[ROM]VIPERrom [ArtifiCIAL] DK17 2.6 BETA - UPDATED! 12-05-2010

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By BThomas22x, Retired Recognized Developer on 20th November 2010, 05:10 AM
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First And Foremost…

I am not responsible for anything you do to your phone. You are downloading and flashing at your own risk. I’d like to thank, ACS for the DK17 leak, and mysteryemotionz for the images.

  • NEW BATTERY MODS!!!! Check the bottom of this post. (Compatible With 2.6 And Up ONLY, NOT compatible with DK28)
  • GPS FIX!!! CLICK HERE for GPS fix. (Flash through clockwork)
(Download to your PC, and launch mIRC.exe and it should put you right in the channel after it connects. Then all you need to do is change your nick name by typing "/nick newnick" (without the quotes). This program will also work in WINE for the linux users that aren't familiar with irc.)
  • Stock Icons available. CLICK HERE to download them.
  • YouTube video of VIPERrom. CLICK HERE to see it in action before you download. (Thanks randyshear!!)


In order for the 2.3 and up ROMs to work, you need to flash the PIT and Modem. You can download Odin, the PIT, and Modem by using the link provided.

..::eek:din3v1.6, DK17 PIT, DK17 Modem.bin::..

Odin3v1.6, DK17 PIT, DK17 Modem.bin

Some people are having some issues with Odin3v1.6, so here is also a download of v1.3

Click here for Odin3v1.3 (Thanks Noobnl)

After downloading the Modem, and PIT files. Set them up accordingly. (There is a tutorial on how to use Odin in post #2)


1. Make a Nandroid backup of your phone via clockworkmod before you proceed any further! You can do this by booting into recovery via Volume Down, Camera, and Power being held simultaniously.
2. Apply the Modem and PIT via Odin.
3. Download the ROM of your preference.
4. Wipe the phone via clockworkmod 3x, wipe the cache at least once, and wipe the dalvik cache at least once as well.
5. Choose “Install zip from sdcard”, then “Choose zip from sdcard”. Navigate to where you saved the file, and select it to download.


  • Added LBSTestMode
  • Added Some TVout Files
  • Added Camera Fix
  • Added DNS Fix
  • Added Clockworkmod Re-director
  • Added Terminal Emulator (For TVout Testing)
  • Added Any Cut (For LBSTestMode & TVout)
  • Made AOSP Lockscreen Stock
  • Added ADB Wireless
  • Added "TuneWiki" Music Player (Shows Lyrics for songs)
  • Added Custom Battery With % Meter (Thanks Rodderik)
  • Changed DialerTab A Little
  • Added Volume Fix (Rodderik)

HOW TO ACCESS LBSTESTMODE & TVOUT (TVout for testing only)

1. Long press on the screen and select "shortcut".
2. Select "Any Cut", the select "Activity".
3. Scroll Down to "LBSTestmode" And select that.
4. Select LBSTestMode that's been added to your homescreen and select "SUPL/CP Settings".
5. Change the server to "" and the port to "7276".
6. Test your GPS.

1. Follow the same method as above but select "TVout".
2. Open the included "Terminal Emulator" and type the following commands:

start tvoutserver

3. Hit the home button and click on the newly made shortcut.
4. Plug in your cable and let me know what happens lol.

VIPERrom [TRiNiTY] DK17 2.8 Download...

VIPERrom [TRiNiTY] DK17 2.8

  • Still has wired tethering.
  • Settings menu has a little bit of color scheme problem, but i'm working on it. (if you mess with the framework to try to fix it, settings will be in a constant force close)
  • Kies
  • AOSP Lockscreen.
  • All The goodies from before.
  • Added ROM Manager.
  • Added Write & Go.
  • Has TVOut Option, But doesn't work yet. Working on it.

Warning!: This phone is too hot. Keep it out of your pockets, or you're losing your lunch money o.O

VIPERrom [TRiNiTY] DK17 2.7 Download:

VIPERrom [TRiNiTY] DK17 2.7

..::VIPERrom [ArtifiCIAL] DK17 2.6::..

• Added a few files to keep the root steady. (Lagfix APK works every time now)
• Changed start-up and shutdown sounds.
• Removed a few more un-needed files.
• Added some MobileAP files because I’ll have that working soon hopefully.
• Currently working on a custom boot animation.

