[latest firmware 2.1.1.A.0.6 for e15i & e15a]Latest way to root ,change si & si list.

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By badboybiky, Senior Member on 19th January 2011, 03:03 PM
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  • procedure to root your phone

1. You need your phone to be rooted. Use . You should enable usb debugging (settings->applications-development) and connect the phone to your pc. After you have the drivers installed ,usb debug enabled and phone connected start superoneclick.exe and press will take only few second to root. And after root dont forget to restart your phone .


note:if superoneclick application says it is not responding that mean it is unable to detect the phone so if you have not installed pc companion the install from se support site.

  • procedure to change your si number to desire firmware

2. Install root explorer. I have attached it. Start root explorer. Open the "system" folder. In the upper right corner of root explorer you will see "mount r/w" button. Press it. Now go to the build.prop file. Long press on it and select "open in text editor". You should edit the following items: where xxxx-xxxx is the customization code.


you should replace xxxx-xxxx with the desired customization code for all the lines listed below.

When ready press the menu button (left) while still in the text editor and press save.

3. Very important - reboot your phone.
4. After reboot check for update with update service or pc companion and it should find it.


note: if update service say no update available then also please reinstall firmware and see if it work other wise delete db folder in sonyericsson program file in c drive and try again after restarting your phone]

  • the available firmware /si number


rem 0 "e15i tdc mobil dk world-1-8 cdf1241-1453" "white" r4b_2_0_1_a_0_47
rem 1 "e15i customized ce1 world-1-8 cdf1243-4996" "dark blue/white" r1b_2_0_1_a_0_47
rem 2 "e15i customized in world-1-8 cdf1241-3836" "white" r2b_2_0_1_a_0_47
rem 3 "e15i t-mobile uk world-1-8 cdf1241-0942" "black" r4b_2_0_1_a_0_47
rem 6 "e15i sun cellular ph world-1-8 cdf1245-1828" "white" r3a_1_3_a_0_62
rem 7 "e15i telia dk world-1-8 cdf1241-1449" "dark blue/white" r3b_2_0_1_a_0_47
rem 8 "e15i orange pl world-1-8 cdf1241-4645" "white" r3b_2_0_1_a_0_47
rem 9 "e15i 3 hk world-1-8 1241-5072" "white" r3a_1_3_a_0_62
rem 10 "e15i vodafone es vfe-1-8 cdf1241-4077" "white" r2b_2_0_1_a_0_47
rem 11 "e15i orange fr orange-1-8 cdf1241-4629" "white" r3b_2_0_1_a_0_47
rem 12 "e15i telenor mobil no world-1-8 cdf1241-1455" "white" r4b_2_0_1_a_0_47
rem 13 "e15i yoigo es world-1-8 cdf1243-5340" "white" r2b_2_0_1_a_0_47
rem 14 "e15i customized ce2 world-1-8 cdf1244-4029" "white" r1b_2_0_1_a_0_47
rem 15 "e15i teliasonera se world-1-8 cdf1241-1439" "dark blue/white" r4b_2_0_1_a_0_47
rem 16 "e15i customized ce3 world-1-8 cdf1243-4999" "dark blue/white" r3b_2_0_1_a_0_47
rem 17 "e15i 3 se world-1-8 1241-4658" "white" r4a_1_3_a_0_62
rem 18 "e15i customized cn china-1-8 cdf1241-5920" "white" r5b_2_0_1_a_0_47
rem 19 "e15 cs (service exchange unit) world-1-8 1243-2916" r1a_1_3_a_0_50
rem 20 "e15i digitel gsm ve world-1-8 cdf1243-5251" "white" r1a_1_3_a_0_50
rem 21 "e15i telenor se world-1-8 cdf1241-1316" "white" r3b_2_0_1_a_0_47
rem 22 "e15i cs (generic exchange unit) world-1-8 1243-2916" r1a_1_3_a_0_50
rem 23 "e15i cosmote gr world-1-8 cdf1241-3728" "white" r1b_2_0_1_a_0_47
rem 24 "e15i kpn mobile nl world-1-8 cdf1240-6559" "white" r1b_2_0_1_a_0_47
rem 25 "e15i pccw hk world-1-8 cdf1241-6472" "white" r5b_2_0_1_a_0_47
