Exclamation [Q] Urgent Help needed... Desire Dead?


I had a nice shiny desire yesterday, turn it on and it sent an OTA 2.2 to the phone.

Now, a multitude of issues. I have the WiFi error which I have read about but also have no access to the SD card in the OS, can't mount at all. The phone reboots every 2 minutes also.

I want to just install a 2.2 OS with a goldcard. I don't have a goldcard and can't see a way of making one.

I have the 0.83 HBOOT with SLCD screen.

So the issue is that I have tried Unrevoked which works partly then says failed I think this is because the phone can't be put in disk mode.
So I was thinking can I do that with an adb command....

Anyway I can boot to recovery and can run update.zips from that. Bu at the moment I have a screwed OS

Can anyone help me downgrade to 2.1 or root and put a new 2.2 on... anything??

I have also tried the shipped rom and just sits on waiting for phone...

Any ideas!!? Im totally stuck now.