Baked In Lagfix Flashable Zip

Also added new theme and changed the whole look.

VIPERrom [ArtifiCIAL] DK17 2.6 Download:

VIPERrom [ArtifiCIAL] DK17 2.6

..::VIPERrom [DarK SpeeD] DK17 2.4v2::..

• Removed a lot of pointless apps.
• Changed dialer tab.
• Changed wallpaper.

VIPERrom [DarK SpeeD] DK17 2.4v2 Download:

VIPERrom [DarK SpeeD] DK17 2.4v2

..::VIPERrom [DarK SpeeD] DK17 2.4::..

• Removed a lot of pointless apps.
• Removed a lot of sound files. (For speed)
• Removed a lot of un-needed files taking up space.
• Changed wallpaper.
• Changed Dialer tab.
• Optimized for speed.

VIPERrom [DarK SpeeD] DK17 2.4 Download:
VIPERrom [DarK SpeeD] DK17 2.4

..::VIPERrom [IMPact] DK17 2.3::..

• Removed GTG Touchwiz
• Added stock DK17 touchwiz.
• Added A2SD to help free up room in internal.
• Added transparent dropdown status bar.

VIPERrom [IMPact] DK17 2.3 Download:
VIPERrom [IMPact] DK17 2.3

..::`DK17 Modem and PIT Download`::..

Odin, Modem, & PIT

..::VIPERrom [IMPact] DK17 Kernel 2.2::..

• Fixed Sync issue
• Fixed Calendar issue
• Fixed Camera button not taking pictures.
• Fixed Speech issue.
• Fixed Task Manager issue.

VIPERrom [IMPact] DK17 Kernel 2.2 Download:

VIPERrom [IMPact] DK17 2.2

..::VIPERrom [IMPact] DK05 2.1::..

• Fixed Calendar Sync issue.
• Fixed the Search button issue.
• Added A2SD files.
• Added A2SD-Froyo APK.
• Changed dialer colors.
• Added DK17 Kernel.

VIPERrom [IMPact] DK05 2.1 Download:

VIPERrom [IMPact] DK17 Kernel 2.1

..::VIPERrom [IMPact] DK05 2.0::..

• Added new theme for ROM.
• Added ASTRO to system files.
• Removed Sprint “Bloatware”.
• Added a Host File to block ads.
• Added Gingerbread Youtube.
• No FC’s with music player in disc view.

VIPERrom [IMPact] DK05 2.0 Download:

VIPERrom [IMPact] DK05 2.0


1. Download the file "VIPERspeed Lag Fix" from my link above and "Busybox" from the market (by stericson). VIPERspeed is an APK so you can install it directly on your phone.
2. Open "Busybox Installer" from your app drawer. At the top, select the version you want (VIPERspeed is currently running off 1.17, i'll change to 1.18 soon, but 1.18 is still compatible.) At the bottom, make sure it says "system/xbin". Then hit install. (If you open it and it says you're not rooted and this wont work, reflash the ROM. It's a problem with the ROM i'm having and i'm working on it. The ROM is pre-rooted, so if you re-flash, it should work).
3. Ok, now that you have Busybox installed, go to your settings in your menu. Select "Applications". At the top it will say "Allow non market items to be installed"... select that option. At the bottom, it will also have "debugging", go in there and select the debugging option as well. (You'll need this for when you start modding the phone anyways.)
4. Now you're ready to install the VIPERspeed application. I've included "ASTRO" in the system apps, so you can always have access to your SDcard. Select the ASTRO application, and proceed to your sdcard, to wherever you saved the "VIPERspeed.apk" and select it, and hit "open app manager" and follow the prompts to install.
5. After you install the "VIPERspeed Lag Fix" Apk, follow these directions to get everything set up.
• Scroll down and select "Install EXT2 Tools", when finished hit back.
• Scroll down and select "Restore Boot Animation", When finished, hit back.
• Scroll down and select "VIPERspeed 1.0.1" and install that. When finished it will restart automatically and you'll be set up.

VIPERspeed Lagfix Download:

VIPERspeed Lag Fix

..::BATTERY % MODIFICATIONS::.. Courtesy of Rodderik

THESE ARE NOT COMPATIBLE WITH DK28 ROMS. I'm sure Rodderik will have some soon.

It's not required, but if you like the work I do, feel free to donate
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20th November 2010, 05:20 AM |#2  
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Odin and SDK Instructions...
Part One...

