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[KERNEL][AOSP][] - Savaged-Zen v2.2.1! [HAVS+CFS/BFS!] UPDATED 6/1!

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Angry [KERNEL][AOSP][] - Savaged-Zen v2.2.1! [HAVS+CFS/BFS!] UPDATED 6/1!


As of version 1.0.0 and above, this kernel is GINGERBREAD ONLY
As of version 2.0.0 and above, the kernel source is no longer froyo compatible!

SBC Runtime Toggle Instructions:
- Version 1.1.0 and later have a new feature called Savaged-Zen Battery Options, allowing you to toggle SBC on/off at runtime.
- It is enabled by default, the usage is as follows:
echo 1 > /sys/kernel/batt_options/sbc/sysctl_batt_sbc (turn it on)
echo 0 > /sys/kernel/batt_options/sbc/sysctl_batt_sbc (turn it off)
- It will RESET to the kernel default upon reboot, which will turn it back on. If you wish to turn SBC off permanently, toggle it in the Savaged-Zen ROM settings (if you are not using the SZ rom, download SVZManager)

TheShadow1 was awesome enough to make this cool app which will allow you to toggle SBC on or off at runtime and store the setting for every reboot. If you are not running the SavagedZen ROM, check it out!

- As of 2.0.0, this kernel has a stock undervolt of 950mV for stability reasons, not for battery considerations.
- If you wish to undervolt further, you can try flashing one of these undervolt scripts by -viperboy-
- Most phones will work at 900mV (flashing the -50mV script), but most people start at a 800mV undervolt and work their way up until it's stable.

For the complete changelog please visit:

* ClassicRCU
* Brand spanking new SavagedZen CPU Governor !!! Based off of the SMARTASS gov. Brings the smartass goodness plus a few more tweaks
* Fixed issues mounting SD Card via USB on Froyo ROMs (CM6, MIUI, ETC)
* New v7_coherent_user_range patch from Galaxy S. This will provide better performance when playing games on the evo with an emulator such as psx4droid

* Numerous tweaks to BFS (should smooth out scrolling issues for *some* people), tweaked dirty_ratio/dirty_background_ratio, and minor CFS tweaks to increase responsiveness
* Adjusted Savaged-Zen gov to minimize wakeup issues
* Reverted THP patchset
* Reverted Classic RCU

* ext2/ext3 added
* Misc. Fixes/Changes from CodeAurora
* send havs messages to AVSDEBUG for an un-flooded dmesg
* compiler optimizations from intersectRaven
* a1026: enable diag ioctls (cyanogen)
* reverted to older bcm4329 (-18) temporarily to see if it fixes sleep issue
* 128 mhz underclock
* reverted cfs changes
* BFS: Android-only: Allow non-privilledged tasks to bounce between SCHED_BATCH/NORMAL policies

* Fixed Wifi Wake issue
* Fixed GPIO Issues
* Added Stochastic Fair Blue (SFB) network scheduler.
* Added YeAH TCP congestion control
* Added Wimax updates
* various other updates

* latest TOASTCFH wimax sleep bug fix
* various USB gadget fixes
* CPU freq mem leak fix
* update wifi driver to .23

* brandons wifi fixes

* Upgrade to
* wimax updates from cm-kernel
* mmc fixes
* wifi fix

* tweaked bluetooth for better sound
* upgraded to
* tweaked SZ Gov
* fixed latency and wakeup issues.!!!!

* tweaked SZ Gov (cosmetic change)

* Updated to
* Updates from CM kernel
* Updated HAVS
* eviollet's HAVS syfs interface ported to evo by Brandon
* Lowered wifi voltage 

* Added in HDMwIn support

* Update BFQ to V2

* Massively upgraded to by Brandon
* 2.6.38-ck1
* Audio boost from Chad0989
* Some updates from CM and CodeAurora

* Fixed SBC
* Lowered voltage min to 800mV (for more havs syfs flexibility)
* Updated bfq

* Added BATT_OPTIONS sysfs interface to allow runtime toggling of SBC (Brandon)
* USB mass storage write speed increased
* BFS v376
* Starting voltage raised to 925mV for stability

* Rebased on CM's unified tree
* Updated to
* Updated to 2.6.38-ck3 + bfs 400
* Starting voltage raised to 950mV
* SBC Fixes (no more 100% CPU usage on the charger)
* Misc. fixes (codeaurora+intersectRaven)
* Several misc. problems fixed

