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This is a little project i've been working on and i thought it was ready enough to be released into the wild. Below is the readme file. I think it covers everything for now. Before posting please read the first 3 posts - especially post 3 - if it is obvious that you haven't done this i will not respond with any form of help and i don't not expect any of the users to do so either.


Included with this zip file are several .cab, .reg and .xml files that will automatically configure your NRGZ28 energy rom when XDA_UC runs upon first boot after flashing.

Included are the following configuration files

This will configure your MS Exchange settings. Editing with your personal settings is required. Look for the username, server, domain and password tags at the start of the file

Enables aGPS

Sets backlight to auto. There are some other settings included for dim and light off times when on battery and AC power aswell

Sets the Bluetooth Identity. Edit the deviceid line to suit

Copies files from the copy2root folder to the matching location in device storage. A My Documents folder with My Ringtones and My Wallpapers sub folders have been created already. Place you ringtones and wallpapers in these folders. There is also an application data folder which contains a coreplayer config.xml and a program files folder which contains a myPlayer options.ini. Feel free to create more. Thanks to nrfitchett4 for providing this script.

This file will remove all unwanted ringtones, wallpapers and any other files you decided to add. Edit as you need to. N.B any readonly files will need attributes changed before they can be deleted.
Disables Vsync in sense increasing the framerate thus making it faster
Increase's glyphcache size past the bsb tweaks and advanced config defaults, incrases filesystem cache size and a few other bits. This cab file is optional. Delete it if you don't want it. Thanks go out to g.lewarne for documenting the tweaks

Stops the sense music player playing ringtone files from \My Documents\My Ringtones\ and \storage card\ringtones. Copy the examples
if you want to add to it.

M3PH HTC Location Service
Enables HTC location Service and automatically excepts the TOS

Changes the phones identity at first boot. If NRGZ28 won't make it sensible i'll make it so we can customise it . Editing required. this one is pretty obvious

Sets up palringo, sorta, change to your user name and it should show up at sign in. All you need to do is enter your password

Enables and configures QuickGPS with the defaults

Configures the ringtone, sms tone and email tone. Needs some editing but you only need to change the file name for each entry, not the
path. The Ringtone2 entry allows for second ringtone to be added to the list of usable ones so you change them with too much fuss.
Also enables flashing light on sms reception for 5 minutes.

wifi settings. Edit required. This link should help you set it up (see post 3 for details on how to edit)

M3PH Enable Time Auto
Enables NTP

Sets the volume levels. You can use this one or export your own from HKEY_CURRENT_USER\ControlPanel\Volume

Windows live.reg
Pretty much configures windows live. You do still need to enter your password and you will also need to do atleast one manual sync before Sense will create the mailbox on the email tab but otherwise it works

Opera User Agent String folder
See the readme.txt in that folder

Sense Folder
If you put your wallpaper in this folder it will be installed as the sense default. Just rename it to sense_wallpaper.png.

Start Menu folder
Copy Start Menu shortcuts here


If you like this or any of my other work click the "donate to me" link above my avatar


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Change Log
Change Log:

1.1.1 Final
  • Removed Keyboard sensitivity tweaks
  • Removed opera memory tweaks
  • Added more palringo settings
  • Added Quick shutdown settings

1.1 Final
  • Updated volume.reg to default to seperate system and ring volume controls.
  • Removed all tweaks now included in Energy roms dated nov30 and newer. I will leave v1.0 posted for a while so people that like to install older versions still get the benefit
1.0 Final
  • Added Windows_live_settings.reg. You will need to edit it as prescribed on page 16 but it will work.
  • Added Improved GPS This is untested by me but i trust scabes24 enough to know he's not going to pass on unreliable tweaks
  • Improved M3PH Location Service Added an extra registry setting that should trigger Manila to showing it's on. This is doubtful but even if it doesn't the file does work
  • Added alarm_settings.reg: This is only an example file. You will need to export your own settings but this should be a reasonable starting point
  • Removed readme.txt: It was a habit a picked up from Linux development practices and was pointless for this project
  • Removed time.reg permanently because there is nothing changed in the registry when it is enabled.

--- Pre Final releases
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Tips and Tricks
What follows are some tips and tricks i have found that i'm not going to include for whatever reason but thought some people might find handy or notes on what settings do what and their options.

Q. Can i delete file xyz using xda_uc because i like to have as much space as possible?

Yes you can. i found this link. All you need to do is create a file in the xda_uc folder with the extension .mscr which contains the following:

delete \test.txt, TRUE

deltree \test, TRUE
Obviously change test to the file or directory you want to delete. For more details check out the provided link above.

Q. The default wifi.xml doesn't match my configuration and i can't find a resource that tells me what are valid values for the options?

A. See this link and this one. As a note if you use WPA2 you need to use <parm name="Authentication" value="6" /> and WPA2-PSK is 7

Q. The exchange settings in activesync.xml aren't how i like them. Can i change them?

A. Sure can! Here's a link to the documentation

Q. I use a [enter service name here] and i want to create an xml file to configure it when i update my rom. Can i do this?

