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[ROM][new-Sense][07/02] ۵.ReflexTSenseHD v1.8 DHD port (A2SD+|- FASTEST HD ROM -)

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By NeoPhyTe.x360, Retired Recognized Developer on 24th September 2010, 01:13 PM
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FULLY RECOMMENDED: Go to application installed Spare parts, Basic SpareParts settings -
Window animations -> Off (or Fast)
Transition animations -> Off (or Fast)
Disable GPS
Disable Synchronization

If you put this ROM in another page, put the link above too:

.ReflexTSenseHD v1.8
Sense-FroYo 2.2HD Port - ( FRG83D l Stable l | NEW SENSE | AP2SD+ or Data2EXT | MULTILANGUAGE | Undervolt)

if rom seems slow maybe you don't have an ext partition!
after first reboot u have to have 131~ Free MB in Mobile Memory
Rom Spends 10-15min to be Stable

-Latest Radio, 17_2 or .23
-Partition ext2, 3 or 4 wiped (for APP2SD)
For a best running of rom should do a Wipe Factory Reset and wipe at ext partition

  • Based on WWE 1.72.405.3 - FroYo 2.2.1 FRG83D Official Desire HD (FRF91) -
  • Sense 2.0
  • Kernel @1113mhz Overclock-Undervolt-HAVS-CFS-VR-SDfix-BatFix-GPU+-LZma compression+OCCamera+SLQB . . NeoPhyTe.x360@SnowLeopard #38 ----- Source provided by coutts99 thanks to him!! (Thanks to all that have make that I build this kernel) -> GPL Source:
    lzma compression, thanks to snq-
    sdfix thanks to frank etc
    GPU+ thanks to FloHimself & kingxklick
    Some source thankt to coutts99
    VR thanks to Zen
  • Rooted
  • New Market
  • Scaling Governors: CPU interactive, smartass, powersave, ondemand, performance
  • Theme modded by me (Launcher and Locksreen completely made by me -(If you use it somewhere, CREDITS)))
  • Data2EXT or A2SD+ - thanks to ownhere
  • read ahead bufferer size ("sdfix"), for better read SDcard.
  • System WRITE by Overlay
  • HSDPA Icon
  • Power Control in Notification Bar
  • Wake UP from Trackpad
  • Desk Clock
  • Titanium Backup
  • EStrongs File Explorer
  • Camera patch thanks to snq-!
  • Google Maps
  • Support CIFS.
  • Adobe Flash 10.1
  • Support VPN
  • Supportext4
  • "Fast", Clean & Stable.
  • Optimizations RAM and sysctl.conf enabled.
  • Photo Gallery Nexus One
  • Host block List & APN List
  • Superuser Permissions by ChainsDD
  • busybox Droid Explorer support
  • Support bash.
  • Voice Search, & Google Search
  • Modded Bootscreen to Nexus bscreen
  • Launcher2 original FroYo
  • Quickoffice, Spare Parts, HTC IME, ROM Manager.
  • Chinesse HandWritting Support
  • Update OTA Support by ROM Manager
  • Deleted Teeter, Stock, Plurk & others, etc.
  • Disabled boot sound HTC.
  • Multiple Wallpapers.
  • Zipaligned
  • Deodexed.
  • Included Languages: English, Chinese, Arabic (not totally), Czech, German, Espanol, French, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Russian, Norwegian, Japanese, Korean, Greek, Swedish, Danish, Portuguese, Finnish, Slovenian, etc.



-Enter to recovery, do a Wipe Factory reset, Wipe Cache, Wipe Dalvik, format/wipe partition Ext2, 3 or 4.
-Flash my ROM (If you have already last Radio you only have to install the rom Without Radio, and if not, install With Radio or separately).
-Flash new radio
-Run rom (First time takes some time to run)

ChangeLog ReflexTSenseHD:
  • Changed IO sched to CFQ
  • Improve cleaning Cache only on screenoff
  • Patch 720p Playmedia
  • Minor tweaks
  • Updated Titanium
  • Updated Maps
  • Updated Facebook
  • Updated Gingerbread Keyboard
  • Deleted some Live Wallpapers
  • Improves performance
  • Zipalign.
  • **& more that sure I don't forget now.


