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[ROM][FroYo][JL5]▽▲ AXURA Vibrant Edition▲▽[Devs4Android][][Beast][1/12/2011]

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By Master™, Senior Member on 29th December 2010, 04:01 AM
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Devs4Android Exclusive Release
Please Read The Full OP

How to flash this ROM
Video by: Austiclees

IRC: Coming Soon!

Newest Version:
Released: 01/12/2011 9:27PM Central US
Based Mostly On: Unofficial Froyo JL5

Non-Issue Issues:
  • If you find a 'Non-Issue Issue' please report it here. (Please remember to tell us what ROM you are on, e.g; "Axura x.x.x")

Rom Features:
Bloatware Removed
No Boot/Shutdown Sounds
Custom Boot Animation
Accurate Battery Mod
4 Lockscreens
Flash Player
100% Deodexed
Themed USB Connection
Themed Contacts
Themed Weather Widget
Themed Gallery
Themed Web
Themed Signal
Themed Lockscreen
Custom Wallpaper
Custom Stock Wallpapers
Modified I9000 Camera
Custom Default Font
Extra Font Compatibility
FFC Mod Support


Some Included Apps:
Youtube - HQ
Titanium Backup - Free Edition
SGS Info
SGS Toolbox
Spare Parts
Slacker Radio
Visual VM

User Submitted Videos:
Austiclees - Axura 2.0
DaOneNOnly2007 - Axura 2.0.5
s15274n - Axura 2.0.6
alexnguyen018 - Axura
*If you would like to make a video about this rom, please do. We can always use more videos! If you do decide to make a video, please PM me the youtube link so I can add it to the list. Thanks!*

Extra Themes/Mods:
Back to Axura: 2258 (Wipes dalvik-cache, it will take longer to boot the first time.)
Back to Axura: 2259 (Wipes dalvik-cache, it will take longer to boot the first time.)
60% Transparent: v2.0
Ginger-Theme: v2.0 (Wipes dalvik-cache, it will take longer to boot the first time.)
Darkstar-Theme: v1.0
Default Font: v1.0
Stock Blue: v2.0

JunkDruggler - Visual Help
Jedipottsy - Some Framework Icons.
krylon360 - JL5 Deodexing
camalot - GingerBread KB
untermensch - Battery Screen Mod/Power Menu Mod
Supercurio - Voodoo Kernel
MagnusRagnarok - Anims
s0niqu3 - Lockscreen Port (My baksmali doesn't work)
pendo - Blue Market
*If I forgot anyone in the credits above, please PM me on what you conttributed so I can add you to the list.. Thanks! *

Helpful Things:
ChangeLog: See second post..
FAQ: See third post..
Screenshots: See fourth post..

If you download this rom please keep in mind, I will & can not be responsible if something goes wrong while applying any modification to your phone. If your device blows up & the swat team comes to your house, best of luck! If your $500 device turns into a paperweight, only weigh down the good papers! Basically, if you 'F' up, and blame me... I will laugh my A$$ off and walk the other way!

Now that our disclaimer is out of the way, have fun flashing!!

Download: Click Here
*If you download this ROM, and you like/love it.. Please press the "Thanks" button! *
(This installs voodoo once flashed (Unless you have the voodoo disable script in the voodoo folder).. Please allow 15 minutes for it to flash/convert & boot.)
(If upgrading Axura to another Axura version, you can flash without disabling Voodoo)

Side Note: Please keep this thread on topic. Only discuss this ROM. Don't bash/flame/insult anyone! If you do, you WILL be reported.
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29th December 2010, 04:01 AM |#2  
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Change Logs
Want to see what changed? Look here!

