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[Links Included] Android Eclair 2.1 Beta Releases on i8000 by Almar and his dev team

18th January 2011, 01:45 PM |#1  
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Supported features in latest public beta release:

Display & Touch screen
Hardware keys
Internal & External storage
FM radio
Sound & Audio output via 3.5mm jack
Proximity and Light sensors
Orientation (Accelometer), Magnetic (Compass) and Temperature sensors

Phone & messaging
GSM data (GPRS/2G/3G/..)

Android 2.1 (Eclair)
Android market
2D/3D acceleration (libs are not included due to legal issues)
Open-source patches: I8000 B7610 M715&M8400

Battery driver/charging
Brightness control/backlight

Omnia pro (B7610): wifi not working
Omnia pro (B7610): hardware keyboard not working fixed
Omnia pro (B7610): some hardware buttons not working fixed
Omnia pro (B7610): vibration not working fixed
T*Omnia II (M715): not working when not connected to USB fixed
T*Omnia II (M715): headphone plug problem fixed
T*Omnia II (M715): some hardware buttons not working fixed
T*Omnia II (M715): phone not working (>rev??)
Show Omnia (M8400): wifi not working fixed
Show Omnia (M8400): USB/headphone plug/hardware buttons problems fixed
Verizon Omnia II (I920): not working

Proximity sensor (only kernel support yet)
Light sensor (only kernel support yet)
Bluetooth (only kernel support yet)
I920: Beta support

Android 2.2 (Froyo) {sleep bug}
Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) {slooooow and some Eclair features broken}

Android kernel and image build from
B7610: wifi driver
I920: CDMA phone part

__________________________________________________ _________________


1. Backup the files on your microSD first.
2. Go to Start>Settings>Memory Settings>Storage Card and click Format.
3. Download any one of the files provided on file section.(you can download either 512 partition image or 1GB partition image)
4. Extract the files and put it in My Storage. (Attention: Copy only "o2Beta" folder and default.txt, ext2.tar, haret.exe, log.txt, and zImage to the root of my Storage) Look at attachments.
5. Open "o2Beta" Folder and run haret.exe
6. Wait for it to load and until it say something like reboot, the device will auto reboot so just leave it there.
7. It will boot up Windows Mobile again.
8. Then go to My Storage and click on haret.exe
9. This time it will boot again and after awhile you will see Android logo on the bootscreen.
10. After the Android 2.1 was booted, hold on the "Lock" button for 3-4 sec and
turn off the device. (It will boot up Windows Mobile again, or sometimes you will have to do it manually to turn on the device)
10. Now download and copy!download|482...te.tar.gz|1480 and file to root of My Storage and overwrite it.
11. Then run the haret.exe from My Storage (not inside o2Beta folder).
12. This time it will bootup faster than the first time.
13. Yes...Android's dream come true on Omnia i8000

1. Clean SD card of beta1
a) Clean format with SD Formatter, or
Use EASEUS Partition Master and format the EXT2 partition on SD card
2. Rename o2b2filesys.tar.gz to ext2.tar.gz
3. Copy ext2.tar.gz and new zImage to My Storage and overwrite
4. Go to O2Beta directory and run haret.exe
And thats it, u get beta2 installed, rest as usual...
To add 2D/3D rename tar.gz to o2b2update as devs said...
If you experience reboots I think its to lack od 2d/3d, open the 2d/3d o2update.tar.gz and copy system directory into ext2.tar with Total Commander, save archive, copy to My Storage, and try to install now.

1. Download the latest installation package as of 11/2/2011
2. Format SD Card again using Samsung Settings>Format.
3. Delete all the Beta 1 Folder and Beta 1 files in My Storage.(if you have previously installed Beta 1 on your phone)
4. Extract and copy all the files in Beta2 installation package to My Storage.
5. Download one of the 2D/3D driver links below and rename as o2b2update.tar.gz
6. Put it in My Storage.
7. As usual, run haret.exe from o2Beta folder.
8.Then after reboot, run haret.exe from root of My Storage.

