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[ROM] IncDoes Sense "Desire HD" [v0.9.1] Oct/15th

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(Last edited by IncredibleDoes; 16th October 2010 at 01:34 AM.)
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Angry [ROM] IncDoes Sense "Desire HD" [v0.9.1] Oct/15th

IncDoes Cyanogen's only rule -- "You don't ask for ETA's"

Disclaimer: I have none, your responsible for your own actions...

Here is another version of 'IncDoes' this time I'm doing SENSE. This is a port of the desire HD dump posted earlier this week. All credits go to dealer75 for the dump.

Credits: XDA - dealer75 - xwera43 - cym0n - cyanogen - ihtfp69 - token419 - and all my donors, thank you!

Helpful links:
- ROOT your INC by Unrevoked

- Youtube HQ choppy
- Mail app FC's in signature settings
- EMMC storage not readable

- wipe all user data
- wipe cache
- wipe sdext (if you have one) "You do not need an EXT partition"

My device setup:
- Hboot version: 0.92
- Radio version:
- Clockwork Recovery
- 8gb class 6
- sdext4: 512mb

IncDoes Sense v0.9.1:
MD5: cf6d369a710737bd4b43ac7b70e40c43

Visit my blog:
Follow me on twitter:
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Default Chang-log

- MMS fixed
- Wifi fixed
- Dialer fixed
- Mobile networks FC fixed
- Call settings fixed
- Accounts sync fixed
- HTC HUB fixed, you can now download widgets, plugin's, ringtones etc
- Verizon VM works (have not tested other verizon apps)
_ CarPanel works (finds server and ask to install location data)
- Locations fixed
- EReader Fixed (books now show up)
- ROOT for apps now being detected (e.g. titanium backup, setcpu)
- finds location (phone finder must be enabled and click refresh on htcsense website)
- *228 fixed
- market fixed (some apps were not installing after 100% download)
- TVout fixed (NTSC-J now works)
- HTC Acoustic fixed (ddms was showing many errors on this)

- Updated kernel and wifi module
- Updated EGL files
- Updated BT libs
- Updated DSP manager
- Updated HTC ril's
- Updated HTC Acoustic
- Added smooth sense icons (nice status bar icons)
- Added battery %
- Added latest build.prop and edits
- Added all default wallpapers
- Added and updated bash, nano, Busybox
- Added more locales US english by default

- location status icon
- bootup sound (I work on builds mostly at night and makes to much noise)
- quicklookup (there is so many search apps by HTC WTF is up with that HTC e.g. searchanywhere, search people, googlesearch, quicklookup.)

- major lag fixes
- fully optimized apk's and frameworks
- few bug fixes
- prop edits
- full rom
- vr libs
- quick office
- ereader
much much more...

- bug fixes
- wifi
- bt
- sh
- bash
- SU
- tethering
- symlinks
...this should have been the release!

- new base
- deodexed
- updated gapps
- htc hub full functional
- now works with phone
- wallpapers grid view
- gallery now has "effects option"
- added dsp manager
- rootes/su/superuser
- sqn's reboot menu
- Removed
-- defaults
--skins (in HTC hub)
--twitter for android (in market)
--facebook for android (in market)
--amazonMp3 (in market)
--flashplayer10.1 (in market)
--genie widget
--adobe air (in market)
Ill be adding more here in a while...

- based off ACE official RUU 1.24.405.1
- full rom
- dsp manager
- deodexed
- all defaults removed
- htc hub removed due to network errors
- all skins included
- rooted su/superuser
- latest gapps
- facebook for android now sync's contacts

- fixed stock fc issue
- fixed htchub
- fixed dialer (displays callers and numbers)
- fixed settings>wireless>mobile networks FC
- added mocha brown skin (desire z)
- added music lover skin
- new boot animation by @luniz7
- new ril's hacks (fixed random reboots -- let me know how it works)
- build.prop fixes & edits
- updated Maps
- new setup wizard (desire z)
- bt fixes
- new rosie loading home screen
- fixed Rosie from looping (for real this time)
- updated data transfer apk (from desire z)
- new virtual keyboard (from desire z)
- removed ereader
- small bugfixes
- clean out system
... small fixes all around!

