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[DISCUSSION] Anyone come from the Vibrant to the G2?

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By splat matt, Senior Member on 1st October 2010, 01:56 PM
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I have the Vibrant and starting to see if I can force t-mo to swap it for the G2. So has anyone switched from the Vibrant to the G2? Which one do you like better. I have read that there are some members who are disappointed with the G2 screen saying it has a yellow tint.

So I would like to hear the early adopters feedback G2 or stay with the Vibrant and why.


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1st October 2010, 02:18 PM |#2  
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I don't notice the yellow tint, and it is on par with my Vibrant IMHO. I don't use the Virbant though... I put it back in the box after a few hous because I don't like TouchWiz.
1st October 2010, 02:23 PM |#3  
Jorsher's Avatar
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I think you read about a member that mentioned yellow tint.

I haven't heard of it outside of one comment. My screen most surely doesn't.
1st October 2010, 02:24 PM |#4  
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the vibrant's screen is definitely superior to G2 screen, and I do miss the 16GB internal SD space. other than that, I am giving my vibrant to my nephew and not looking back
1st October 2010, 02:32 PM |#5  
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The screen is fine on the G2 I have both the Vibrant and the G2, I couldn't make Tmobile do a complete swap, but I was able to get a full discount on the G2.

In my opinion the Vibrant is a great Media Device. Otherwise I think the G2 is better. The Vibrant is not as functional as the G2 as far as the phone/gps/etc is concerned but does have a better media capabilities.

It is wonderful to open google maps, or any app that uses GPS and have almost instant location, and it is accurate! That makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.

BTW if you have done two warranty exchanges on your Vibrant, then you can make Tmobile swap it out for any "Comparable" phone, including the G2 if you are still not happy with it.
1st October 2010, 02:34 PM |#6  
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Originally Posted by theclueless

the vibrant's screen is definitely superior to G2 screen, and I do miss the 16GB internal SD space. other than that, I am giving my vibrant to my nephew and not looking back

Definitely, but there's nothing wrong with the G2 screen. Hopefully after the 18-month exclusivity is up, HTC will have some nice S-AMOLED devices.
1st October 2010, 03:10 PM |#7  
ianandamy's Avatar
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I am the 1 who complained of yellow tent on the screen after playing with it for a few hours I have adjusted however I still don't like the screen compared to an o l e d. What the deal breakers for me are the keyboard up with the placement of the delete key and the return key, The floppy hinge, and the internal memory not being there. overall someone to make a case that keeps the phone opening I would probably keep it but I mac os 10 500 bucks on it
1st October 2010, 03:17 PM |#8  
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I have a Vibrant with Bionix 1.4 rom and OC on it, I am getting the G2 today. I will play with both and decide which phone I want to keep. I think G2 will have better support but I think Vibrant has better hardware with 16gb of internal storage, 4 inch samoled screen, not to mention the FFC that will shortly be installed, its going to take a lot to make me keep the G2 over the Vibrant, I do like the fact it has an indicator and its metal
1st October 2010, 04:06 PM |#9  
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I had two vibrants - one lasted 15 days, the 2nd 45 days - (tmo extended my remorse period over the gps issue). I had rooted and installed one of the lag fixes - and i thought that vibrant was fast, until i got this G2

i don't want to say the G2 blazes past the vibrant in blinding speed fashion, but it is definitely quicker and smooth as silk in all functions

i haven't noticed any tint to the screen - i don't think the screen or display is as brilliant (colorwise) but it's definitely nice

size on the G2, dropping to 3.7" display, i was worried i'd miss that display size. Nope - the size is perfect, both visually and size is perfect in my hand (i'm 6' w/large hands).

only "fault" i have with the G2 vs the vibrant - the speakerphone is definitely not as loud, and when set to max volume, the sound breaks up - i suspect it's because the speaker is right behind that metal backing cover - and it's reflecting that sound - when i put my finger on the metal cover there, the sound improves, and same if i remove the back cover. But that's a minor minor "issue", nothing i'm worried about.

oh, the GPS - IS FLAWLESS - even shows me moving around in my house, and is always oriented correctly to the direction i'm facing. Granted my house is 88' long, but it shows me moving around inside my house, from one end to the other.

i did have some concerns i'd miss the vibrant, i liked it that much. But that's not the case.

now i'm just looking forward to someone rooting this phone, so i can ditch some of the bloatware.
3rd October 2010, 03:42 AM |#10  
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I am going from the Vibrant to the G2, but I don't get my G2 until Monday. I was in love with the Vibrants screen, but the battery life was just horrendous for how I need to use a phone. I took it back within my remorse period and ordered the G2 Thursday. I really liked the Vibrant, but I think the G2 will be a better phone for me especially with the physical keyboard. I had an iPhone and never had problems with the screen keyboard, but with the Vibrant I would miskey all the time...
3rd October 2010, 04:24 AM |#11  
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battery life on the G2 has been pretty impressive compared to the vibrant
- where on the vibrant i had screen timeout in 1 minute, kept GPS and wireless, data sync, background data, etc turned off, and would put it in "airplane" mode when i went to sleep, after taking it off the charger at midnight, using the phone for normal conversation useage (approx 1.5-2 hours per day) by 6:00PM i'd be down to less than 20% charge

with the G2, and this is only after 3 days so battery has not had a chance to fully condition, with same useage, but in this case screen timeout is 10 minutes AND I'M USING THAT LIVE WALLPAPER "THUNDERSTORM" WITH THE LIGHTNING STRIKES, and leaving GPS on and not fooling with airplane mode while i sleep, i'm seeing 35+% charge at the end of the day

i have not missed the vibrant

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