Beginning of Axura
Based On JPA
Axura Themed Lockscreen
Battery loss is Fixed!
Kernel Updated to #31 - Thanks Eugene!
Build.Prop mods
Speed improvements (Just when you thought it couldn't get faster..)
Added "Home Switcher"
Updated "Google Maps"
Updated "Titanium Backup"
New music player
Kernel #32
Stock Music Player
Flash Player Fixed
Battery percentage added
More build.prop speed tweaks
Updated to Kernel #45
New Framework Icons by The3dMan
Fixed Sleep Issue
Settings Icons by Darky
Added VVM
New Default Wallpaper
More Build.Prop tweaks
Speed Improvements
Based on JPO
Flash Player is now Uninstallable
Shutdown images changed
Default Wallpaper Changed (Forgot about this in 1.0.4)
Wipes Dalvik Cache automatically
Clean Slate
Based on JK2
More Framework Mods
New Settings Images
Fixed Market
New Wallpaper
New Stock Wallpapers	
Added GalaxyTab Email	
Themed USB Connection
Themed Contacts
Themed Market
Themed Weather Widget
Themed Web
Themed Gallery
Themed Signal
Themed Music App
Updated Titanium Backup
Changed Check Button
Added Reboot/Recovery/Download to Power Menu								
Fixed WIFI never sleep Issue				
Added extra font compatibility
Re-Added stock music App
Removed donut launcher
Add Customized TWLauncher (Tw goodness with speed)
Updated Voice Search
Updated Rom Manager
Updated Flash Player
Updated Google Search
Updated Zeam Launcher
New Default Font
New Boot Animation
Flying Speed Animtions
G2 GPS Certs (Better GPS)
Added Epic Camera
Changed to I9k Camera
Themed Power Control Widget
Fixed Silent Issue
Stock Email App
Fixed Some Apps Not Showing In Market
Themed Dialer
Fixed Menu-To Unlock Bug
Added allshare
Added option to change lockscreens
Added CarHome
Added DeskHome
Mounting Issue SHOULD BE Fixed (Please delete the cache from your internal SD for this to take affect)
Uses CM6 Mms.apk for now (Fixed Blurry MMS)
Removed TwLauncher
New Wallpaper *HD*
Themed Power Widget
MMS Fixed by Sombionix
Fixed not being able to get into Recovery via 3 button combo
New Bootscreen *Red Rage!*
Lockscreen Bug Fixed - Thks s0niqu3
Aosp Touch
Restore Bug Fixed
Updated Google Maps
Updated Titanium Backup
Updated Zeam Launcher
Thin PullDown Bar
Fixed Market Theme
Battery Icons
SD Card FIX by Sombionix
DX Kb by s0niqu3
New Bootscreen
Better GPS
New Wallpaper
New Battery Icon
Added Slacker Radio
Added Chrome-To-Phone
Updated Zeam Launcher
Updated ADW Launcher
Updated Titanium-Backup
updated nfo
Included CWM
Changed nfo Location
GPS Icon Changed
Switched 3g to H icon
Customized Devs4Android BootAnim
Customized Devs4Android ShutdownAnim
Includes Facebook (Can be uninstalled)
Includes Twitter (Can be uninstalled)
New Email app (Works 100%)
VoiceMail Notifications
Stock Dialer Look (On Request) - (For Now)
GPS Fix for those having problems
JK6 Modem
JK6 Vold
GPS Icon Fix
Fixed MMS
New green glow when on call (Not ugly anymore)
Grey Market
Gingerbread Keyboard
New TwFramework
Market is lighter shade of blue
New D4A Customized BootScreen
GingerBread Launcher
Mostly Stock Dialer w/ In-Call Letters (Kingpongg)
Black Clock
JL1 Modem
Updated LauncherPro
LauncherPro is uninstallable
Updated Flash Player
Built-in Ad-Blocker
VoiceMail Notifications (Forgot in the last release)
Clean Slate, Based Mostly On JL5
Camera Hack by Fr4gg0r -
-Take pics by pressing the power button.
-Take pics even if your battery is at 2%
Droid X MMS
Voodoo JL5 Kernel (Supercurio)
-Default Recovery Is: Modified CWM (No 3e or 2e)
All Apps Updated
Removed Rom Manager
Framework Mods
-Gingerbread Accurate Battery Icons
Home Page Set To:
Camera Hack (Did not include it, I need to look into it more)
Misc Bug Fixes
-GingerBread KB w/ Haptic Feedback
Updated Apps
-Titanium Backup
New D4A Boot Anim
Critical Update!
Bug Fixes
-Phone sometimes starting with airplane mode enabled~FIXED force close sometimes when removing headphones~FIXED
-Random Data Drop~FIXED
UI Update
Blue Market by pendo
-Axura Dialer
-AOSP/Green Settings Icon
-AOSP Contacts Icon
-Google Search Widget
-News & Weather Widger
Visual/Framework Mods:
-New battery icons
-Stock settings icon (Again)
-Dialer Themed (Just a bit more)
-206 status_bar_close_on.png
Bug Fixes:
-Small issue in the Dialer ~Fixed
-Charging Anim ~Half Fixed
Removed DXmms
Removed SgsInfo
Removed SgsToolbox
Added GOsms
Updated Zeam Launcher
Updated Titanium Backup
Bug Fixes:
-Sometimes boots with airplane mode on~Fixed
-Another small DialerTabActivity bug~Fixed
Removed GOsms
Added DroidxMMS
Fixed .nfo
Axura app added
build.prop update
Busybox updated to 1.19.0.git
Flash Player updated
Zeam Launcher updated
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29th December 2010, 04:02 AM |#3  
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Frequently Asked Questions


