Default [Q] Boot Menu Mod for MyTouch

Does anyone know how to add the following:

"Reboot Recovery"

To the power menu for MyTouch?

I've looked on Google and the XDA forum for a long time and was only able to find hacks for Captivate, Fascinate, and other phones but MyTouch. I've tried their instructions, but the lines of code are completely different.

I'm currently running the TMUS rom (in signature), and don't want to switch to the Cyanogen Mod. I love the speed that rom has without all of the extra features of Cyanogen.

Please let me know if you know anything, or could point me in the right direction.
I can baksmali, smali, edit framework-res.apk, just need the instructions somewhere... :\


Phone: Samsung Galaxy S III (T-Mobile)
OS: Android 4.1.1
ROM: Codename Android 3.6.6
Radio: Discovering (whatever comes with Codename at the moment)
Kernel: d2tmo/att kernel cyanogenmod Mainline (m-version) (CM Nightlies)
Recovery: Clockworkmod