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[APP][HD2][v1.2.1]Camera lock button

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Talking [APP][HD2][v1.2.1]Camera lock button

Camera lock button

Yesterday I saw video from Windows mobile 7 showing dedicated camera button working even if the phone was locked. Today I bring this feature for HD2 on WM6.5.

7.9.2010 - I've uploaded version 1.1 see FAQ.
9.9.2010 - Version 1.2 brings support for CHT.
13.9.2010 - Version 1.2.1 fixes loading issue.

What is it and what it does
This little application starts phone's camera when user press home button when the phone is locked.
It is aware of proximity sensor status, so it won't start camera in your pocket.
It won't do anything if pda is not locked.
If your pda is locked and display is switched off, you must click home button twice.

Current limitations
Only for HD2, because of proximity sensor hardware.
Only works with original non-customized lockscreen, because unlocking is performed by sending mouse move events.

v1.1 has unlock gesture learning ability.

Planned features
Camcorder on windows button.
Support for pin.

Download cab file and run it on your device.
If you want application application to start with your device use otherwise you'll have to start it manually.

You must turn off this application before uninstallation or reinstallation.

Q: Nothing happens when I start the application?
A: That's normal behaviour. Lock your device and try to click home button.

Q: How do I turn it off?
A: Run application again.

Q: How do I start it with device startup?
A: Download cab that ends with '_autostart' or add shortcut do your \Windows\StartUp folder.

Q: I'm getting "This application is not designed for your device!" message.
A: This application is only for HTC HD2. If you have HD2 then there's something wrong with your OEMINFO value. Check "\Windows\ModelName.txt" whether it contains 'HD2' or 'LEO' string.

Q: What is licence for icon?
A: I used free icon from .

Q: Why installer ignores location I picked for installation?
A: NEVER EVER install this application on Storage Card, always use device.

Q: Is there source code available?
A: Nope. Last time I published something under GPL everyone was ignoring it (GPL) completely.

Following FAQ applies only to v1.1

Q: How to learn it unlock gesture?
  1. Start it with shortcut named "Camera lock button toggle learning".
  2. Lock device.
  3. Make sure proximity sensor is not covered.
  4. Press "windows" hw button. "Learning mode!" text should appear on screen.
  5. Unlock device.
  6. Done. Message informing you about success should appear. Learning mode is now switched off automagically.
  7. You can delete "Camera lock button toggle learning" shortcut from start menu.

Q: Why isn't there autostart version of v1.1?
A: Because it needs beta testing and I don't want you to brick your device.

Q: Do I need to learn it gesture if I'm using unmodified lockscreen?
A: No. If there isn't learned gesture it uses default gesture from v1.0.

Q: Where is stored learned gesture?
A: In file \Windows\camera_lock_button_gesture.bin
(You will be asked if you want to remove it at the end of uninstallation.)

Q: What about unlocking the device with password?
A: If device is locked after camera application is closed, it won't be security hole. Maybe next time I'll implement it.


  1. Fixes forgetting of learned gesture after application was switched off.

  1. Support for CHT.

  1. Volume buttons are working again.
  2. Gesture learning (= maybe S2U2 compatible).
  3. Setup dll, so you don't need to make sure application is not running before uninstallation.

Initial release.

Compatible lockscreens
  • WM6.5 default (Confetti lock screen)
  • Co0kie's Home Tab lockscreen [worked for me, not worked for Guus_]
  • Maybe others but nobody informed me about it.
  • Not working with S2U2, I contacted author of S2U2 about it.
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Reserved for future use.
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Smile Excelent work.....!!!


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GREAT idea, but I/we need to get this to work with Co0kie Home Tab. Can we expect CHT support in the future?

Thanks for sharing!
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Why isn't it working with CHT? Different unlock screen? Different camera application?

Also I noticed it conflicts with htc volume control, right now by I'm betatesting fix.
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Would it be possible to make compatible with Chris's Lockscreen [middle]? It puts the slider halfway down the screen. I HATE having the lock slider at the top!
Thanx for all your hard work MilaCzeque
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Thanks for sharing!

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Originally Posted by Guus_ View Post
GREAT idea, but I/we need to get this to work with Co0kie Home Tab. Can we expect CHT support in the future?

Thanks for sharing!
Yes, yes, yes ++. A lot people use Co0kie HT.
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will you add future support for su2u?
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Very cool idea, I'll have to switch back to the default lockscreen to try it.
Though, it would be cool if the X/Y values for the mouse event could be set in a file, for those of us with customized lock screens.
Edit: got around that by editting my LS_LockScene_480x800.cpr file.
Though, it would be nice if we could program in a "macro" to type in our passwords.

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camera, hd2, leo, lockscreen, wm7 features in wm6.5
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