Unhappy Chomp SMS: Showing up message twice

Hi All

I have a strange problem. My ChompSMS shows a received message twice. Also I'm unable to access the stock message App anymore.

I must point out that I tried freezing the messaging apps using Titanium Backup as indicated in the following post.


Initially I stopped getting messages on freezing them and then when I defrosted I see a message twice in the ChompSMS software and can't access the stock app at all. If I open the stock application it closes on its own.

I'm not sure if I can attribute everything that happened to the above post as it is working very well for lot of people. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know.

Please note that I'm not getting the notification twice but I'm seeing a received message twice in ChompSMS. Also I see 2 new messages when I receive a new message. At least the notification is doing its thing. lol

Thanx for your suggestions!!