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View Poll Results: What's your daily driver?
Stock Windows Mobile 6.5.x 291 7.96%
Custom Windows Mobile 6.5.x 561 15.34%
Android SD/RAM 496 13.56%
Android NAND 1,779 48.63%
Windows Phone 7 520 14.22%
Ubuntu 7 0.19%
MeeGo 4 0.11%
Voters: 3658. You may not vote on this poll

What OS are you using as your daily driver?

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Default What OS are you using as your daily driver?


I was just curious about which OS is used the most, and which OS is used the least. Please submit your vote, so we can get an as accurate as possible picture. By Daily driver I mean which OS you're using right now to text, call and just use for your daily life.

A short list of the options and their definitions:

Stock Windows Mobile 6.5.x - You're using the stock rom that came with the device, or an official update.

Custom Windows Mobile 6.5.x - You've flashed a custom rom like Energy rom. Chances are you're changing the rom on a regular basis.

Android SD/RAM - You're running Android old school from your SD card, or you're using a RAM build.

Android NAND - You're using the latest and greatest NAND (Internal memory) build(s) out there!

Windows Phone 7 - You're loyal to Microsoft and decided to flash Redmond's latest and greatest.

Ubuntu - You decided a mobile OS just wasn't good enough, and you gave your HD2 a full desktop/netbook experience! Unlikely you're using this on a daily basis though

MeeGo - You're using MeeGo. I'm not sure if it's possible, as it hasn't been released yet, but it's worth a shot.

- If you're dualbooting, just choose the main one.

I'm curious what the results might be. I'm currently using Windows Phone 7 for texting, calling, some gaming and just for the general experience. I've also partitioned half of my SD card for Darkstone SuperRAM, just for Angry Birds and Scooter Hero. I think most people are using a Android NAND build by now though.
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Android SD/RAM - Utterly smooth, I haven't changed builds for five weeks because I have no problems with this. First time my phone has been flawless in the 24 months I've had it (I'm including the Blackstone days! ).

I am very keen to go NAND. I'm just waiting until the ROMs have had a month under their belt so they are watertight. I would normally be flashing like mad, but I'm just too happy with my phone for now.

Not too interested in WP7. If it was as easy as switching memory cards, I'd probably give it a week's fair chance. But I think Android's got my heart!

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PAST Windows Phone 7 - Was using it but after 2 days I decided to change back to Winmo becouse it had too much limitations to my country and I didn't want to use an other Windows Live profile, but it is a great development. When it is better and available in my county I'm definitely going to use it. I have an key already :P . Try the chat-support if you're afraid to call

STOCK Windows Mobile 6.5 - Back to stock, it is OK but not perfect. See my Windows Phone 7 story why Windows Mobile. Why the stock version? I want to keep my warranty and Android SD builds are good enough for me.

Android SD/RAM - You don't need NAND when you use RAM builds. It's very fast. Android is good and I like it, when i'm going to put Windows Phone 7 next time on my phone I definitely putting Android on SD as well on my phone. The best combination ever.

Sorry for poor english
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Looks like it's between android NAND and WP7 now :)
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I used WP7 but am going back to Android right now... WP7 needs more work from Redmond before I might give it another chance.
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Been off-line a couple of months.. Carnt believe all the new developments..
Iv just been running the Core Series ever since i got my Leo.

Sergio76 from the Core Cell Team has been working hard on their first CoreDroid HD NAND version. All i can say is your all in for a big surprise!!
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I used winmo stock for the first 3 weeks i had my Leo. Just while i got my head around the differences from my diamond. Then flashed an Energy 6.5.x build and not looked back (that was almost a year ago). I've used a couple of android SD builds and i came to the conclusion that it wasn't for me. It feels like an open source iphone for teenagers. Hell, i've used my sisters desire with the stock rom and the feel of the whole phone was lacking compared to my HD2.

This poll is a good idea there is just one problem with it. Android users are very vocal about their love of the operating system. Winmo users tend to be much less so. I think this has a lot to do with the user bases age range (ie alot older than most android users). I also think it has something to do with the original demographic Windows CE was aimed at - IT professionals. Winmo has grown from this and taken people like me with it. I find the integration and compatibility with the windows based networks i run to be the best feature of windows mobile and i'm yet to achieve that using android (and not for want of trying either).

I will try out WP7 but i'm waiting for the february update first. Copy/paste is a must for me.

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Radio: 5.1204.167.31

Intel Core 2 Quad 2.4GHz (o/c to 3.1GHz), 4GB Corsair PC8500 DDR2, EVGA GeForce GTX 560, Asus P5k Premium Wifi-AP, Creative SB X-FI Titanium, Windows 7 Pro x64/openSUSE 12.1 x64

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using android nand atm. so far its awesome! battery life is great, runs really smooth and its pweety :3

i havent tested wp7 yet, although i really want to. Maybe when i have the time next week...
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I'm still using nandroid at the moment although already bought a new sdcard to use for WP7. The reason I haven't moved to wp7 yet because I'm so questioning why there is no support from Cotulla, DFT and other Developers (they've disappeared since wp7 on hd2 issued) !!! Probably they're working hard for a better WP7 version, or they can't reach any more progress for WP7 on HD2, or some other reasons. Who knows???

BTW, my nandroid from RaiderX303 is really good now, so I'll wait to see what will happen to wp7 so that i can decide move to wp7 or not!
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You guys just try out webbrowsing on wp7

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