* Update to bfs 401
* MSM: Misc. code updates that were missed in the rebase
* MMC: Several fixes from motorola
* Deactivate Pages Patchset for 2.6.38
* I/O Less Dirty Throttling Patchset for 2.6.38
* Misc. updates

* Reverted, caused SD mount issues
* Zen-Tune and more tweaks

* Pulled in CM updates
* Should have fixed missing apps on sd card/ext3 issues
* Minimized screen wake delay by reverting reduced power collapse frequency
* Implemented hr_msleep into supersonic panel driver
* Interactive Gov. tweaked for performance and harsher scaling (try it, it's fast :D)
* Conservative Gov. lowered min sampling rate
* SavagedZen Gov. Tweaks all around and eliminated the 768mhz issue

* Added interactiveX governor (suspend/wake logic and tweaks by imoseyon)
* Added suspend/wake logic to ondemand (imoseyon)
* Raise load % before jumping to max freq on interactive
* Various tweaks, lowered vfs cache pressure

* Minor fix to interactiveX
* CodeAurora updates
* Updated to bfs 404
Concerns about XDA rules:
We will never charge for our forum. Our forum is read only to anyone without registering... you must register to post. Getting downloads of the advertised kernels will be listed on both XDA and Savaged-zen's download site will always be publicly accessible, and nothing we have will ever be closed source or have any fees. This meets XDA's rules.

The Savaged-Zen Team:
NyghtGT (Anthony) Website, Graphics
Bbedward(Founder) (Brandon) Kernel
Jsseidel1 (Founder) (Josh) ROM/Kernel
mwielgosz (Mike) ROM
Luisrcastillo(Founder) (Luis) Inactive

Cyanogen and team --> various code bits
toastcfh --> various commits from .35 version of CM-Kernel
#teamwin --> wimax drivers in kernel and HDMI changes in kernel for full HDMI mirror (using the HDMwIn app)
erasmux --> smartass gov
Dave Estes, Raymond Golo (CodeAurora) --> HAVS
snq- --> sysfs vdd levels interface
ms79723 --> Superior Battery Charging (SBC) mod
bbedward --> SBC sysfs interface
CK -> BFS and CK patches
Zen-Kernel team --> various code bits
Please see our github for GPL compliance and original authors of all code

If we forgot anyone or you think you should be added to credits please PM us


you can see the progress of the builds @ one there all green you will see them on the mirrors.

Our Forums are located at:

Check out our homepage at:

If you like our kernel and want to support us... donate (supports the hosting payments and then beer!!)

SBC WARNING:The Savaged-Zen team takes no responsibly for any issues to your phone or battery, including but not limited to, battery derogation or failure. SBC has been rumored to have caused issues with battery's and claims have been made that it actually causes physical damage to your phone. It is the users responsibility to review any opinions or warnings about such claims, and by flashing kernels that include the SBC mod, the user is taking the responsibility for any issues or failures to their phone. Please research this Modification, review the code, and come to your own decision before using such modification.

I specialize in software development/engineering. My specialty is Android app development, java web development, and front-end web development. I also develop c++ applications in Linux - as well as participate in some Linux kernel development.
Current devices: Nexus 7 - 2013, Nexus 5
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Update 1/27/2011 at 9:06 AM EST
V0.0.4 builds being pushed out!


Head over to our download mirror:

0.0.3 -> 0.0.4
- Numerous tweaks to BFS (should smooth out scrolling issues for *some* people), tweaked dirty_ratio/dirty_background_ratio, and minor CFS tweaks to increase responsiveness
- Adjusted Savaged-Zen gov to minimize wakeup issues
- Reverted THP patchset
- Reverted Classic RCU

If you don't see all the builds try again later in the day. I ran out of time to do the last two

Known issues:
1- Bluetooth issues with MIUI. Right now we are working with Bigrushdog from the MIUI team to get this fixed ASAP. Stay tuned as we make progress!!
2- File transfer speed via USB. This is an issue that's happening to all 2.6.37 kernels (seen in the desire and Nexus One forums in XDA). We are actively working on getting this fixed ASAP. As a workaround, you can download a third party app from the market called Multi Mount SD Card. This will bring the normal speeds we're used too
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Exclamation CHANGELOG

Please go Here for Change Log
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Question FAQ

Faqs will be here
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Awesome! Can't wait to try it out!

Sent from my EVO
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Very nice....

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Sounds promising. Ill have to stay tuned

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looking forward to this .. woot woot
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Gimme Los Links man!
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Oh yeah baby...

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