Default (Q) need to change my android id... help.....

ok here is the situation..

i had to get a new epic because my last one stopped auto rotating when i turned the screen.

ok my situation..

i play ninjas live, imobsters and world war.
those accounts fo some stupid reason link tot he android id and no gmail or any other login...

knowing this before i swapped out the phones i read info on the net on forums and such that all i needed to do was change the android id of the new phone to the id of the old phone.

knowing this i downloaded Android ID changer from the market and got my old ID number and saved it to the sd card.

ok new phone.
straight from mama sprint. i first root it with the one step. install titanium backup and confirms root.

ok i install android id changer and goto change the id as it states.
reboots etc..

id still the same as it was from the store.

am i doing something wrong here?