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[MOD] Taste Nexus S Gingerbread on Galaxy S v6 - network (unstable) - tech DEMO

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Default [MOD] Taste Nexus S Gingerbread on Galaxy S v6 - network (unstable) - tech DEMO

UPDATE statement.

As original author for this thread, videos and first demos, I'm not currently working on the Gingerbread port these days (heavily busy working on Voodoo sound improvements).
It doesn't mean I lost interest in it, only that I miss time at the moment.

CyanogenMod team work on a serious port of Gingerbread for Galaxy S, witch won't be just a technical demo like the original spirit of this one.
Of course, such goal requires a lot of work, dedication, and also some calm.
There is a lot of natural interest about Gingerbread on Galaxy S, and it's perfectly understandable too.

Giving an ETA until the porting work is done or some major advance is made would be dishonest.
It means that not asking for ETA will be appreciated. However, you're welcome discussing other aspects.

If you want more technical insights and a few updates by most actives developers for this port, i would recommend to follow:
[list needs to be completed, thanks for input]

Thank you!

Original post:

Galaxy S with Nexus S kernel - Booting Nexus S Android Gingerbread
Videos are here:


Early demo Releases - V6

You must be root on your phone
Your /data must be converted in Ext4 by Voodoo lagfix or another Ext4 lagfix.
Verizon Fascinates are not yet supported - Epic4G will require a lot more development.
You must have proceed to complete backups before
Some busybox installation is also useful for tar.

Another Important note
Be sure you have access to the download mode using the 3 buttons combination.
If you don't, it will be extremely difficult (even if in theory not impossible) to to flash another kernel back.


1/ Download this system dump on your sdcard:

system dump archive

2/ Run these commands
adb shell 
cd /data
mkdir gingerbread
cd gingerbread
busybox tar zxvf /sdcard/system-dump-as-root.tar.gz
busybox cp -a /efs efs
reboot download
3/ unzip the attached nsonsgs.tar.zip to nsonsgs.tar

4/ flash the kernel with Odin or Heimdall - no pit - no re-partition

Watch Gingerbread boot on your phone !

How do I get back?

Everything is still in place on your phone - no harm done.
All you need to do is to flash your preferred custom (that support Ext4 obviously) Kernel back on your phone

What's about this port:

- It uses the Nexus S kernel compiled from sources
- It runs the exact /system image release, we dumped on IRC from an actual Nexus S device.

Am i French ?

Now you don't have any doubt anymore

Which filesystem ?

This early preview runs on Ext4. no RFS at all, the kernel don't support RFS.

Does everything work ?

Nope, but there are progresses.
Don't work: GPS / Voice / camera
Work: everything else: like sound, GL acceleration etc

Will it work ?

I think most of it will work after countless hours spent on it.

Is it flashable with Odin ?

Won't be so easy, but it's one of the goals

Do you work alone ?

Credits go the IRC channel #NSdev on freenode, and now a team formed regrouping most Captivate/Vibrant/Fascinate/I9000 developers and CyanogenMod team, with Kernel and ROM developers and also newcomers.

When will this/that work ?

The only honest answer is: there is no answer.
Please don't ask for ETA, don't pressure developers, they need peace of mind

Is this Open Source ?

Everything is fully published under an open source license

Latest initramfs: https://github.com/project-voodoo/nsonsgs-initramfs
Kernels: https://github.com/galaxys-kernel

Who are the actual contributors to the code?

For the kernel, you can follow works here : who / when.
As it is a team work, sometimes it's not the guy who had the idea who commits the code, but still


And a lot of other ones now!


- Easy root. You only need to install Superuser app from Market.

Downloads :

Kernel you can flash with Odin / heimdall / kernel flashing apps

ClockWorkMod unsigned update.zip

- Wifi semi-working (tend to crash the phone on Wifi sleep timeout)
- Calls working but no DATA for me (coolya had data, which means: erratic) - voice not tested.
- kind of laggy, but there is a lot of headroom.
- GPS working only by Wifi/Triangulation networking - No satellites.

Fantastic job by coolya who did most of the advancement, for Wifi, baseband and also OneDRAM partitions configuration. Really really awesome work.
We were so lucky the snow forced him to stay at home instead of going to work

This time you can really start to play with the phone, install apps, surf on the Internet all this with Gingerbread! kind of cool

Buttons fixed thanks to the contributions of xcaliburhands, pawitp, fenfir
No need to create some directories manually anymore.
Kernel available as ClockWorkMod recovery update.zip - be sure you have access to 3 buttons !

SDcard now works
- As internal storage
- As USB storage

improved pre-init script and mounts:
no more insufficient space
improved dual-boot solution
faster boot
faster disk I/O


Edit: we started working now as a team, joining XDA forces with CyanogenMod.
Gingerbread CM is AOSP, which means the port will be the real Google experience, using clean source modified just as we need to.
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Holy moly..... I can't wait! Thanks Curio (and any other devs)!

I wonder how fast this ROM will be! 2.2.1 is smooth as butter as it is!
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That was quick! I saw the title before saw who posted I thought it was just going to to someone asking for eta's... Nice work!
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LOL are u serious? Doc was trying to run it the other day but couldn get pass the boot screen haha
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Let's wait patiently for the port, and let the dev do his work.

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Will this port be only for a specific sgs? For instance the Captivate perhaps.....

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We're waiting...
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Originally Posted by heymanator View Post
Will this port be only for a specific sgs? For instance the Captivate perhaps.....

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Patience, it will come to all in time

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Originally Posted by heymanator View Post
Will this port be only for a specific sgs? For instance the Captivate perhaps.....

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What works on one GSM Galaxy S works on every GSM Galaxy S with only minor tweaks.
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Time to dust off my i9000 and get it out of the drawer.

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