  • New Kernel ,HAVS.925mV-CFS-VR-SDfix-BatFix-GPU+-LZma compression+OCCamera, SLQB NeoPhyTe.x360@SnowLeopard #38 ----- Source provided by coutts99 thanks to him!!
  • Added cleaning Cache to ScreenState
  • Improves Performance & RAM
  • Patch Speed sqlite3 - thanks to ownhere
  • Patch HTCCamera.apk recording 720p - thanks to ownhere
  • Patch Streaming Play - thanks to ownhere
  • Updated recording libs Desire 720p
  • Bluetooth Sync Patch
  • Deleted GenieWidget & Added News&NewsWidget in LITE version
  • Fixed HTC Locations in FULL version
  • Fixed Flash playing in FULL version
  • Updated Autokiller.
  • Updated Rom Manager
  • Updated Flash Player.
  • Updated Titanium Backup.
  • Updated EStrongs.
  • Updated Gingerbread keyboard
  • Zipalign.
  • **& more that sure I don't forget now.
  • New Base 1.72.405.3 - FroYo 2.2.1 FRG83D
  • Improves Performance & Speed
  • Adapted Power Control Notification to 1.72.405.3
  • Improves RAM - No lags after unlock
  • Updated Rom Manager.
  • Updated Adobe Flash
  • Updated Titanium Backup.
  • Updated EStrongs.
  • Updated AutoKiller.
  • Added lgCamera.
  • Added Gingerbread keyboard.
  • More space in System.
  • Moddings on theme - launcher, status, clock, etc.
  • Zipalign.
  • & more that sure I don't remember.
  • Revised build.prop & mod vm.heapsize to 12-32m
  • Improves Performance & Speed -> Screenstate update (if you like the best in test put another rom, it is optimized to give best results draining less battery posible)
  • Changed Default Governor to -> smartass (ondemand with improves in sleep mode)
  • Improving RAM Optimization for SPEED
  • Updated Maps 5.0.
  • Updated Facebook.
  • Updated Market 2.2.7.
  • Updated Voice Search
  • Updated Titanium Backup
  • Updated Rom Manager.
  • Added Gallery 3D High Resolution.
  • Added AutoKiller.
  • Zipalign.
  • Increased read-ahead all blocks to 4096 Improves I/O
  • Added HandWritting (fix)
  • Fixed VPN finally.
  • Changed BootAnimation - HTC Quietly Brilliant
  • & more that sure I don't remember now
  • _
  • Power Controls in Notification Bar. Thanks to MrLuje and eggshaped for notify it.
  • Zipaligned.
  • Updated kernel to @998mhz Overclock-Undervolt-HAVS-CFS Autogroups-BFQ-SDfix-BatFix-GPU+-LZma compression+OCCamera, SLQB #34
  • Updated Market, Youtube, Rom manager, ES Explorer, Gmail, Titanium Backup, etc.
  • Fixed Wifi Hotspot, Bluetooth.
  • Deleted themes BlackBoard & Wood (you can download from HTC Hub)
  • Deleted CarHome (another app of htc car in rom exists)
  • Improves stability, performance & speed.
  • Moddded vm.dalvik-heapsize values, speed on scrolling windows & apps.
  • Changed window animation transitions.
  • Added 1 Wallpaper more.
  • Fixed FC Contacts & SMS
  • Fixed Wallpapers shown.
  • Improved litte space in /data
  • More space in /system
  • More tweaks on build.prop & speed I/O tweaks read&write.
  • Fixed bootloop on some people?
  • Zipaligned
  • & more I don't remember now.
  • _
  • Fixed Locations connection
  • Tweaks Performance build.prop
  • dalvik heapsize & startheapsize
  • Fixed Updater Script
1.3 & 1.3.1:
  • Based on WWE 1.32.405.6 desire HD rom
  • New kernel NeoPhyTe #25
  • Added all apps. Market, Applanet, rom manager, es explorer, quickoffice, etc, etc
  • Updated THEME to my theme AuraxTSense
  • Tweaks performance.
  • Added A2SD+ - Data2EXT
  • Zipaligned
  • & more I don't remember now

