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The Captivate Directory |Guides|ROMs|Themes|Etc.| READ BEFORE POSTING(Updated 9/7/11)

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By nbs11, Senior Member on 25th December 2010, 10:33 PM
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Captivate Directory
Read this whole thing before posting a new thread



Status of Gingerbread port
XDA Rules


Please post in the right category. Otherwise your post will be deleted. In addition, before posting make sure you have read the XDA rules, read the posting rules below, searched the forum using both the search tool and this, and read this post.

This is the place for posting anything general. These include tips, ideas, comments, etc.
Q/A or Support
This is the place for posting any questions. If you post questions in other categories such as Android Development you will not get an answer.
Android Development
This is the place for posting Hacks/Mods/ROMs/Modems/Kernels. If you are not a developer do not post there.
Themes and Apps
This is the place for posting themes as well as programs. Many applications can be interchangeable with Android Development, so use your best judgement.
This forum is self explanatory.


How to Flash a ROM
Captivate Guide (old)
XDA Wiki Page
Read before flashing
How to enable Hulu
Captivate New User Guide
Rooting Rogers Captivate
Video guides
[RECOVERY] 3e Recovery Modded w/ No Verification
[HowTo W/Pack] Flash Stock I9000 2.3.3 NEE Updated (again) 4/25/11


Cezar's ROM
Stock ROM (ODIN)
Insanity Remixed
eSPyel's ROM
Ultimate JPY
ROM Kitchen
di11igaf's ROM

Themes and Modifications

See the sub-directory:


See the sub-directory:
[Modems] - (Froyo & Gingerbread) - WCDMA 850 enabled


GB Steam

How to make a JIG
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25th December 2010, 10:33 PM |#2  
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Rules for posting in Android Development

Originally Posted by krook6023

  • If you have developed a ROM, or are working with others to do so, the development forum is somewhere to discuss and share ideas, post useful feedback and logs or crash dumps, and to discuss a common goal developers are trying to achieve.

  • It is NOT the place to post your question because it gets higher traffic, or because more experienced users frequent it. Doing this just annoys those who are working on the device, and drives them away. Developers don't want to wade through 20 threads of "Help me urgently" to find their threads for porting and fixing camera issues etc. Similarly, if a thread is designated as discussion for developers say, porting a camera fix, please do not post in there asking "When will it be ready?", "Can I flash this yet?" etc. This is both completely disrespectful to those working on the project (you evidently haven't read the important posts in the thread), and also is making it harder for developers to find comments from other developers or testers when required.

  • Similarly, don't make loads of "Thanks for your work here" posts in an active development thread. It's just as annoying to developers as asking when something will be ready. If a ROM is complete, then go ahead and thank the developer if you wish, but don't go into threads for devs only, and interrupt it to post "thanks". It's basically spamming, and is treated as such.

  • If you are posting in development, you should have read every sticky and notice there, and should be actively developing or helping in the development of something. Developing isn't installing a ROM, or using a tweak, it's creating a ROM or other hack or tweak. If you haven't read for several days before starting out on XDA, you are likely about to ask something already solved. I registered on XDA when I first wanted to post, and that was to join in a discussion on something. Sure, join up and ask a question, but read the information available in General and Q&A first, as your question will have been asked before. Search is your friend here, become familiar with it.

  • Regarding when to post in development if you are not actually developing something, there is one occasion where it's acceptable. If you find a leak of a new ROM, which isn't already posted, and you verify it's legitimacy via either running it, or based on the source you obtained it from, then this is assisting in development, and should be posted in development. If you want to ask when a leak will be available use search first, then if not already in discussion, open a thread in general or Q&A.

  • If you have a problem flashing a ROM, this is NOT related to development. It's up to you to determine if it is specific to a particular ROM, and post useful information in that developer's existing thread for the ROM. If it happens on more than one ROM, and isn't a known issue (remember you should read several times more words than you post), then find out what you are doing wrong. Check guides written by others, try to repeat the problem and see if it happens every time. Something needs to be reproducible to be fixed effectively.