A. Thanks to microsoft developing WAP provisioning to an incredibly encompassing level you can do almost anything. See this link

Q. I want to make a cab file out of all my changes. How do i this?

A. There are many ways but i think this is the best one i've found because it doesn't involve any third party software and is really simple. All you need is the windows mobile sdk, which can be found here. You may also need visual studio but i'm not sure


Making either is very simple. You just pass a normal XML file to makecab and give it the name of the output file you want. The one trick is that the XML file must be named _setup.xml. If you call it something else, makecab will succeed, the CAB or CPF file will be generated fine, and then it will fail with a cryptic error when you try to use it. Beware, the documentation doesn't make this very clear.
The syntax for making a CAB file is:

makecab _setup.xml

Q. Wow you really do know a lot about this sort of stuff. How can i learn?

A. Well i don't know that much at all really, i just learn fast. Most of the stuff you see here was obtained from or via this MSDN article:

Q. Is there a way to boost the performance of Opera in terms of memory/speed?

A. Yes, this cab will force Sense to unload when launching Opera, allowing for better performance while browsing. (When exiting Opera, Sense will then reload) (thanks to Scabes24 for this one)

Q. I've installed the Opera tweak and everything is working fine, but the page loading seems very slow. Is there a way to improve this?

A. Yes you can, the following registry tweak will enable almost instantaneous web page loading in the web browser. It apparently enables wireless N mode but seems to work with cellular data too. Go to:
11nModeDisable = Change from 1 to 0 (thanks to Scabes24 for this one aswell)

Q. My wifi hotspot uses EAP certification and i can't use it because the phone gives me a certificate verification failure error. What can i do?

This was posted in the energy rom thread


NRG, after weeks of not being able to connect to my work wireless network because I was getting a "certificate is from an unknown authority" error, I finally got it working. Can you add this key to your ROMs?


This is where I found the answer:

Thanks to oppressa for hunting this one down. The tweak is included as an option in EXCT as M3PH EAP Cert

Here are some locations where 3rd party apps store their values. These were provided by angusc


CodeCity Time settings and Key Code:

Ageye G-Alarm settings and keycode:

Ageye G-Profile settings and keycode:

SK Manager settings and Keycode:
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Shell\Rai\:S KSM]

SlingPlayer Login Details:
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Sling Media\SlingPlayer\SlingAccounts]

SPB Language Cards key code:

SPB Traveller Key Code:

SPB Wallet Key Code:

Sprite Back-up Key Code:
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Sprite Software\Sprite Backup]

RSS Hub Settings and Feed Storage Locations:
[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Ilium Software\RSS Hub]

SPB Traveller Settings:
[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Spb Software House\SPB Traveler]

Today Wall Paper Location:

KeyBoard Config by Tarkim (Settings):

Resco Explorer Settings:

Palringo Settings:

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Q. Will you include xyz tweak for me?

A. Only if it's a common one or one that i haven't thought of

Q. I use xyz program and i want to have the config file included in your great collection. What do ya' say?

A. See above but you could always spend 10 minutes tracking it down and then creating a folder in copy2root for it

Q. Why is the bluetooth identity the only tweak for BT you include?

A. Because everyones setup and hardware is far too different for it to be worth it. Also, Although you can export the pairings importing them may not be possible due to the way the bluetooth security protocols work.

(More To Come)
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30th September 2010, 01:21 PM |#5  
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Happy to try this, thank you for cobbling everything together.
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30th September 2010, 01:33 PM |#6  
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this would be so handy, i hate spending time making your phone how you like it. I don't flash as often because i get too comfortable with the current configuration.
thanx M3PH

btw: without NRGZ28 i would have sold my HD2 7 months ago
30th September 2010, 01:34 PM |#7  
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Originally Posted by grumpylad

Happy to try this, thank you for cobbling everything together.

No worries. I did it because i was getting annoyed with spending ages setting everything up and even more annoyed with people not reading the energy rom FAQ properly (i'm guilty of that too). I used the pre-release version last night after flashing the latest energy rom and it saved me in the region of an hour to an hour and a half. It's not perfect by a long way. Things like the sms led notification is enabled and some people may not like that but is is easily reverted with bsb tweaks.

My plans for the next version is to have all the reg files converted in to cab files for they can be removed and i'll tidy up the readme a bit.

One thing i would like help with though is the FAQ. Can the first few people take notes of any problems or questions they have and things or that nature.

Thanks everybody
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30th September 2010, 02:01 PM |#8  
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Thank you, I'll try it out with the new Energy release. I'd be happy with the reg files to import it doesn't even need to be a cab!

30th September 2010, 02:24 PM |#9  
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Originally Posted by lantern20

Thank you, I'll try it out with the new Energy release. I'd be happy with the reg files to import it doesn't even need to be a cab!


Cab files are better because they can be removed and Reg files can't. So if one of these files causes a problem your stuck and that's why it's labeled as alpha software. Also labelling it as that will scare off the less experienced users from trying it and doing themselves a mischief.

V0.2 will be all cab files as far as possible but don't expect a release until 0.1 has had a thorough real world testing.
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30th September 2010, 03:07 PM |#10  
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oh. it is better ,if i find this post eight hour ago.
it drives me nuts ,everytime i get into a new nrg rom.
thank you very much.
30th September 2010, 04:31 PM |#11  
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Great idea man, thank you so much for this!

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