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[ROM] eViL's NXSense HD v.1.1 BETA - Official Desire HD Port [01/24/11]

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eViL D:
(Last edited by eViL D:; 25th January 2011 at 02:16 AM.) Reason: Updated to v.1.1 BETA
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Default [ROM] eViL's NXSense HD v.1.1 BETA - Official Desire HD Port [01/24/11]

Based off of the ACE/Desire HD leaked dump from dealer75 & builds by ownhere. Thanks to enomther for taking some of his time to help with the sd-ext portion.
ROM Specs:
Desire HD build 1.15.405.1, 1.24.405.1, 1.28.405.1, 1.32.405.3, 1.32.405.6, 1.72.405.3
eViL Kernel
Quick boot from hibernation & built in reboot from power menu
Flip Clock
Blocked Callers
New Car Panel
BT & FM radio
HTC Hub & Likes
Updated Google apps
HTC Skins
HTC E-reader
HTC Power & DATA Control widget
Unified Mailbox
more to come.....
Still WIP:
Camera & Video recording
Wish List:
Trackball Wake
Visual a2sd display
Recovery: Amon Ra's Carebear 1.9.0 Here or ClockworkMod
Partition: 768MB SD-EXT Minimum / 0 SWAP **Recommended 1GB SD-EXT / 0 SWAP
Boot to Recovery
WIPE EVERYTHING: Data, Cache, Dalvik & SD-EXT
Guide HERE (thanks to djmfxp)
Change Log:
v.1.1 - BETA
Compiled fixes by dr3minem
Trackball wake by RNGuy
Streaming media fix by ownhere
720p fix by ownhere
Wireless tether added

v.1.1 - ALPHA 3

Rebase to WWE 1.72.405.3
Smooth Sense ported by Pendo
Power Menu by snq-
Custom personalize button by the1wingedangel
Updated GAPPS

v.1.0 - GAMMA
Updated to WWE 1.32.405.6 (thx Robocik)
Updated kernel with scheduler improvements, wifi calling
Power menu by snq- *thx Robocik
Camera fixed by snq - (you're a stud!) *working 5mp
Camcorder fixed by 200zjf (thx for keeping at it!) *no 720p
more to come...

Updated to WWE 1.32.405.3 (thx Football)
WiFi Hotspots
Updated gapps
Updated kernel
Power menu by snq- *thx Robocik
probably more...

*Using HTC Mail will cause an endless reboot (grab the FIX HERE)

MD5 - 7F3FC334AA699E94A08E06066CC544A2

New kernel, avs/oc/uv/ab
Using desire libhtc_acoustic
Changes to fix T-mobile MMS (please test)
Updated twitter, quicksearch
Updated titanium backup, rom manager
Added HTC IME mod by jonasl (black/gray)
Fix for HTC facebook sync
Optimized jpeg & pngs from resources

MD5 - 3B9AEF577B0F6738124831147200BA45

Moved customize & fonts to ext
Fixed sound fc on boot (thanks TP)
Saved space by moving some system apps to data (again, thanks TP for the TIP)
Dalvik to sd only on boot (if you want to run DT's a2sd, it's there)
Changed USB mounting (you can now exit the mount screen and come back to unmount *although the text is worse )
Fixed app sharing (actually shows up in the app drawer now)
Ability to create sountsets now since sound fc is gone
Using the HD adiecodec (please make sure mic related things work)
Reboot - hibernate icon fixed - thx snq-
Added modinstallLocation

MD5 - 209E5EB678EF15978C7A32F80B6AE6EE

Updated to Official 1.28 release
Fixed GPS
Lowered kernel clock to 1113mhz (I believe this was the root cause for all the failed flashes)
Added more language selection (including Chinese!)
Added DarkTremor a2sd
Working: wifi, bt, usb mounting, fm
more I'll add if I remember....