  • Once you have identified what you need help with go to the device Q&A forum (general if device lacks one), and make a clear, informative thread that explains the issue, and what you have tried doing to fix it. Did you re-download the ROM? Did you ask a friend to flash it for you, to reduce chance of user error? What steps (exactly) did you follow? What errors did you see (exact wording)? Did you double check all the steps? Did you do a wipe or hard reset?

  • If you make a clear, concise, yet detailed post, you will find help forthcoming, and should get the problem sorted very quickly. If someone suggests you try something, report back on what happened, did it work etc. Then, next time someone has this issue and searches, they will find this and have a verified and tested solution.

  • So remember... before you start a thread in development, ask yourself what you are developing. If you can't answer, then stop, step away from the post button, and think about where you are posting. Would it be better in General or Q&A, or is some more time with your best friend, search, required?

General Public License

Originally Posted by 12aon

A little introduction

Recently in several Android fora on XDA-Developers, it has come to the attention of the moderator team that there have been issues regarding developers’ compliance with the GPL. This post aims to clarify the position of XDA on the use of GPL sources, particularly in the development of Android kernels.

Without the GPL, the Android operating system would likely never have come about. Through the work of Linus Torvalds, the Linux kernel was made open source for all to use, share and modify. As Android runs on the Linux kernel, and features numerous modifications to these sources, it would not exist in its present state without the Open Source community.

As a result, it is in the interests of everyone who owns an Android phone, who wishes to see further development on the platform, to ensure that they play their part in upholding both the letter and spirit of the GPL.

The GNU General Public Licence (also known as the GPL) is available to read in full at

To make it easy for everyone to spot a release that complies with the GPL mark the title of your release thread with [GPL]. If you find a ROM which does not comply with the GPL, or the developer does not issue sources, you can report the post as usual, using the report post button next to the post number. Alternatively you may PM your forum specific moderator.

The Rules as they apply on XDA

As XDA has no legal power to uphold the GPL (and frankly we want to stay as far away from doing so as possible), we can’t force any of our users to abide by the GPL. However it is in XDA’s interests as well as the interests of our developer-base to ensure all GPL-derived materials hosted or linked on XDA comply fully with the GPL.
GPL-derived materials that do not come with the complete sources used to compile the GPL components are considered warez, and will be treated as such under forum rule 6 and 9.
If you use GPL components, but do not make any modifications to them whatsoever, you should provide a link to the original source of your GPL code.
Sources accompanying a release should be complete, and contain all the necessary source code for any modules, scripts or definition files. Complete sources will be defined as those which compile correctly and completely against the platform for which the software is distributed, and which contain any and all modifications made to the released General Public Licenced code. The source code supplied should be the exact version for which the source code is being requested, complete with all modifications.
EXAMPLE: Here’s a bit of code that could be used as a template to post your releases

<Kernel Or Author Name> <Kernel Nr>:

The Very Quick Summary of General Public License (GPL)

The text of the GPL Licence itself will be used to reach any final conclusion regarding any disputes over GPL Licenced materials. The above is a summary of what XDA expects of members using GPL code, and the complete text can be read at the GNU website.

The GPL states that anyone who modifies GPL licenced code is required to make available the sources used to compile it. This is to further improve and encourage collaborative work, as well as to ensure that the best code possible is produced, and to encourage peer-review of all work. This benefits both developers and end users in numerous ways, including:
Allowing anyone to verify the code they are trusting with their data, and its authenticity
Encouraging community collaboration to produce faster fixes and updates, and better code
Helping bring new developments from other devices and fields to your own, letting you benefit from new code that wouldn’t have been available without this sharing.
The GPL imparts great freedom for GPL end users. It ensures innovation is never stifled and no project is dependent upon any single developer.
It is in everyone’s interest for the GPL to be adhered to, as it gives us all better ROMs, better transparency, and a better atmosphere for developers to work together to make great code.

XDA Mantra

Originally Posted by kyphur

I think what a lot of people forget is that this is not a "make my phone neat & kewl" place.

As implied by the name this is technically a Developers forum/community.

