Default TASKER help - calendar

I'm trying to set up tasker to turn silent mode on when I'm at work based on time(6am to 2pm) and silent mode off based my calendar entries. I know I can do this based on location but I found that it is not always reliable so I want to try another way. The problem I'm running into is I only have entries in my calendar for days I'm not at work(Off, VAC, HOL, etc.) My calendar would be too cluttered if I listed everyday that I worked. I was able to make a profile to turn silent mode off for calendar entries of Off, VAC, HOL. I also made a profile that turns silent mode on from 6-2 but Iím not able to have to two profiles work together. So here are my questions. How do I set up tasker to only turn on silent mode from 6am-2pm only for days that I DONíT have a calendar entry of (Off, VAC, HOL)? Any thoughts or ideas would be great. Thanks.