For Beta1 Installation
Download o2bupdate.tar.gz and place in "My Storage\o2bupdate.tar.gz" , this should stop the phone from freezing every 5 minutes:

For Beta2 Installation
Rename as o2b2update.tar.gz!download|482...te.tar.gz|1480

TO ROOT BETA2 by turnado1979, MoDaCo
Download this and put it in root of My Storage

Settings>Wireless &network settings>Mobile networks> Tick "Use only 2G networks"
- 4% last for about 9 hs

Button fixes:
To wake up the phone with Hang up and Lock buttons only - by Rapid81
Menu button unlock policy fix - by ult_nrg

1. Get Gen.Y DualBOOT from megaupload (
2. Only use "Gen.Y DualBOOT WVGA v1.0.6.0 - Storage" and delete other cabs.
3. Install cab on "Device Storage" (otherwise doesn't work)
4. Copy/move Haret.exe ,default.txt, zimage to root of SD card.
**If you want fastboot (no pushing OK in Haret) rename default.txt to startup.txt

1. Boot to windows and Connect your phone to PC in Mass Storage mode
2. Open ext2.tar.gz using 7-zip
3. Then go to below path ext2.tar.gz\ext2.tar\system\lib\
4.unzip the attached file and copy all the 3 files here..
5.Then go to below path ext2.tar.gz\ext2.tar\system\app
6. Unzip the attached file and copy all the files here.. (you can also copy any other APK files for games and apps here, if you want to pre-install them)
7. Now close 7-zip and it will ask you if you want to update the archive.. click yes..
8. Now re-install Android..

Once Android is booted. On the home screen try changing the wallpaper and there you see the live Wallpaper option...Select the Live wallpaper of your choice and Njoy...!!

You can also do this without re-installing Android..
1. Explore your phone using Droid Explorer then navigate to system/lib and copy the files from the attached '' here..
2. Then using droid explorer install the APK files from the attached '' file..


1. First af all, you need to set the ports under Android.
To do that, write this to the phone: *#7284#
Then you need to select the followings:
UART -> Modem

After this, go to the Settings\Applications\Development and check the USB Debugging if it not checked already.
2. Download the Android SDK from here. Install (if you downloaded the installer) or unzip to a location where you'll easly found it. For example C:\android-sdk-windows.
3. Download Samsung KIES. Install it. It contains 2 of the 3 necessary drivers.
4. Download the and unzip it somewhere, where you'll easly found it.
5. If the Android did not went to sleep after it started, then unplug from USB (if it plugged) and put to sleep with the Hangup button. After that, plug onto the USB. The Windows will install 2 of the 3 drivers automatically. The 3rd one will not be found. This will be the ADB driver. Go to the Device Manager and browse the driver (not just add the path to the search root, you need to select the driver yourself!!!) what you extracted from the Choose one of the followings:
Samsung Android Composite ADB Interface or ADB testing interface and install it.
If the Windows ask for a confirmation to install a not trusted driver, then say yes.
6. Press Windows+R and type into "cmd".
In the upcoming windows, navigate to the unzipped or installed Android SDK directory with the following command:
For example: "cd c:\android-sdk-windows"
In there, navigate to the "platform-tools" directory with this command:
"cd platform-tools"
7. This is where the party started.
Commands you can use:
adb devices -> If you see your device here, you did a good job.
adb shell -> console
In the console:
logcat -> List all android events/errors
cat /proc/kmsg -> kernel log
adb push filename folder -> Send file from Windows to android, to the specified folder
adb pull filename -> Receive file from Android to Windows

Backup all installed applications (rooting is necessary):
tar czvf /storage/App_backup.tzg /data/app* -> Backup
tar xzvf /storage/App_backup.tzg -> Restore

ADB Installation Guide on Omnia2Droid Google Source Code Page
__________________________________________________ _________________


