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[ROM] Trigger v2.9.4 Why not? EDT 4/15/11

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Please read the whole OP. It's long but there's so much useful information!

ROM Information
  • KB1 base (no mixing & matching )
  • KB1 Voodoo kernel (enabled by default)
  • KB5 modem
  • Nexus S sounds & black menus
  • AM/PM can be toggled to hide
  • Clock can be toggled to hide
  • 6 lock screens!
  • Rotary lock screen will set to vibrate, not silent
  • Launcher Pro default
  • Gingerbread backup launcher (not uninstallable, just in case )
  • Black Market
  • keyboards: Camalot's Gingerbread keyboard, Swype-Beta installer included
  • Extra apps included are all uninstallable
  • Accurate battery mod (no numbers, 5% intervals, flashable attached with % on battery)
  • Custom theme
  • Wifi Calling compatible!
  • Great GPS!
  • modded camera, hold power button to focus, let go to take a picture
  • video player, music player, camera all work below 10%
  • tweaks: sd card fix, fugu tweaks (edt's version), and more!


Older Screenshots (to show features, etc)

If you don't like the theme, there's also a Gingerbread theme available!

Change Logs
-readded non seizure-inducing black market with TXLunchbox's icon (thanks)
-fixed a bad .9png (toggle on/off ones)
-added creeve's blue version of the shutdown animation
-updated visual voicemail
-updated gmaps
-KB5 modem, why the hell not?

2.9.3 Media Fix
-fixed no notification/ringtones/etc, silly error!

bugs: i can't get my visual voicemail to work, but other people are reporting it works great

-updated market (kind of ugly when you look at apps, might change it to another theme)
-fixed init scripts (the smooth trigger you know & love is back)
-changed csc files for new flashes... might remove defualt bookmarks? haven't tried it :D
-updater rom manager & titanium backup
-added a simple shutdown animation i found (since it was such a need?)

for some reason visual voicemail is acting up still... looking into it (Gvoice is superior anyhow... :))

-fixed so sound is still there when plugging a power source in
-fixed unlock slider
-updated a bunch of apps (maps, rom manager, flash etc)
-added a new script that will fix permissions FOR you every single boot. 
----no need to worry about it any longer.
-fixed reboot bug 

-visual voicemail apparently does not work
----good time for you to setup google voice if you haven't ;)

- optimized frameworks (forgot to do it last time)
- new EDT init script (faster media scanning)
- fixed nasty statusbar/power menu bug

-music player still, stops at 10%, just reopen it and it works.

-oh boy, here we go
-themed dialer
-themed gb launcher (and updated)
-themed mms notification icon
-read ahead script set to 2048 by default
-made battery images a little easier on the eyes & made them only blue
-modified settings to show kernel version & rom version
-updated launcher pro
-added custom wallpapers (a separate wallpaper chooser)
-added a "remove H" metamorph to SD card (/sdcard/Trigger Addons/)
-added a restore Trigger flashable for 2.9
-removed system low battery popup
-removed low battery music restriction => this one took forever :(
-removed low battery video player restriction
-modified phone apk to remove ascending ringtone
-cam hack improved
---hold power button to focus, let go to take a picture!

I think that's it... 

Music player will close when you hit 10%, but you can just reopen it and it will work. Fix hopefully next version?

-changed init scripts completely with new ones myself, jellette, and whitehawkx put together
---modified zipalign script, memory tweaks, etc
---same scripts that are on Bi-Winning :)

-trying a new musicplayer code tweak
---let me know if it works on low battery, I can't really check it

-music player may not work below 15%... need someone to verify

-removed live wallpapers & added them to Bloater
-added darkyy's memory tweak script
-modified init script, system boots up much faster now!
-modified camera to take pictures with power button & work on low battery
-modified music player to work with low battery
-ka7 browser for funsies
-added widget grouper (screenshot)

-Build still shows 2.8 :)
-Music player does not play below 15%, I will fix this soon!

-added 3 Gingerbread binaries (results in a smoother UI experience) thanks  Jellette!
-build.prop tweaks for more tweakness
-market will always show "My Apps" now, regardless of whether it is upgraded or not (thanks Whitehawk!)
-removed power header as per request
-new wifi icons (will add a morph to more stock-ish looking ones for haters)
-new data icons
-new settings icons
-new title bar image
-new wallpaper
-power widget theming (I think it needs more work...)
-updated google maps
-I think that's it!