-Hold vol up + vol down
-Wait until you see the second vibrant screen & release.
Note: If you cannot get into recovery, then you may have a hardware locked vibrant... Please read about that.

Download Mode/Odin

-Remove EVERYTHING (Battery, Sim Card, Memory Card)
-Start Odin w/ Administrative Rights (If On Vista/Windows 7)
-Plug The Phone Into Your Computer
-Hold vol up + vol down
-Insert your battery (Keep holding)

How To Flash Axura Roms

First Time Installation:
-Place The File On The Phone
-Place The File On The Phone (Attached Below)
-Reboot Into Recoery
-Select Reinstall Packages (Do it again if needed)
-Select Install Zip From SdCard
-Select The Axura .zip File

-Place The New
-Reboot Into Recovery
-Select Reinstall Packages
-Select Install Zip From SdCard
-Select The File

Wipe Battery Stats

-Charge Until 100%
-Run The Phone All Day, Let It Die
-Charge Until 100%
-Reboot Into Recovery
-Select Reinstall Packages (Do it again if needed)
-Select Advanced
-Select Wipe Battery Stats

How To Backup Apps

-Go to the market and download and install Titanium Backup
-Load up Titanium Backup and allow super user permissions
-Go into Preferences and change Backup Folder name to external_sd/TitaniumBackup (this will save a copy of the files to your external SD card for restoring after flash) then click back and it will reload
-Now go to batch and select backup all user apps. Select the apps you want and hit run batch (top of the screen) once it is finished (you will know as there is a notification in the drop down that it is done) Double check you external sd for the Titanium Backup folder, if it is there then you are good, if not double check the spelling. Make sure it is an underscore between external and sd. ex. external-sd = Wrong..... external_sd = right so it should read external_sd/TitaniumBackup

How to update busybox - (Already updated to 1.19.0.git as of 1/12/2011)

-Go the the Android Market
-Search for "Busybox"
-Download & Install Busybox app
-Allow root access
-Select "Busybox 1.18.0.git"

Themes/Mods Compatible With Axura

Back to Axura: 2258 (Wipes dalvik-cache, it will take longer to boot the first time.)
Back to Axura: 2259 (Wipes dalvik-cache, it will take longer to boot the first time.)
60% Transparent: v2.0
Ginger-Theme: v2.0 (Wipes dalvik-cache, it will take longer to boot the first time.)
Darkstar-Theme: v1.0
Default Font: v1.0
Stock Blue: v2.0

Attached Files
File Type: zip - [Click for QR Code] (1.72 MB, 895 views)
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29th December 2010, 04:02 AM |#4  
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See what it looks like!

If you would like to request a screenshot of Axura or updated ones, please contact me via email or PM.
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29th December 2010, 04:04 AM |#5  
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downloading this beast....
29th December 2010, 04:06 AM |#6  
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Great to see an update finally. :)
Been waiting for this.. i also want to report my phone keeps hanging once in a while until i remove the battery and restart it.. any help?
29th December 2010, 04:08 AM |#7  
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thanks... 15min voodoo?
29th December 2010, 04:09 AM |#8  
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Wow! Downloading right now will post screenshots Thank you
29th December 2010, 04:10 AM |#9  
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Been waiting for a new Axura. Does this include wifi calling?
29th December 2010, 04:11 AM |#10  
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Thumbs up
Been Running all day, Excellent very snappy very responsive. Quadrant 1543

Linpack 14.5 ish Ran all day (12 hours) average use, I am at 66% battery left.

Very nice........
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