Beta Release Official Download Page:
Beta Release Source Code Page:
Omnia2Droid Official Source Code Page:
MoDaCo "Android on Omnia 2" Thread:
YouTube "Android 2.1 Eclair on Omnia 2" Video:
Source Code Repository Browser:

Omnia Pro B7610 Discussion Forum:
Verizon Omnia II(I920) Discussion Forum:

__________________________________________________ _________________


Beta 1 (Minor Fix) Link:

New Kernel (zImage) Sleep Issue Fixed Link:

Battery charge corrected, missing interface for redio signal level, powerstate,etc. was fixed. Put in root of My Storage and overwrite it.

Script included for apps that needs ROOTED Android device:

Working GSM data network. The file contain the latest kernel,modules, patches and applications from Rapid and Voyteckst su correction.

Sleep problem solved, Alarm function working, battery drain and percentage correction, upgrading from C4 to D1 the 6500 framework, more powerfull dalvik machine (Linpack 5.x) and all the usable corrections published. There are two version, a simple upgrade to the beta: (just unzip to My Storage) and a new filesystem including all changes and rearranged file structure: (contains the filesystem as tar.gz and the kernel, must unpack and copy manually - no automatic install). The later one is the beta2 (this will be commiting to the SVN); there are some changes in the automatic updates when using the beta2 image to avoid the mistakes : the new automatic filenames are o2b2update.[tar.gz][sh]. Neither version contains the EGL libraries!

Bugfix: the init dont allowed the GSM network to get DNS, dalvik vm problems. update it with o2b2update.tar.gz ( for beta2, if you use just the corrected beta, please rename it to o2bupdate.tar.gz). There is a strange error: within telephone conversation in approx.30 seconds the LCD blanks but also the sound muted - UNTIL NOT SOLVE, please use the Call Light application from Market!!!

We have prepared Beta2 SD card installer (1024mb only). It includes latest update (2011-02-10). Download it (it will wipe Your current installation). As always it doesn't contain 2D/3D libraries from Samsung (if You found them somewhere on the web put it before first boot to My Storage as o2b2update.tar.gz).
Note: There is still error, when within telephone conversation in approx.30 seconds the LCD blanks but also the sound muted - UNTIL NOT SOLVE, please use the Call Light application from Market!!!

Updated kernel and modules with support for accelerometer, compass and light sensor, keylayout files for new kernel. Download it here . Install as always: replace zImage, put o2b2update.tar.gz, to My Storage. It will work on second boot (because old init.rc is executed first).

So now working things are:
FM Radio
Data connections (GPRS)
Sensors (only proximity sensor not yet)
2D/3D (Samsung not allowed to us to distribute the 2D/3D library binaries, so they are not included in the image).
Things which are working (low level tests), but without android support for now:
Camera (there are some works to be done)

To enable the automatic time update from the GSM there is a simple update script. The contains both and, copy the proper version (in the case of beta2 image: to the root of the My Storage and haret... At first boot just updating the system database to use the telephone network time, so must reboot again to really use this setting and show the correct time.

There was a rare condition when the SD card appeared sooner than the internal flash at boot - resulting the "No init found" error in kernel. The reason that the sdhci interfaces was not stricly assigned to an mmc device - the first sdhci was the mmc0. This is corrected now, so the s3c-sdhci.1 is the mmc0, .2 is the mmc1 and so on. The corresponding kernel ( svn version 100): zImage

New kernel and modules (+ keylayout for those who didn't update it yet). Main changes are: fixes for SDHCI/MMC (ported from 2.6.32, external sd is much faster now), new battery profile (now percentage is more like in WM), compass calibration bugfix. Download here:

__________________________________________________ _________________


There is an ISO file, which was compiled by Mishatir, a MoDaCo member whom is dev team related, I think. I know this is a bit late....I'm sorry because I am unaware of this unofficial release too until recently read the comment on MoDaCo.