- fixed home screen from looping when on custom skin
- fixed skins images when app drawer open
- build.prop edit to v0.5.1

- market fixed (verizon apps now available)
- build now in system partition
- optimized apk's
- optimized frameworks
- 32mb VM-heap size by default
- fixed mms
- fixed vk lag
- fixed boot sound
- replaced youtube.apk (let me know if it lets you sign in)
- replaced default wallpaper
- removed VR lib folder
- removed some wallpapers (there is 10 by default)
- removed sound images (download from htcsense hub)
- removed default settings: e.g.
--clock cities
--weather cities
--browser bookmarks
- added all media files
- added dsp manager
- added market fingerprint fix
- added TV-Out
- added flac audio support
- added flashdec
- added new egl files
- added new starting images
- added statusbar icon animations
- skyraiders location icon removed

- completely re-did the whole thing
- this is a full rom nothing has been removed
- no sdext required but doesn't hurt f you have one
- no hboot required
- bt working
- wifi working
- internal storage mounted
- htc bootsound
- stock htc kernel
- edits to the default setttings
- flash drivers updated
- youtube account sign in works
- ereader now has all 8 books
- auto brightness works for HW lights and screen display
- added some missings sense apps:
-- flashlight
-- social network provider (might fix facebook sync)
- updated google apps:
-- maps
-- gmail
-- voice search
-- google voice
- new power off features:
-- hibernate mode
-- airplane mode
-- silent mode
-- mobile networks
- close restart apps:
-- normal restart
-- quick reboot
-- reboot bootlaoder
-- reboot recovery
- modified browser settings:
-- now default page
-- removed all bookmarks

- lost data

- added all htc apks/widgets/skins/wallpapers/scene's back on
- added new htc sense car panel
- added htc news
- added search anywhere
- added ereader and it's pre-loaded books (6 books I think)
- app in data
- fonts in data
- facebook sycs
- fixed dialer
- fixed frameworks
- fixed BT
- symlinks and bash commands added
- stock htc kernel
- other 2.2 sense kernels are compatible
...much much more!!!

- fixed google voice
- fixed sound enhancer in music player
- internal storage fixed
- fixed fingerprint market
- stock htc kernel
- clean startup
- added mail.apk and widget back on
- loacations fixed
some more things!

- fixed some starting issues
- few other stuff I forgot to remove
- removed massive bloat ware without breaking the system
- removed everything that can be downloaded from htc hub
- added shutdown animation
- added new htc sense wallpapers
- added dsp manager
- removed more stuff
- added missing apk's
- fixed albums playback
- added flac audio support
- basically its a clean build now, fixes to come!

- initial release

Older builds:
MD5: b87463eff71222a2a1d28b792d1e1e54

IncDoes Sense v0.2.1:
MD5: a552034a034720daa9d0ae0de2807011

IncDoes Sense v0.3: sdext partition required
MD5: 577bc2c5874463d034c20f036b54a7d3

[wipe]IncDoes Sense v0.5:
MD5: 7f9a5be76436bfbb432e879446819ee9

[No-wipe]Patch update v0.5.1:
MD5: c697959a1e7b716d3617b1b31e8d5967

IncDoes Sense v0.6:
MD5: 2a05843e3448d2eb9a68e91ccdfca8f0

IncDoes Sense v0.7:

IncDoes Sense v0.8 beta - everything has not been fixed and/or tested:
MD5: b8d00939b62d21f9f8eaf11fa172b1c

[B][U]IncDoes Sense v0.8.1:
MD5: fbecfc80eb012c18fe84202292fcd3a6
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F5, F5, F5! I can't wait!
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This is going to be good
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Patiently awaiting awesomeness!
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I wonder what will be included....the new sense! Most likely.

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Originally Posted by Lcsglvr View Post
I wonder what will be included....the new sense! Most likely.

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Originally Posted by Lcsglvr View Post
I wonder what will be included....the new sense! Most likely.

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*pops him in the top of the head* should of had a V8

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*sigh. Too bad sarcasm isn't included in the keyboard.

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