rem 26 "e15i orange es world-1-8 cdf1241-4141" "white" r3b_2_0_1_a_0_47
rem 27 "e15i sunrise ch world-1-8 cdf1241-3297" "white" r1b_2_0_1_a_0_47
rem 28 "e15i customized tw world-1-8 cdf1240-6017" "black" r2b_2_0_1_a_0_47
rem 29 "e15i customized maa world-1-8 cdf1241-8565" "white" r1b_2_0_1_a_0_47
rem 31 "e15i customized sa world-1-8 cdf1241-8548" "dark blue/white" r3b_2_0_1_a_0_47
rem 32 "e15i auchan (mvno) fr world-1-8 cdf1241-9478" "white" r3b_2_0_1_a_0_47
rem 34 "e15i customized bal world-1-8 cdf1241-1364" "black" r1b_2_0_1_a_0_47
rem 35 "e15i customized au world-1-8 cdf1244-4534" "dark blue/white" r1b_2_0_1_a_0_47
rem 36 "e15i globul bg world-1-8 cdf1241-4047" "black" r1b_2_0_1_a_0_47
rem 37 "e15i customized it world-1-8 cdf1241-3827" "white" r2b_2_0_1_a_0_47
rem 38 "e15i optus au world-1-8 1241-3988" "dark blue/white" r7a_1_3_a_0_62
rem 40 "e15i mobilkom a1 at vfe-1-8 cdf1244-3726" "dark blue/white" r1b_2_0_1_a_0_47_fsp
rem 41 "e15i t-mobile at world-1-8 cdf1241-0943" "white" r1b_2_0_1_a_0_47
rem 42 "e15i singtel sg world-1-8 cdf1241-6725" "white" r1b_2_0_1_a_0_47
rem 43 "e15i 3 ie world-1-8 1241-4654" "white" r3a_1_3_a_0_62
rem 44 "e15i customized de world-1-8 cdf1241-2655" "black" r4b_2_0_1_a_0_47
rem 46 "e15i vodafone cz vfe-1-8 cdf1243-5674" "white" r1b_2_0_1_a_0_47
rem 47 "e15i 3 dk world-1-8 1241-4661" "white" r4a_1_3_a_0_62
rem 48 "e15i telenor rs world-1-8 cdf1243-5007" "white" r1b_2_0_1_a_0_47
rem 49 "e15i meteor ie world-1-8 1246-1758" "white" r2a_1_3_a_0_50
rem 50 "e15i movistar es world-1-8 1241-4605" "dark blue/white" r9a_1_3_a_0_50
rem 51 "e15i t-mobile hr world-1-8 cdf1244-2356" "white" r2b_2_0_1_a_0_47
rem 52 "e15i customized be world-1-8 cdf1242-7501" "black" r2b_2_0_1_a_0_47
rem 53 "e15i vodafone nz vfe-1-8 cdf1243-1727" "white" r2b_2_0_1_a_0_47
rem 54 "e15i customized aro world-1-8 cdf1242-7500" "white" r1b_2_0_1_a_0_47
rem 55 "e15i virgin mobile uk world-1-8 cdf1246-1805" "black" r1b_2_0_1_a_0_47
rem 56 "e15i telenor dk world-1-8 cdf1241-1451" "white" r8b_2_0_1_a_0_47
rem 58 "e15i customized za world-1-8 cdf1242-1098" "dark blue/white" r1b_2_0_1_a_0_47
rem 59 "e15i play pl world-1-8 cdf1244-0181" "black" r1b_2_0_1_a_0_47
rem 60 "e15i orange es orange-1-8 cdf1246-0697" "black" r4b_2_0_1_a_0_47
rem 61 "e15i vipnet hr vfe-1-8 cdf1241-4048" "white" r1b_2_0_1_a_0_47
rem 62 "e15i t-mobile nl world-1-8 cdf1241-0939" "white" r1b_2_0_1_a_0_47
rem 64 "e15i t-mobile hr world-1-8 cdf1241-3755" "black" r1b_2_0_1_a_0_47
rem 65 "e15i vodafone pt vfe-1-8 cdf1241-3975" "white" r5b_2_0_1_a_0_47
rem 66 "e15i customized ph world-1-8 cdf1240-7578" "dark blue/white" r3b_2_0_1_a_0_47
rem 67 "e15i tele.ring at world-1-8 cdf1241-1347" "white" r1b_2_0_1_a_0_47
rem 68 "e15i digicel fr world-1-8 cdf1241-9486" "white" r3b_2_0_1_a_0_47
rem 69 "e15i customized ua world-1-8 cdf1242-3631" "white" r1b_2_0_1_a_0_47
rem 70 "e15i t-mobile hu world-1-8 cdf1241-3726" "dark blue/white" r4b_2_0_1_a_0_47
rem 71 "e15i customized nl world-1-8 cdf1240-6558" "black" r1b_2_0_1_a_0_47
rem 72 "e15i vodafone ie vfe-1-8 1243-6085" "silver cover/white" r1a_1_3_a_0_50
rem 73 "e15i orange fr orange-1-8 cdf1246-0694" "black" r7b_2_0_1_a_0_47
rem 74 "e15i customized id world-1-8 cdf1240-6018" "white" r2b_2_0_1_a_0_47
rem 75 "e15i customized sg world-1-8 cdf1241-3178" "white" r1b_2_0_1_a_0_47
rem 76 "e15i vodafone hu vfe-1-8 cdf1242-7503" "white" r1b_2_0_1_a_0_47
rem 77 "e15i emobile world-1-8 cdf1245-8481" "white" r2b_2_0_1_a_0_47
rem 79 "e15i bouygues telecom fr world-1-8 cdf1241-9482" "black" r3b_2_0_1_a_0_47