Alright to saves time, this is what it does. This ISO is a all-in-one package where it contains the updates and some modification (camera still not working yet though), but may or may not work with devices other than I8000, because currently I only tried out on my device.

From my experience, this ISO file is really amazing, no sleep of death issue, low battery consumption (dropped from 91% to 80% for 12+ hours) and pre-installed with few apps that you can try out.

Comment by MoDaCo member on the ISO

Short guide by Mishatir on ISO

1. Wipe out all Beta 1/2 files on your My Storage and format your SD card under Samsung Settings.
2. Download the ISO file here.
3. Unrar the files.
4. Connect your phone in WM mode and placed the "iso folder" under root of My Storage.
5. Run haret.exe in the ISO folder.
6. Android should bootup.

This ISO has few updates (kernel + modules.tar.gz) by Mishatir, if you want to update them,

- zImage --------> Replace zImage under ISO folder
- modules.tar.gz ----------> Rename to o2b2update.tar.gz and placed them under root of My Storage

To avoid Sleep of death , I use "Call End" key to lock and unlock the phone...Pressing" End key" seems to be easier and more responsive to unlock the screen.

Personally I don't recommend to update because since I update it I faced a few problems which eventually cause the Android not booting try all this update at your own risk.

Anyway, this is a very nice and most stable release. Now I can use Android on my daily basis. For more questions, please leave a comment.


Credits to Almar and his dev team, I am not one of them. I'm here to spread this big news over XDA forum to inform every Omnia 2 users about this amazing breakthrough.
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18th January 2011, 07:53 PM |#2  
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Just tried and its works great

Sent from my GT-I8000 using XDA App
18th January 2011, 10:05 PM |#3  
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there is a problem when it is runing the linux help
18th January 2011, 11:35 PM |#4  
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Fantastic guys

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19th January 2011, 02:17 AM |#5  
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Originally Posted by killerkarara

there is a problem when it is runing the linux help

What problem you faced? Did you follow the instructions provided?
19th January 2011, 03:20 PM |#6  
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Here is some information for people who don't want to read the whole thread on Modaco.

Video of Beta on Omnia II by Rapid81:

Download beta release here:

Download 2d/3d drivers and install here (you need these else above beta will freeze every 5 mins):
To install 2d/3d drivers download o2bupdate.tar.gz and place in "My Storage\o2bupdate.tar.gz" , this should stop the phone from freezing every 5 minutes:!download|482l3...ate.tar.gz|1480

To manage ext2 partitions from Windows PC and to correctly format your SD card:
To delete ext2 from Windows PC I use EASEUS Partition Master 6.5.2 Home Edition. It is freeware, and seems to work well. Then to format the micro SD I turn on mass storage in samsung settings, connect to PC and use the SD formatting tool 3.0 from It uses FAT (not FAT32) and 32kb cluster sizes. I do quick format...

For more information and to report bugs:

Almar's (one of the developers) twitter:

Big thread on Modaco:
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19th January 2011, 07:04 PM |#7  
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ummh when installing the heret.exe for the second time it stops for some reason
19th January 2011, 09:55 PM |#8  
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Originally Posted by killerkarara

ummh when installing the heret.exe for the second time it stops for some reason

I had similar problems, stuck on the linux part. It said it couldn't mount mmcblk0p5, wich is the SDcard. I solved it by reformating my SDCARD in fat32 and it worked.
20th January 2011, 12:50 AM |#9  
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ive done step by step on what to do but its stuck on the linux boot screen last line displayed is jumping to heart and it stays there. any help would be awesome. ive installed everything to the my storage section on my phone
20th January 2011, 01:02 AM |#10  
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I've tested and it is working, but unfortunately it is freezing time after time...
I have tried this:
Originally Posted by bobzero

Download 2d/3d drivers and install here (you need these else above beta will freeze every 5 mins):
To install 2d/3d drivers download o2bupdate.tar.gz and place in "My Storage\o2bupdate.tar.gz" , this should stop the phone from freezing every 5 minutes:

... but no difference
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