Download (Thanks to c0urier & zexbig for hosting) recommend wipe:

__________________________________________________ ________________

[07/02]ReflexTSenseHD 1.8 LITE VERSION
with A2SD+ :

[07/02]ReflexTSenseHD 1.8

Original Sense Theme for ReflexTSense 1.6.x & 1.7->

Wifi N 1.7

For Desires that supports low voltages in all freqs:
875mVSpecial -NeoPhyTe->
For Desires that supports low voltages:
875mV -NeoPhyTe->
Default included in the rom:
925mV -NeoPhyTe->
For people who have lags and/or reboots:
1000mV -NeoPhyTe->

[Mirror] Radio-

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ______

Special Thanks 4 donate to:

-justin joyce x2
-SimonCraddock x2
-Broquen x4
-jesus gonzalvo plano
-Daniel Miguel Muoz
-Luis Garrido Glvez
-Juan de Regoyos Sainz x2
-John Riis
-Juan Jurado Aza
-Marco Navone
-pricess of hell
-SC Mastering
-Carlos De Madrid Balbuena Serra
-Abenour Latrous
-Mariano Gomez Montejano
-Erol Haagenrud
-Juan Carlos Gonzalez Rodriguez
-Guenter Suess
-mark seijkens
-tito bianco
-Choong Yoke Choy
-Jrg Wartenberg
-Simon Forster
-Mikael Malmrup
-Frank Koeberlein
-Sam Warne
-Thomas Winkler
-ignacio rodriguez subirats
-Phuriphat Chantavarin
-juan rabanal chas
-Mark McAneny
-Antonio Jos Oliva Faura
-juan huelamo rodriguez
-Tassilo Frank
-JM Folgueira Fernandez
-Iker Rodriguez O.
-Fraser Gough
-JL Castrejon Rodriguez
-L Sousa
-Anthony Shaw
-Cornel Kaufmann
-Nicholas Bridge
-B. Zornoza V
-Martin Mueller
-joancargo x2
-canariasky x3
-Tayson1984 x3

Thanks to:
-ieftm (openvpn, ext4 and moduling scripts =) )
-FloHimself (perflock disabling script & CFQ sched)

Donations greatfully recieved
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24th September 2010, 01:14 PM |#2  
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Last edited by NeoPhyTe.x360; 24th September 2010 at 01:17 PM.
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24th September 2010, 01:15 PM |#3  
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24th September 2010, 01:16 PM |#4  
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24th September 2010, 01:17 PM |#5  
erto90's Avatar
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Nice, finally a thread for hd sense!
have a fast question: is htc navigator ( position)included in the rom? i've flashed the rom but no app found!
24th September 2010, 01:21 PM |#6  
Senior Member
Flag Timisoara
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Some problems with the interface, when you receive an unknown call and you want to save to contacts the buttons are all cramped.
Last edited by craoul; 24th September 2010 at 01:24 PM.
24th September 2010, 01:22 PM |#7  
Peikko's Avatar
Senior Member
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but these screens are not from the new sense, are they?
24th September 2010, 01:22 PM |#8  
maxemo's Avatar
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many trials HTC logo appears and then restarts
24th September 2010, 01:24 PM |#9  
krohme's Avatar
Senior Member
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amazing stuff Mr Neo Thanks for your efforts. I really wanna flash this sense HD rom, but will wait for more feedback from others.
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24th September 2010, 01:24 PM |#10  
Drefsab's Avatar
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I posted on the old thread but thought it best to move it to here. Basically I cant get this to work I get a boot loop.

Im 100% sure have a EXT3 partition (created it using rom manager premium).

I am also using the latest radio.

Using clockwork mod I did wipe/data/factory reset then wipe cache partition and then from advanced, wipe Dalvik Cache and then Wipe Battery stats.

But to be sure I did what you mentioned, redownloaded the zip as well to be sure, flashed it tried to boot and got the boot loop.

Booted back to recovery flashed the radio back, then when it rebooted still stuck in the bootloop.

I hope someone else can post the logcat logs as im in work atm so cant do it as the work computer is locked down and cant install anything on it to do the logcat.
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