Exclamation ATTENTION all chefs

Hey Chefs,

Thanks for taking some time to read this.
In order to maintain this section better and to make it easier for new members, I request that you all follow the following Thread Naming conventions. Some of you already use them, which is awesome.

To indicate that the thread is in fact a rom. This has to be the first Tag for your title.

[LANG] (Not required for English ROMS)
Indicate the language of the rom if it is not English, preferably with 2-4 character mentions. If you carry ROMs with multiple language options, please use the tag [MULTILANG]

Reference Threads

Requisition Threads

Tutorial Threads

Additional Tags




For the time being, these are the only tags we need to get the forum organised. I might include more tags at a later time.

We thank you for cooperating with us and for all your hard work & continued support of XDA.

Your friendly neighbourhood mod,

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