you use .NET CF 3.5?
26th August 2010, 12:19 PM |#9  
holybabel's Avatar
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I tried to install but it says that a newer version is already installed, so i think the latest version is integrated in my ROM.
26th August 2010, 12:43 PM |#10  
OP Senior Member
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Originally Posted by holybabel

I tried to install but it says that a newer version is already installed, so i think the latest version is integrated in my ROM.

Do you get the same error when you try: 'Connections' - 'Close all connections'? I think, there are a few little diffrent between the .Net versions.
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