rem 80 "e15i customized my world-1-8 cdf1241-3179" "black" r2b_2_0_1_a_0_47
rem 81 "e15i sfr fr vfe-1-8 cdf1241-9484" "white" r3b_2_0_1_a_0_47
rem 82 "e15i smart communications ph world-1-8 cdf1243-6728" "dark blue/white" r1b_2_0_1_a_0_47
rem 83 "e15i orange do orange-1-8 cdf1241-4631" "dark blue/white" r2b_2_0_1_a_0_47
rem 84 "e15i polkomtel plus pl vfe-1-8 cdf1244-2355" "black" r1b_2_0_1_a_0_47
rem 85 "e15i o2 de world-1-8 cdf1241-4132" "white" r3b_2_0_1_a_0_47
rem 87 "e15i wind it world-1-8 cdf1243-2850" "white" r3b_2_0_1_a_0_47
rem 88 "e15i ptc era pl world-1-8 cdf1243-6730" "black" r3b_2_0_1_a_0_47
rem 89 "e15i customized uk world 1-8 cdf1241-3734" "white" r1b_2_0_1_a_0_47
rem 90 "e15i mobilkom a1 at vfe-1-8 cdf1241-3281" "dark blue/white" r1b_2_0_1_a_0_47
rem 91 "e15i mobitel si world-1-8 cdf1241-3977" "white" r4b_2_0_1_a_0_47
rem 92 "e15i mobiltel ead bg vfe-1-8 cdf1242-1139" "white" r1b_2_0_1_a_0_47
rem 93 "e15i china unicom cn china-1-8 cdf1241-5900" "black" r7b_2_0_1_a_0_47
rem 95 "e15i customized ncb world-1-8 cdf1242-7327" "black" r3b_2_0_1_a_0_47
rem 96 "e15i customized ru world-1-8 cdf1241-4091" "black" r2b_2_0_1_a_0_47
rem 97 "e15i customized fr world-1-8 cdf1241-9474" "white" r3b_2_0_1_a_0_47
rem 98 "e15i t-mobile sk world-1-8 cdf1243-0080" "white" r1b_2_0_1_a_0_47
rem 99 "e15i 3 at world-1-8 1241-4659" "white" r2a_1_3_a_0_62
rem 100 "e15i meteor ie world-1-8 cdf1241-3730" "black" r2b_2_0_1_a_0_47
rem 101 "e15i customized mla world-1-8 cdf1241-8549" "white" r1b_2_0_1_a_0_47
rem 102 "e15i only fr world-1-8 cdf1241-9476" "black" r3b_2_0_1_a_0_47
rem 103 "e15i customized hk world-1-8 cdf1241-5913" "dark blue/white" r4b_2_0_1_a_0_47
rem 104 "e15i o2 ie world-1-8 cdf1241-3732" "dark blue/white" r1b_2_0_1_a_0_47
rem 105 "e15i orange uk orange-1-8 cdf1241-4643" "black" r4b_2_0_1_a_0_47
rem 106 "e15i taiwan mobile tw world-1-8 cdf1243-6732" "black" r2b_2_0_1_a_0_47
rem 107 "e15i customized ch world-1-8 cdf1241-3708" "black" r3b_2_0_1_a_0_47
rem 108 "e15i customized gba world-1-8 cdf1241-3833" "white" r2b_2_0_1_a_0_47
rem 109 "e15i vodafone cz vfe-1-8 cdf1244-1436" "white" r1b_2_0_1_a_0_47
rem 110 "e15i csl hk world-1-8 cdf1241-5915" "black" r2b_2_0_1_a_0_47
rem 111 "e15i customized ibe world-1-8 cdf1241-4076" "white" r3b_2_0_1_a_0_47
rem 113 "e15i o2 pay monthly uk world-1-8 cdf1241-6474" "dark blue/white" r5b_2_0_1_a_0_47
rem 115 "e15i telenor hu world-1-8 1241-3724" "dark blue/white" r3a_1_3_a_0_62
rem 116 "e15i customized ae world-1-8 cdf1241-8551" "white" r3b_2_0_1_a_0_47
rem 117 "e15i nrj fr world-1-8 cdf1241-9480" "black" r3b_2_0_1_a_0_47
rem 4 "e15a claro pe world-1-2-5 cdf1242-6770" "white" r8a_1_3_a_0_50
rem 5 "e15a movistar co world-1-2-5 cdf1242-7331" "black" r6b_2_0_1_a_0_47
rem 30 "e15a customized gel world-1-2-5 1242-1266" "dark blue/white" r4a_1_3_a_0_50
rem 33 "e15a claro br world-1-2-5 cdf1246-0707" "black" r2b_2_0_1_a_0_47
rem 39 "e15a claro cl world-1-2-5 1243-5247" "white" r6a_1_3_a_0_50
rem 45 "e15a telcel-gsm-mx world-1-2-5 cdf1241-4217" "white" r3b_2_0_1_a_0_47
rem 57 "e15a movistar cl world-1-2-5 cdf1241-2456" "black" r1b_2_0_1_a_0_47
rem 63 "e15a customized gel world-1-2-5 cdf1245-9551" "white" r1a_1_3_a_0_50
rem 78 "e15a sony us world-1-2-5 cdf1243-9502" "white" r3b_2_0_1_a_0_47
rem 86 "e15a claro gt world-1-2-5 cdf1241-3185" "black" r5a_1_3_a_0_50
rem 94 "e15a movistar pe world-1-2-5 cdf1242-6769" "white" r3a_1_3_a_0_50
rem 112 "e15a customized br world-1-2-5 cdf1246-0703" "white" r2b_2_0_1_a_0_47
rem 114 "e15a movistar mx world-1-2-5 1241-3974" "white" r4a_1_3_a_0_50