-KB1 stock browser
---but with fixed download statusbar text (thanks brick'd!)
-fixed broken tab image
-new AWESOME boot animation
-added Zegoe UI fonts 
----there is a flashable to get stock fonts back in /sdcard/Trigger Addons/cwm !!!!

-new pretty phone icon
-updated market
-fixed browser downloads (aosp browser)
-statusbar back2black
-slight modification of notification background
-updated bloater
-restored old boot animation

-smooth :D (what's 2.2.1?)
-kb1 voodoo kernel
-fixed email (notifications sound)
-fixed toggle button graphical bug
-fixed sync icon
-updated apps
-updated frameworks to whitehawk's newest starwars layout (see screenshots)
-statusbar (the very top) is now sexier!
-bunch of goodies in /sdcard/Trigger Addons
---wallpapers and addons mainly
-removed wireless adb
-removed flying animations (metamorph included in addons to add them back)
-maybe more goodies... you never know!

-Whitehawk's clock Toggle now included (services.jar & settings.apk changes)
-trying KA7 email to see if it fixes no sound notifications

-framework update, lots of new icons and such. looks a lot cleaner now I think!
-back to a KA7 voodoo. those who want to put their own kernel on know how :)
-market downloads & browser downloads show up white in status bar now
-black market (well neon honeycomb) updated to 2.3.3. let me know if you like this one
-think droid FC issue fixed
-optimized hell, soooo snappy!

-Jocelyn's Categorically Worthless - Test 2 Kernel
--back light notifications, voodoo sound, etc
-Removed T-Mobile link in market again
-few build.prop edits to hopefully smooth out any email notification-less errors

-added eugene's gb launcher just in case someone decides to delete LP without installing another one
-added a new black market!
-added fixed AMPM mod (couldn't disable automatic time before)

-build prop edits
>>new default ring tone
-hopefully fixed FC phone issues, everyone please check!
-added visual voicemail back for voicemail notifications
-added flying animations (turn off in settings if you don't like em)
-added AM/PM toggle (settings > date & time)
-fixed livewallpapers
-removed dumb spare parts with ads, replaced with legit one (thanks jdan)
-snappy :)

-KA7 voodoo kernel (as people suggested)
-new framework with 6 lockscreens (new one is starwars, just like AOSP, but star wars style :))
-optimized and zipaligned... so smooth
-better battery charing animations
-modified puzzle lock screen (looks cool as hell now)
-joycelyn's modified market (removed T-Mobile tab)

-re-added some image for the "Ongoing Notifications" and Notifications backgrounds (supposed to have been done in 2.1 :()
-re-added battery charging icons for default theme
-i think that's it... maybe one or two minor other things

-added joycelyn's H mod (3g/h icons now show up!)
-obviously added new H icons :)
-ongoing/notifications background icons now look better in drop down
-fixed proper shut down menu icons
-cleaner battery icons (mods will get updated tomorrow sometime...)
-initial rotary lockscreen modifications (just color changes)

-fix am/pm clock
-new dropdown graphic
-about in phone will say 2.0, forgot to change that, sorry!

-completely new KB1 base (no funky images anymore!
-black market
-no more swype, instead included swype-beta installer
-5 lock screens
-more apps included
-minor icon changes
-replaced low-res spinner
-made with extra love

-complete ka7 base
-new boot animation
-new default wallpaper
-fixed puzzle lockscreen & change colors to make it look better
-sms icon reverted to stock
-nexus s sounds

-KA7 modem, KA7 voodoo kernel
-1.19 busy box git
-black menus
-accurate battery mod (icons are sexy!)
-tw calc is back
-power menu
-blue market updated
-updated titanium
-updated camera
-lock screens!

-mostly bug fixes
-camera fixed
-funky image when downloading apps from market fixed
-new Mms icon/graphics by Jface
-updated contacts icon
-added back themed power control widget

-KA6 Base
-KA6 Voodoo kernel - on by default
-KA6 Modem
-LauncherPro is the default launcher
-Default TW Mms
-Custom app icons
Quickboot, Miren browser, Wifi calling, Titanium Backup included
-completely custom theme (which started in M Custom)
-blue android market
-Gingerbread (WP7 theme) & Swype default keyboards
-M boot animation
-JFace's init scripts
-NO custom lockscreens or accurate battery mods in this build
-insane KA6 gps

