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Battery life of Samsung Focus is short.

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Default Battery life of Samsung Focus is short.

Does anyone agree that the battery life for Samsung Focus is really short?

I use my phone to check emails, browse websites and listen to music during lunch, dinner and on the road. The total hands on time per day is roughly 2hrs. But if I only charge it overnight, not anytime else, it only last until right after dinner.

It unacceptably short comparing to my ex-phone, HTC Touch Pro2.

Anyone experiencing the same thing?

Who should take care of this issue? Samsung or Microsoft?
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My phone on moderate use will last me 1.5-2 days but I usually charge it at the end of the night regardless. In the first couple of days I did notice that the battery would drain pretty fast but seemed to get better after that.
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Mine will typically go from 7:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. or so while still having the battery indicator having something inside. That's with it being used all day as an mp3 player, triaging email, web surfing, and Twitter.
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When you get a new phone the battery has to go through a couple of cycles charging for the phone to calibrate. Also, keep in mind things that drain battery: light theme, streaming, basically downloading massive amounts of data. Make you sure you discharge your battery to about 10% and fully charge your battery a couple of times. Try not to go below 10% not good for battery. Make sure you are using wall adapter ac to charge. Charging from a pc is very slow and generally doesn't fully charge unless you leave it plugged for a LONG time.

Light use I'd say 1.5 days

Moderate 1 full day

Heavy use 7-8 hours
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With light use i get about 4 to 5 days, heavy use i get about a day or two. Check to see if you have location services (GPS) running, wifi, etc as the more parasitic things you can turn off the better the battery life of course.
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Mine lasts all day for me. A long 16+ hour day with moderate usage leaves me at about 30-35% battery. I keep Wi-Fi turned off and bluetooth always on. Not bad for a smart phone. I've seen phones far worse than this (Sprint Epic anyone?).
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My battery last abour 8 - 9 hours, and I'm running for a outlet by then. But I'm a heavy user. Bt headphones with the music playing, twitter constantly, facebook, text, email, IE..., pretty much all of those 8 - 9 hours.
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I have just about everything that I can find turned on, and have been using my new toy as much as possible. With that, I'm having to charge about twice a day, which is roughly where I was at with my Tilt2. Your battery drainage really sounds like it's normal, and likely related entirely to how much crap you have turned on and running in the background. The biggest drainer of the battery in any phone is gonna be the radio, so if you want to improve battery life, turn off stuff that connects to the network and set your email/weather/tweets/facebook to refresh much less often. Select "as items arrive" for your hotmail and Gmail so that they push instead of pull. Check your basics first before trying to find a customer service rep to chew out.
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I'm happy with my battery life. I just charge it every night like I have every phone Ive owned. I use my phones as my morning alarm clock. I have all location services active, and i activate WiFi when usable. At work I leave it plugged in to stream music and podcast.
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Coming from Android and Droid Incredible, the Focus is awesome on battery. I have no problem lasting the full day. I charge my phone each night overnight.

battery, samsung focus
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