note for admin. i know this is double post but i just want to make every information in one place so that user dont have to look all over the post
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5th February 2011, 12:31 PM |#2  
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the things that are new in the 2.1.1.A.0.6 are listed below

new support application and abit speed improvement according to quadrant standard 461

dont worry about losin root . this firmware is totally rootable using provided superoneclick app

the latest firmware is 2.1.1.A.0.6. just change your si to 1241-4645 or 1241 3833 or 1241 3734
and For e15a users, the rem 78 "e15a sony us world-1-2-5 cdf1243-9502" "white" r3b_2_0_1_a_0_47
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6th February 2011, 02:49 PM |#3  
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I managed to change my SI number to 1241-4645 as mentioned, i checked for update but still no update (my phone is 2.0.1.A.0.47). also can't use the android market (even after i changed the si).

i got my mobile from the middle east.
6th February 2011, 03:55 PM |#4  
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Originally Posted by verenaa

I managed to change my SI number to 1241-4645 as mentioned, i checked for update but still no update (my phone is 2.0.1.A.0.47). also can't use the android market (even after i changed the si).

i got my mobile from the middle east.

After changing the si you need to restart your phone couple of times then only try to look for update. then there will be update . use update service instead of pc companion.
6th February 2011, 04:26 PM |#5  
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thanks. it worked just fine. Kind of funny though, to do the first steps in Polish.
7th February 2011, 06:42 PM |#6  
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depends were you from
10th February 2011, 04:27 AM |#7  
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do i need to be 1.6 to get the updates.
my x8 is already 2.1update1
10th February 2011, 05:31 AM |#8  
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Originally Posted by acegear

do i need to be 1.6 to get the updates.
my x8 is already 2.1update1

Not need... just change the SI number and restart the phone.

On my case, I can't update via PC Component.
but able to update via SEUS....
12th February 2011, 10:55 PM |#9  
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For e15a users, the rem 78 "e15a sony us world-1-2-5 cdf1243-9502" "white" r3b_2_0_1_a_0_47 works and upgrade to this build
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13th February 2011, 12:09 AM |#10  
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Originally Posted by luisjoseb

For e15a users, the rem 78 "e15a sony us world-1-2-5 cdf1243-9502" "white" r3b_2_0_1_a_0_47 works and upgrade to this build

thanks for information i have included this information to main post
13th February 2011, 10:07 AM |#11  
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This doesn't work anymore, it worked a few days ago but after I installed the floyo rom and recovered to a previous version I can't update... it says that I've got the latest version both in SEUS and PC Companion. Do you know other SI that might work in Europe ?

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