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[APP][12-Nov-2010] CHTEditor v2.0.0.0 - Final Released


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Co0kie's Home Tab offers us a vast array of changes for our home tabs. A lot of the options are only available via registry edits, unless you use CHTEditor.
With this application you can modify all the settings for the mod without having to open a registry editor, as well as being able to export & import all your settings and quicklinks, in case you need to hard reset or flash a new ROM. Multiple settings files can be automatically linked in the start menu, so you can switch layouts without opening the editor. You can also add these shortcuts as quicklinks to switch layouts from the home tab itself.

This application DOES NOT make any changes to Sense. You MUST have Co0kie's Home Tab installed!!!
You can get Co0kie's Home Tab here.

A BIG thanks goes to eboelzner for the Sense Interface SDK UI controls. They've made a vast improvement to the application and he's been a great help getting the latest version looking the part.
You can find the Sense Interface SDK here.

Please read post #2 before...

  • upgrading (either the editor OR Co0kie's Home Tab)
  • changing the editor language
  • posting issues
  • posting change requests
  • cooking the editor into a ROM.


About CHTEditor v2.0.0.0
CHTEditor v2.0.0.0 final will only work with CHT 2.0.0 final.
There is no backward compatiblity with versions 1.x.x, so you can't import old CHTE settings files. But future versions will be compatile going forward, so you will be able to import you 2.0.0 settings into any 2.x.x version.


Update: 12-Nov-2010
CHTEditor v2.0.0.0 Final released. Changes since public beta:
-[new] options added in CHT 2.0 final
-[new] multiple language file support
-[new] HVGA specific setting adjustments
-[fixed] reversed tasks sortby
-[fixed] contact links export/import bug


Requirements and Compatibility
This application requires .Net 3.5 to be installed on your device. You can download it here.
Some people seem to be having trouble installing .Net 3.5. If you are one of them, read this post and this post for 2 different suggestions.
The application has been tested thoroughly and found to be stable for WM6.5. There is an issue when automatically restarting manila in WM6.1, but you get a friendly error message telling you about it. If you get this message then you will need to restart manila manually.

MAKE SURE that you have the same version of the mod and the editor installed - you'll be told when starting the editor if you don't.
(It only has to be the first 3 numbers eg. v1.7.1.0 will work with v1.7.1.1)


Important notes

  • If in the future you upgrade Co0kie's Home Tab to a newer version, please read post #2 below.
  • This application can be installed to either the device or your storage card.
  • Finally, a lot of time goes into this application and this thread, so I'm sorry but I won't answer any questions that are answered in these first few posts. Any major issues will either be resolved as a new release, or will be mentioned at the top of the thread somewhere.


Features list

  • Change the settings without a registry editor
  • Export and import settings and quicklinks (can also be done via command-line - see post 2)
  • Command-line support for import and export of settings (see post 2)
  • Create shortcuts to settings files for on-the-fly quick changes from the start menu or quicklinks, without running the editor
  • Remove dead quicklinks
  • Automatically restarts manila or soft resets for immediate changes
  • Multi-language support

Attached Files
File Type: cab CHTEditor_v2.0.0.0.CAB - [Click for QR Code] (993.6 KB, 70657 views)
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Section 2: Important information


Upgrade information
Please read carefully BEFORE upgrading Co0kie's Home Tab

Before upgrading Co0kie's Home Tab, use the Export option in the CHTEditor menu to create an export file for your Co0kie's Home Tab settings and all your quicklinks. Then, upgrade Co0kie's Home Tab and the editor (if needed), then run the Import option in the CHTEditor menu to restore your settings. This saves you having to setup Co0kie's Home Tab again, and re-creates all your quicklinks for you. (Note - this method is only available in v1.6.0+)

Files exported from version v1.x can't be imported to v2.x.

If you are upgrading Co0kie's Home Tab, you may well need to upgrade the editor as well. If so, follow the instructions above. To install a new version of CHTEditor, just run the CAB file and allow it to uninstall any previous version. Just continue the installation as normal after that.

Once you have upgraded Co0kie's Home Tab (and the Editor, if needed), run the editor and use the import option in the menu to import all your previous home tab and associated settings (quicklinks, layout, options etc.).


Command-line import & export
Please read for command-line help

You can now import and export settings files using command-line instructions, rather than having to run the application. Imports were previously introduced with v1.7.1.1, but you can now also export as well. This is the format of the instructions...

CHTEditor.exe /IMPORT "fullpath\filename.cht"

The /IMPORT is optional, as this method already existed in v1.7.1.1, without it. I've just added it for consitency.

CHTEditor.exe /EXPORT "fullpath\filename(.cht)" (/CREATESHORTCUT)

The .cht on the filename is optional, as it is automatically added if you don't do it yourself. If the /CREATESHORTCUT instruction is used, a shortcut is created for the exported settings, in a folder in your start menu (handy for adding quicklinks to exports).


Known issues
Please read BEFORE posting issues

Any bugs reported will be added to this list for fixing in later releases.

  • Export settings remembers your last folder. If this folder does not exist next time you try to export, an error will be raised.
    Temp.Fix: Clear the value in HKCU\Software\HTC\Manila\CHTE.LastDialogPath to resolve this issue.
  • Importing does not always import the lockscreen layout.
    Temp.Fix: Modify the lockscreen slightly, so that it creates the registry entries, and then import your settings again.
  • The dialog windows will still show button text such as "Yes", "No", "OK" or "Cancel", despite changing the language of the application. This text is part of the Sense SDK Interface that is used to make the application look (and work) the way it does. The developer of the interface, eboelzner, is currently adding localisation to these controls, so expect this to be resolved in a future release.


ROM chef information
Info for chefs wanting to cook the editor into a ROM

From v1.7 onwards, Co0kie's Home Tab now includes a menu link to the editor application. This requires a registry value that is set when installing the editor. Obviously, if you're cooking the application into a ROM then the installer is not being run, so this value is not being set.

The following value should point to the editor application to make this link work:

for example...
CHTE.Path = \Program Files\CHTEditor\CHTEditor.exe

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CHTEditor Translations
Please read if you are interested in changing the language of CHTEditor or wish to translate it

Download the attached language_default.txt file and translate it - there are more detailed instructions inside.
Then rename the file to indicate which language it is: for example, language_german.txt or language_french.txt. (The part after the _ will be shown in the CHTEditor language selection menu.)
Just place the file in the CHTE install folder and it will show up in the language menu.

Upload the file here after you've translated it I'll add it to the language pack which will be attached in the first post.

Whenever there are updates to the application, the language files will need to be updated to include the new values. Anyone who does this, please post them, as described in above and they can be manually downloaded by people, as well as being uploaded to the application server by me.
Attached Files
File Type: txt language_default.txt - [Click for QR Code] (19.8 KB, 3411 views)
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<< Reserved for future use >> 3
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Thanx man...
26th September 2010, 09:07 PM   |  #7  
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Also here the congrats from me for this release. It is also a kind of magic. HTC Editor makes all the things possible. Use, test and learn how many things are possible with this release. Wow, in simple words.
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BIGTHX for hard work
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Super thanks, congratulations to everyone involved in the making of CHT!!
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please don't oversee that import and export had to be changed, so that the savings from 1.8.5 can't be applied.

And also that this app only triggers the registry keys of CHT, so please report - like used - new feature requests (if you have one now after the Releases) or not-Editor-related bugs in CHT thread and not here.

Have Fun

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