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Nope, my imei is above the bad make range. Would've been an easier fix though!

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so i wanted to try out the gingerbread calculator , and although the thread said it should work it doesnt.

deleted the default one, and moved over the gingerbread one, but after rebooting it still never shows up.

anyone know how i can get the gb calculator working with this rom?
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I had a quick question, I just notice that the wireless and network settings menu has an option for mobile AP (access point) which is the same as tethering right? And I can't remember seeing this in the stock ROM, so will AT&T charge me for using this feature?

Thanks in advance

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Originally Posted by kytrauma View Post
For those few posting about random shutdowns, that is 99% most likely a hardware issue. My cappy ran flawlessly for 2 months before I started getting random shutdowns while the phone was sleeping. As soon as I started noticing them it didnt take long before it was happening every time I left my phone alone for a few hours. I called ATT and it is a known issue for every cappy made before Nov '10. Call and get a replacement and hope the refurb you get doesnt have the same issue as most likely it will have been made before nov. Dont have the link but,there is a large thread about this very issue. So far the new cappy I got last week is running fine.
The thing is, i've checked my cappy.
It's not listed in the range of devices with this problem.
And to be honest, i've never had random shutdowns at all.. until phoenix 2.5 and 3.0
And mine is already a refurbished unit that's pushed to a 3rd world country here in south east asia. Returning it to AT&T is very much impossible.
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My last cappy was above the imei range posted on xda aswell but acording to att the imei range posted here was way off. My old one was replaced with no hassle whatsoever. Btw I got my old cappy in october and it was above the range posted. Att specificaly told me that every cappy produced before mid november has the potential for random shutdowns.

As far as tethering in the post above I have used it a few times with no charges from att. Just be carefull cuz it really uses your 2gb of data fast.

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Stevekang 877
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Have you tried disabling ssl? For me it worked though the case may be different for you.

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Originally Posted by ctfeet View Post

Something's not right. Just flashed the new modem and my speeds are way down. Download is 1735 and upload is 200-300. Should have tested before I flashed but I usually get 2500+ down and 1500 or so up.

Just flashed back to JL3 modem and my download is 2735 and my upload is back to 1400+. I'll stick with JL3 for now.

How can I verify that the 850 band is enabled? On JPP my speeds were lousy but on JL3 they are great. If 850 is disabled, what do I need to do to re-enable them?
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I also prefer MIUI and if you theme it I would love a copy
Originally Posted by kaljr1980 View Post
Suggestion for Phoenix 3.5
themed MIUI music player,i can try to work on this if you'd like

New launcher would be cool for landscape mode.

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I'll continue to research these questions since apparently I've just not read the correct thing yet (but I have watched video after video, read countless threads with conflicting methods and shortcuts). Would just like an explanation on what all these tools are doing in general so that its not a black box, turn the crank and dont ask how or why sorta deal every time I flash a ROM or install a new modem. Maybe I should be search for information on linux instead.

Originally Posted by kb9nvh View Post
Since I flashed the first time(pheonix 1.5) using super one click, rooting the phone and then following all the steps through all the different colored CWR menus. I was happy with the phone and getting around ATT restrictions and bloat.

SO, when 2.0 came out I wanted to flash that. Instead of reinstalling stock ROM (fearing that bricking during that process was more probable), I just did a three button reboot where a "RED" menu comes up in CWR. This menu does not show reinstall applications and I did not disable voodoo lagfix (whatever the heck that is). I had already moved my new rom's zip file to the internal SD card using mass Storage USB mode and so proceeded to install the ROM using the RED menu. Well, this all seems to have worked and now I've just done it again with 3.0 (seemingly successfully).

Can anyone tell me what risks I'm taking or what problems I'm causing myself by doing what I'm doing?

I dont know the significance of lagfix disabling or what the blue/green/red menu on CWR mean. I dont know why ODIN is necessary to load back in a stock rom. I do understand the concept of rooting to allow permission for applications to access low level functions.

Maybe there's a write up on CWR I didn't read yet? Thanks for the hand holding..
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Default Just some comments

With all of the talk about not having 850 on the JPP modem, I was curious how I check that. GPS is good. Call reception and quality are good for me.

Originally Posted by adamholden85 View Post
3.5 will be having the following:

1. JPP modem with 850 enabled by default(greatly improves GPS)
2. Working home haptic feedback
3. A wipe and a "real" no wipe version.

What else should we do with it??
Phoenix 3 is damn near perfect for me. I've flashed JPP. Can add in haptic if I want from your earlier post. Battery is good after bump charge (after 24 hrs, I was @ 32% this morning - light to moderate use yesterday). GPS was good. This morning I will check out the GPS more (since flashing to JPP) and see how it goes on my commute into work.

EDIT: light to moderate use equals: an hour of BT calls. about 30 min combined non-BT calls. GPS testing to and from work (20 miles). check/post on XDA throughout day. Email sync every 15m (Tasker - I don't leave autosync on all day), either wifi or data on all day, about 45 minutes of music, flashed JPP last night, 30 min (ish) of reading news/blogs.

Originally Posted by adamholden85 View Post
I had put miui in a previous build and no one liked it.
I liked it. So I pulled it from previous build. I think the main reason people didn't like it was because it didn't have lockscreen controls.
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