Click Here to download Odin3 for Samsung Epic.
Click here to download the DK05 modem.bin and PIT files. (DK17 modem and pit in OP)

As for use of Odin, It's actually a lot easier than it seems. I'll give you a quick runthrough.

1. Download and extract Odin, as well as the Modem and PIT files. (You DO NOT flash the ROM through Odin, The ROM is flashed through Clockwork.)

2. Open Odin. At this point, you have to put your phone in download mode. To do so, simply hold the number 1 on the keyboard, and the power button at the same time. Once in download mode, plug the USB cable into the phone. Only plug the phone in AFTER Odin is up and running or Odin won't pick up the phone.

3. Navigate to where you downloaded the modem and pit files and place the PIT file where it says "PIT" and the modem.bin file where it says "phone".

4. On the left side there is an options box. Make sure that "reboot" is the ONLY thing that's checked.

5. Now you're ready to flash the new modem. (Remember, the modem does NOT need to be downloaded, it's just a bonus feature) Hit start and allow it to run through it's process. When finished, the block above the port that your USB is showing will turn either green or red for pass or fail. At this point I haven't heard of anyone failing.

When Odin is done doing it's thing, it will automatically reboot the phone for you. Then you're setup with the new modem!

Part Two...

Now, on to SDK.

Here are the download links with their respective systems.

Download SDK for Windows HERE
Download SDK for Mac HERE
Download SDK for Linux HERE

Instructions for installing SDK to your computer...

1. Download one of the SDK kits from the links provided above and extract it.

2. Place the folder somewhere that will be easy for you to access. I have placed my sdk folder in "my computer" so when i start the command prompt i can type "C:/sdk/tools" and it takes me directly to the sdk folder.

3. Next we're going to set a PATH for you. This is how it's done on windows, i'm not sure how to do it on the other platforms, but i'd imagine it's not that different.

4. Open the start menu and RIGHT click on "my computer" to bring up the right click menu. Then click on properties. When the box opens, on the left side there are some options listed. Click on the bottom one that says "Advanced System Settings".

5. When that box pops up, at the bottom there is an option that says "Environment Variables"... Click on that.

6. Now you will see two text fields. One on top of the other. You're going to click on "new" on the BOTTOM box. To make sure you're in the right one, it should say "system variables." Now it will ask for the name, and you can type in whatever you want. I've typed in SDK for ease.

7. It's also going to ask you for the variable value. This is where you're going to type the path to where you put your SDK kit. Mine is "C:/sdk/tools"

8. Now you have downloaded and installed SDK and created a path for it.

I hope this helps for everyone. If you need anything else, just let me know.

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20th November 2010, 05:21 AM |#3  
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Nice, will give this a try. And thanks.

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20th November 2010, 05:22 AM |#4  
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Hey BThomas, Excellent ROM!! By far the best I've tried, IMO! I'd know cuz my phone's been flashed more than a porno director's camera flash!! With that being said, there's a lot of awesume ROM & theme dev's here on XDA.. It's all a matter of prefferece, and BT, is da man in my book!! He WILL look out for ya. Good lookin' BThomas22x!
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20th November 2010, 05:23 AM |#5  
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glad you made something with that dk05, you're amazing period. not into the quantom rom personally (no offense to dameon), it works great but not very ..custom. anyways im dl this rom right now! thanks for your great work
20th November 2010, 05:25 AM |#6  
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Sounds awesome, I am gonna give this a try when im a little less drunk.

I don't wanna be the guy that says " yah and look what i did last night.. oh wait.. dammit ... "
20th November 2010, 05:26 AM |#7  
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quick q, what version of busybox are we installing?
20th November 2010, 05:27 AM |#8  
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Wow! Imagine that, it gets released to the public and its already better! Excellent work, very much appreciated. Thank you

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20th November 2010, 05:28 AM |#9  
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does this rom have app2sd support? And one more thing. Can we run those commands thru android terminal?
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20th November 2010, 05:32 AM |#10  
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Do this have the 5 docked icons?

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20th November 2010, 05:36 AM |#11  
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Originally Posted by myphoneisepic

glad you made something with that dk05, you're amazing period. not into the quantom rom personally (no offense to dameon), it works great but not very ..custom. anyways im dl this rom right now! thanks for your great work

Congratulations on your first post!

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