MD5 - D0EC3A70940D4514DFFC51A1B10E4C1E

Wifi fixed
Updated gapps
Updated kernel
new reboot menu (4in1) by snq-
Working sound

MD5 - 72AB44F7623E55A391552F55D8657256

Fixed sound
Wifi Fix here

MD5 - 1B8702EDC0C95915C9BB08F429D2D3AB

Based off of the Official RUU 1.24.405.1
More to come.....

*No Camera & Flaky wifi + no audio right now.

MD5 - 272D64FFCA30CA72E9A493DF20749961

Moved some apps from /data/app/ back to /data/system-app/
Fixed Video playback
Added snq-'s Menu-reboot options
Made a change to mm_property
Fix Settings>Call (BUT, now messes up the in-call screen) Push this version, after you setup Google Voice, of Phone to restore in-call screen.

MD5 - CC839CCB773325348B38F7678D662A6C

Moved some apps from /data/system-app/ to /data/app/
Fixed Voice & SetSoundDM FC's
Fixed G-sensor calibration
Fixed headset controls (untested)
Added Facebook, HTC calibrate, QuickOffice, HtcLocationPicker, SocialNetworkProvider & some other gapps
Updated Twitter & Gmail
Added OpenVPN support
Removed DT a2sd (Not needed right now)
Updated kernel (debugging off)
Some minor backend changes

MD5 - FA4627BF94CF70515DADE2E63A39ABAB

Usb mount (wonky text, but it works)
Trackball alerts
Added all themes, ebooks & accessibility
Added DSP manager
More language support (not verified)
Added Dark Tremor a2sd
Updated google apps, rom manager
apk's optimized
More I probably forgot.....

*wifi is broken, go to my other desire thread and download/flash one of the kernels there.
*There is an fc that I have not pinpointed "setsounddmanager" I think.

MD5 - D63640564CFC6828C1758ADBF60CDFE3

Initial release
First Boot takes a LONG time, use logcat to ease your mind
Too tired to list right now - (if you're flashing this, you know the deal)

MD5 - F4BE7853513CBC049E30E47756903EC6
Help TIPS & Links:

Crashes, lockups, reboots - Flash THIS script to change the CPU governor to userspace, and lock the CPU clock speed to 1ghz instead of 1.113ghz
Network dropping
Creating a log via logcat (adb required): adb logcat > mylog.txt (thx bagofcrap24)
Download ROM: *Official Links (provided by eljamz)
Moved to MT4G thread
Project Donators: Thanks!(please leave your name and thread/project donated to):
stea1thmode x3, RinTinTigger, clearwaterchad, thomaspmassa, CompSCI, tsxpuma, nielszomer, scottricketts, woSaa, Enrico Greulich, Patrick D'appollonio, crx4xharder, webghostdk, stonec11 x2, dictionary, adx_x, sabiwa, mstafford2008, billbrasky21, Matt4542, iakeco, RECONDO1202, iakeco, Wonkadk, moj0, Judee, bryanwest92, walt.lifsey, ZeroData, folavo, diazkyubi x2, vanessa13006 , B.Bottoms, rugmankc, YOJOSEFO, AMalloura, JoelDarós
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Well, well, well, Dr. Evil has come through. Thanks brotha this should be fun!
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Knew it would be you. Let the fun begin
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Edited for those complaining.
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If 512mb min is required Amon Ra should suffice?
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Wow That's Great , Thank You Evil and Enom ! , You guys doing Great Job !
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EvilD you did it again
So what's not working? BT,GPS...?
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The awesomeness begins. .. . . . .


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This phone is amazing. Bravo HTC, bravo .

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Great job boss! If its like the one you put in testing, we gotta figure out a way to put the traditional Desire lockscreen on it that slides down! I really like that style!
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Thanks, you're truly great. Should I try this or take the good old Desire port?

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It should have that lockscreen since you can pick from different themes and such.

AHHH, I'm so ecstatic!
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Phone: T-Mobile HTC One HBOOT Status: S-Off ROM: InsertCoin Accesories: Bear Motion Premium Slim Back Cover

This phone is amazing. Bravo HTC, bravo .

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ace, desire hd, htc, nexus, port
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