Now what does that mean? Well first off it means that there is an expectation that if you are here then you want to customize your device but rather than just installing something that someone packaged you want to understand how it works and maybe even enhance it yourself.

When I first came here with a Blue Angel it was a different environment. PDA Phones were not embraced by the general public because of the expense and complexity (I paid over $400 for my BA). A $400 phone 4 years ago was expensive, today the Tilt is $300 after rebates but with inflation & the rise in the cost of other devices and the fact that there are other sources out there giving them away for $150 our neat bit of kit has become popular with mainstream users.

Now we have a flood of new users who are asking not "How can I do this myself" but more like "Give me the quick fix" without caring to understand the process. See if you read the threads then you get to experience the learning process, you see how the issues were investigated and confirmed. Then you get to watch the different attempts at resolution and learn why some failed while others worked. That is called Development.

The NooB backlash is coming from users who have walked in the development shoes and is directed mainly at those who don't care for the journey but just want the end result or destination.

As a Development Forum we are just as much (if not more) about the journey. I've read so many comments like "I don't have time to read all of the threads" or "I don't care how it works, just that it does". These very statements are contrary to the heart & soul of XDA-Devs and that is why the backlash is so strong.


XDA-Devs is about developers & hackers helping each other and working together to get the most out of our devices by understanding them better than most.

XDA-Devs is not about helping everyone who wants a "Kewl bit of kit" make their phone better than the guy next to him.

Now do we go kicking users off who never contribute anything, NO. We tolerate it to an extent. Where the toleration ends is when these users start diluting the usefulness of the forum by repeating the same questions over and over again.

You ask us to understand your position. Well if you want to benefit from our experience and time then I think it is only fair that you understand our position.

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If you have concerns, ideas, questions, or just feel lonely, our moderators are here for you. Send them a PM.

shep211 and Captainkrtek
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here is a list of APNs I put together that you may need. It is not advised to use another carriers APN without using their SIM card because you will pay roaming fees.

Name: AT&T
APN: wap.cingular
Proxy: leave blank
Port: leave blank
Server: leave blank
MMS Proxy:
MMS Port: 80
APN Type: leave blank

Name: T-Mobile
APN: and
User Name: leave blank and guest
Password: leave blank and leave blank
Primary gateway IP:
Port: 8080
Secondary gateway IP:
Port: 8080
MMS Mmsc Server:

Name: Rogers
Username: wapuser1
Password: wap
MCC: 302
MNC: 72 (If that doesn't work try 720, its already filled in, leave it at what it is)


Name: Rogers MMS
Username: media
Password: mda01
MMS Proxy:
MMS Port: 80
MCC: 302
MNC: 72 (If that doesn't work try 720, its already filled in, leave it at what it is)
APN Type: mms

MMS Proxy:
MMS Port: 80
MCC: 302
MNC: 220
APN Type: internet + mms

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Awesome, now only if this would get stickied and all the other stickies get consolidated, that would be stellar. Me personally, I don't have a problem using the search bar, but this is still a tremendous help.
And for that, I thank you!
26th December 2010, 06:24 AM |#6  
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Originally Posted by vunuts

Awesome, now only if this would get stickied and all the other stickies get consolidated, that would be stellar. Me personally, I don't have a problem using the search bar, but this is still a tremendous help.
And for that, I thank you!

That was my idea. I am trying to consolidate all the stickies from all the forum categories. The best solution would be to have only one sticky in each thread that redirects to this.
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27th December 2010, 01:43 AM |#7  
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can we please get this stickied?
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27th December 2010, 01:51 AM |#8  
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Donate to Me
APN for Telus

MMS Proxy:
MMS Port: 80
MCC: 302
MNC: 220
APN Type: internet + mms

leave the rest blank.
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27th December 2010, 05:45 PM |#9  
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since no one seems to be taking any action, i would like to vote this post get sticked.

You can see
1) some stickies are either expired (not updated)
2) there are too many stickies
3) this would organize everything else

Thanks to whom it might concern
27th December 2010, 05:46 PM |#10  
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sticky this please!!!
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