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[Q] I9000 different Battery drain rate with different Routers?

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Originally Posted by gtluis View Post
Many routers, specially old ones, don't support the "power save" option that some laptops feature, in this case, probably SGS has problems when entering save mode on the routers which don't support the power saving feautre of the device.

Maybe setting your phones wifi to the never sleep policy might affect in your performance, try it out guys, I hope it helps.
my results have been tested using the "never sleep" policy. i always have that turned on so that 3g won't be switched over when the screen is off.
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Could be the Beacon Interval of the routers.
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I believe you may be onto something here. I researched Beacon Interval and DD-WRT (Router 1) and found multiple instances of people having connection, latency and speed issues with DD-WRT that were fixed by changing the Beacon Interval on the Access Point.

I will check out the Linksys router later today to see what the default Beacon Interval is set at and report back.
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Originally Posted by tc80tc80 View Post
I wonder if anyone else has noticed this oddity.....

I use my i9000 with three different wireless routers.

(1) Linksys WRT54G running latest DD-WRT

(2) O2 Thomson TG585-V7 (Wireless Box II)

(3) Belkin F5D7634-4A-H

I've done this testing multiple nights from midnight to 6am. No other apps running. The I9000 is fully charged by midnight.

With (Router 2) I will lose about 1% per hour overnight.

With (Router 3) I will lose about 3% per hour overnight.

But with (Router 1), I will lose (10 to 15%) per hour overnight.

All of the routers are running the same channel and default antenna power. I can't see any difference between the routers, power wise.

I am beginning to wonder if this disparity is responsible for some users having unpredictable battery drain with their Galaxys.

Has anyone come across an app that will let me log all of the wireless connection activity?

This is some interesting facts you have encountered, regarding an app to log wifi activities I would reccomend Shark together with Shark reader, not the native mode version of Shark as it doesn't work on the Galaxy. It's not an easy to use program but it should be able to tell you what goes on in the network of your device.

You are very welcome to present your findings in my YADB - Yet Another Battery Drain thread, hope it's ok that I post a link to this thread from mine.

If you or anyone else want to visit YABD, there is a link in my signature.
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Although my phone is a Desire HD I need to share my experience with you guys.
I have the AirTies RT-204 router and since I started using my phone the battery life when wifi was always on had been horendous (about 5-10% per hour on idle).
However, about 5 days ago my router was restarted and my battery has been excellent from that point on (about 1% even less per hour on idle).
Last night the router has been reset again and the big battery drain has come back again.
What this tells me is that the model of a router is not the culprit for the big battery drain. It has something to do with the IP changing when restarting it. Now, I am not an expert on routers etc but I believe this seems as a logical assumption.
Could some of you having this problem try restarting your router and see if it helps? Remember that maybe it will not have an impact the first time you restart and you will have to do this multiple times.
If u have anyhting more on this please post your thoughts.
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