Download Here

294 MD5: CBDB2B83520480268DABE5BD72EFBD4C


Trigger Archive - older version, mods, etc

HashTab - an amazing application to check hash values on Windows/OSX

Mods - CWM flashables (you can find more on the ACS)
-Froyo Sounds- CWM flashable
-TouchWiz Launcher
-Dark Quick Panel Mod - screenshot

Metamorph Mods - Download Metamorph
!!These mods are in /sdcard/Trigger Addons folder if you have Trigger 2.7+!!
-Semi Accurate battery mod - screenshot - goes down in 5% increments!
-Accurate battery mod
-Restore to default battery-mod
-Minimal Matte Accurate Battery Mod - screenshot
-Circle Battery Mod - Screenshot
-Trigger 2.6.4 Theme Restore
-Flying Animations


thanks s15274n!

Notes & Comments
-You can sign up for Swype beta at their site. You can also get stock Swype back from ACS.
-Launcher Pro is uninstallable, so please be careful you have another launcher installed before you go breaking things. If this does happen to anyone, please contact me and I will provide you with a flashable fix (hopefully it won't)
-I highly recommend leaving the rom alone for 10 minutes. There's a reason people say that. Even after it's done media scanning, there are still things going on. After 10m, reboot.
-find the default wallpaper here
-link to stock voodoo injected kernels
-you don't have to disable voodoo to flash this

Tips if you're having issues
-phone running unusually slow? try disabling voodoo. reboot. enable voodoo. really clears things up sometimes!
-Do not restore apps already present on the system via Titanium.
-If your phone is acting funny, delete cache/dalvik cache/restore permissions in recovery
-Market issues? Clear market data, run market doctor in titanium!
-Mms Issues?

Installation Instructions
-download zip to internal SD
-Make sure your hash's match! (optional but recommended, message me if you'd like further clarification)
-Reboot into Clockwork Recovery
-Install zip from SD Card -> choose the Trigger zip file you downloaded -> yes
-Let the magic happen
-wait 10 minutes after initial boot

Installing from ODIN (recommended way)

  • untermensch - deodex tool, his modded redbend, lockscreens, everything else he does <3
  • supercurio for voodoo
  • whitehawkx -6 lockscreens, deodexed base, no clock toggle (!!!) being awesome (!!!!!!!!!!!)
  • camalot for wp7 gingy kb, puzzle lockscreen cleanup
  • dysgenic & Ash - boot animation
  • sonnysekhon - black market
  • Frostman89/Xeudoxus & sbrissen- original AM/PM mod
  • s0niqu3/Jocelyn - Categorically Worthless Kernel - donate to her
  • Jocelyn - "H" mod, APM/PM toggle, modified market source
  • ultra spikey - images for super badass puzzle unlock screen
  • eugene - his modified gb launcher & being awesome
  • jdanisevich - gingerbread icons
  • einherjar dev team \m/
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20th January 2011, 07:18 AM |#2  
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Angry Updates and such ramblings
Reserved for a bunch of surprises later
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20th January 2011, 07:22 AM |#3  
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dope, thanks as always to the team
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20th January 2011, 07:25 AM |#4  
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how does this compare to Nero v5? is it based off android 2.2 or 2.3?
20th January 2011, 07:26 AM |#5  
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thanks alot !!!!
20th January 2011, 07:32 AM |#6  
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a new choice, nice work !! thx a lot.
20th January 2011, 07:37 AM |#7  
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nice job guys...will give this a try...good thing i got a extra vibrant to test with all this new leaks that comes out. thanks again guys.
20th January 2011, 08:02 AM |#8  
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Jface, found a couple bugs. Camera fc's and download status bar is messed.

Sent from my SGH-T959 using Tapatalk
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Originally Posted by birgertime

Jface, found a couple bugs. Camera fc's and download status bar is messed.

Sent from my SGH-T959 using Tapatalk

Whoa just when i was about to flash. This looks really amazing though. Good job to you guys. So im guessing there will be a fix later on?
20th January 2011, 08:07 AM |#10  
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Originally Posted by krazie1

Whoa just when i was about to flash. This looks really amazing though. Good job to you guys. So im guessing there will be a fix later on?

trying one out real quick, i'll post a flashable as soon as i confirm it

i was in bed too damnit
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Originally Posted by birgertime

Jface, found a couple bugs. Camera fc's and download status bar is messed.

Sent from my SGH-T959 using Tapatalk

yeah i just found the camera bug. gonna post an update to fix the bugs. give me 20 minutes
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